Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Just for laughs

28th August
Few days ago, Che-Che asked me "mummy, what is aviary?" I answered her. Few minutes later,"mummy, what is a-r-s-e-n-a-l?" "It's a football team in England." Gave me a very blur look, "ooh! ...ok.."
Today as I'm marking her work, I burst out laughing at my answer. Wah!! Silly mother!!
Quick! Must make her erase off that definition n reload new and accurate answer. LOL

30th August
KZ related to me abt what happened this morning. Lil' girl's eyes barely open, hvnt brushed teeth, she walked out of bedroom n went to studyroom,did her mountaineering job (chair to highchair) n looked at her time-table for Tuesdays. Stare for quite awhile, think was trying to digest what she's reading in her blurry state. Did her big biz, washup,eat n did her work straightaway


Shucks! Plans aborted!

Che-che has to be in school on Tuesday for her CCA during the school hols.

Phew! Lucky thing I haven't spoke to the mummies about it but..... how?

Friday, August 26, 2011

How? How? How?

I recalled how ML celebrated Summer's birthday after school one day, and thought perhaps I can do something like that.

Still trying to figure out a date for mei-mei's birthday celebration with the older che-ches. Checked out Icing Room package, sounds interesting but it means everyone has to go down to Somerset 313. On a school day? Coz' our weekends are packed! But.... I'm the busiest person amongst them. My two girls have classes almost everyday! And don't ever talk about skipping lessons to mei-mei, she's one person who will insist on going for classes. (and make me feel guilty) Che-che would gladly love to skip her lessons but I would prefer her, being P3, to not skip any lessons.

Maybe can take one of the days during the school hols. Perhaps can discuss with the mummies. But looking at my own September hols schedule, can't find a day except Tuesday?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun time

We had a long National Day holiday, the girls didn't have to attend school. (mummy's finally relieved from chauffeuring duties)
After doing some work, they had wanted to bake. But mummy's too tired + did not have time to check if have the raw ingredients at home. Had no idea what to bake either!

Then I decided to do something easy and fast. I remembered I had these funny faces icing stuffs (meant for kids to decorate cupcakes with them when we bake cupcakes), took out their favourite Oreos cookies and did some chocolate coating.

It's amazing to see their creative juices flowing. For once mei-mei really did enjoy herself thoroughly (she's the impatient sort, so usually gives up faster than che-che)

I hate to work with white chocolate! Always so difficult!!
Che-che had wanted to continue doing it, but I decided to let them rest while I coat the remaining with dark chocolates. And if I were to have difficulty in coating them; she would definitely find it a challenge too, right?

Once the chocolate is about to set, I asked the girls to decorate the cookies with quins and mini m&ms. I finally get to use my chocolate transfer sheet. And I love the outcome!
The girls' works and my chocolate transfer sheet works.

Girls enjoying their cookies. I prefer the dark chocolates though.
With that, we ended the session and shall look forward to the next mummy-daughters bonding session