Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Storage solved!

I didn't have enough storage place for my baking stuffs, and would usually put them in the box and place the boxes above my fridge. Then.... the horror on my face when I saw my compound white chocolate has turned ivory. It tastes a little different too so had to chunk it away. When I bought my compound chocolate, it melted a little.
Yah yah call me stupid dumb whatever for putting on top of a hot surface but I didn't have a choice do I?

Just then Ikea dropped a leaflet into our mailbox. I saw my problem being solved. ANTONIUS $29.00 (Price applies for this product as per description shown)
Powder coated steel frame and wire baskets.

White foil finish desk top.

W44xD54, H70cm.
Castors H5.5cm.

$29 - wah cheap siah (sound so aunty) but its a birch effect foil finish instead of what's shown in this picture.

Went down today after dropping Athena off in school. Imagine the shock I had when I saw how big it really looked, the drawers are deep x4, not that I can bake so well to let me use up all the drawers. Probably only 1-2 drawers will be utiltised? And it's too space-consuming.
Asked the staff for any other alternatives. The lady was so helpful and suggested this Songa Trolley which is really light, & smaller since I don't have much space - comparing the size (Assembled size : Length: 40 cm, Width: 27 cm,
Height: 72 cm) it certainly is smaller than Antonius

At the same time I bought this Samla Insert to put in some things which can be taken out and utilised most of the time; put it next to me or the best thing is to push the trolley. Hee! But I'm not going to do that coz' Aricia will copy me & be seen pushing the trolley around the house like a Tim Sum lady

With that.. this is how I've packed my things over and pushed it to the "potential future oven" space. Ha!

What stays in the silver colour box on 2nd rung are some stuffs for decorating : quins, 100s & 1000s etc..., palette for chocolate decorating, brushes.
3rd rung - chocolates, flours, icing. Not much at the moment considering how much I've baked. Next time I want to experiment more (my family will scream "oh no...") then will buy more.

1st rung - In the samla insert are things that I'd need for baking : shortening, essences, baking soda etc..The other side is for the decorating tips, piping bags, cups etc..

What stays in the current shelf in this cabinet are the cookie cutters, moulding stuffs & a Dora pan (red colour)
And in the drawer, my bakeware.. And I haven't even used the strawberry shortcake pan.


Roslyn said...

Crisco! Veg shortening? I was just talking about it with my sister and she mentioned this brand to me. I like the first storage. So cheap too! See, I'm an auntie also.

Lily Ann said...

It's nice coz' you slide out the drawers like a pro baker - ahem.... wait till Baker Lily masters everything, I'll make sure I'll get that. Haha! wait long long..
Yes, vegetable shortening. Now it comes with "Trans Fat"

Karmeleon said...

We have lots of those Antonius in the office and at home. Useful for keeping the kids things in order - especially the books! 2 drawers for each child's schoolbooks plus some for their tuition, some for old books, etc.

Lily Ann said...

Yes, must admit it's a good storage.