Friday, September 30, 2011

27th Aug - Facial

The girls were in for a treat when I told them I was going to give them a facial in the night. Usually our routine on Fridays would be, me digging/tickling their ears before they sleep. But the hardworking me decided to give them two on this friday.

Che-che knew what facial was as she has followed me to my facial place before. Mei-mei went "fishes? you going to put fishes on my face?" I had a good laugh over her hearing problem.

First guinea pig was mei-mei who was still wondering where the fishes were. Kept making funny faces, yakking.
Just in case you were wondering -nope! I merely cleansed their face with their bath gel, put a hydrating mask on for them which beautician is fine for kids, kept it for a very short while and then massaged their face with their Mustela hydrating face lotion. The whole thing took me 30 minutes. The talkative and inquisitive girl was my nightmare customer. I lost count the number of times she asked me about the fishes and whether if it was the pink fish we had or goldfish or shark or ....

Pictures of my lil' girl

When I had the mask on, I asked my second customer to lie down so that I could tickle one side of her ear.
After everything is done for my first customer, she finally gave me a thumbs up. And still asking me "where are the fishes"? AAAAAARGH!!!!!

My mature second customer. I think I can have a peaceful time with her. (but still getting that lil' girl yakking away next to me. OMG! I dunno what she was talking about. My ears kindda shut down)

But .. wait! This customer obviously knows what is facial right? She came to the room and then made herself so comfortable, lying down and covering herself under the blanket with her smelly bear.
#2 customer was the most DEMANDING customer!!!! Insisted that I massaged her face longer. And then when I did her shoulder and back massage, she enjoyed it and made me massage her longer.

Sigh... on second thoughts I may not do this for them anymore.

Monday, September 19, 2011

19th September - My girl is 5

My girl turned 5 on a schoolday. She declines the idea of skipping school and a time of jalan-jalan chiding me - "Never mind, you can bring me out after school. I need to go to school to study." Haha! I'm really amused with this girl.

She asked if I could get her a Tinkerbell birthday cake again for school. I had to say no. No point celebrating in her school, as it's really fast where the children barely know your existence kind. The scenerio would be : go in to school - put cake down - sing and cut - eat - we have to leave quickly. In less than 30 minutes. No way!
Instead I bought Golden Oreo and Toblerone for her school friends. And her friends sang her a birthday song. She's happy.

Back at home, the girls had their music lesson.

After which, we brought the girls out for dinner @ Swensens. We didn't buy her any cakes as we were still struggling to finish the leftover cake from her party.
She loved her ice-cream (though she didn't eat much)

Happy Birthday, mei-mei!

In her Tinkerbell dress that dua-kim bought for her

Nice? she was playing with the iPad and I wrote this for her. She had to erase it off for me after taking these pics and write it herself (as seen in last pic)

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Magical 5

Despite the boo-boo preparations that made me have more late nights, the party was a blast!

Her cake that was sitting in our room watching us and making sure we wake up in time for the Paaaarty. I love this cake, I love every cake the baker makes, it's so unique. Lil' girl's eyes sparkled when she ran down (very eager) from the car when I pick up the cake. Just by seeing that sparkle in her eyes, I wish I can give her parties all the time.

She was really excited, couldn't sleep. Kept coming to see her cake and reminding us to wake her up "very early. I need to be there very early. It's my party ".
I brought some items the day before for them to decorate as ours was the first party for the day. They helped put up this door sign, the Tinkerbell wall banner (for pic-taking),
my banner that was cut, paste and organised in the car. Haha! My car's my second home.
They laid the table with the tablecloth, centerpiece and her picture. And laid their cutleries and mine. All I did when I arrived was to put the bottles of water, the pretzels on this table leaving space for the food
Put the goody pack stuffs on another table
Another table with the birthday cake and the food favors. There wasn't enough space on the main table for me.
See what Tinkerbell is holding? Assessment book and a pencil. Haha!
Baker thinks one book is not enough, had to add another one for her. And baker had to come out of her house to see the lil' girl who loves to do assessment book.
Her cousin, Iggy - all dressed up. He looked so handsome but he was shy and didn't participate in the games at all.
A week or two before, I informed my friends to dress up their kids in either pirate or green dress (for girls). I can imagine a roomful of lil' cute pirates and sweet Tinkerbells.
In this picture, I haven't put on her wings yet as she wanted to play in the playground.
With the backdrop behind them, this trio is set for an adventure to NeverLand. We've got Peter Pan, Tinkerbell (aiyoh! how come I forgot to put on the wings for pic-taking?) and Pirate Cpt Deccy
Honest-looking Peter Pan and a playful (thinking to self "what cha' think you're doing"?) Tinkerbell
Pretty mommy and me (and I look so fat!!)
Lil' Belle in her cute costume
Kids playing. Haiz! I'm beginning to regret not having the photographer, seems like I was the one busy taking the pictures not KZ.

Thanks to Caleb for getting some picture perfect shots for me. Thanks bro!

Food for kids :
1) Chicken popcorn
2) French fries
3) Spring roll
4) Fairy bread
5) Hawaiian pizza
6) Blackcurrant drink
7) A mix of chocolate and Cookies & Cream ice-cream

Food for adults :
1) Chicken Bolognaise Spaghetti
2) Fish fingers
3) Tuna mayonnaise sandwich
4) Cheese sandwich
5) Coke and Coke-light
I was afraid of leftovers so didn't order much, but was allowed to top up if food was insufficient. At che-che's 6th BD party, we had to lug back so much food that was sufficient for another party.
Still, there were some leftover for Spaghetti and sandwiches (reasonable amount). I wonder if my guests were full.

After the one hour free play, the lil' guests were asked to proceed to the room.

Thanks bro once again for these shots of my lil' guests

Peter Pan, up up and awayyyy...............
MMI mates
The modern pirate who don't resort to swords when fighting in the big seas, but gun. ?!?! Joven's so cute!
They played some games.

I think the game hosts felt the magic in the room. They kindda incorporated this in.
Tinkerbell pose
Peter Pan pose
Pirate pose
It's time to limbo

All the lil' Tinkerbells, pirates and Peter Pan trying to crawl under the ribbon.
I suggested the mummies have a go at the Limbo Rock. The mummies were so sporting! The games co-ordinators didn't put that low for us, they knew we were going to crack our bones if they do that.
Sweets for the lil' children
Pinata time!

Cake- cutting time

Family picture

The destroyed cake

Guests having their lunch

Giving out goody bags
Left the room, unpack stuffs and the girls had another full hour of playtime before leaving the place
I'm sure you had a good time my lil' angel