Thursday, September 28, 2017

Last day of table hogging

Today marks the last day of me hogging tables in United Square after 3 years. 3 years! I was a familiar face in Macs on Thursdays as I wait for the girls to finish their tuition at TLL. Usually hog the place from 2+ to 7pm.
It was only this year that we had to wait from 2+ to 5pm as I withdrew them out from their English tuition, lil' one remained in their Science class. But sometimes I wait alone as che-che needs to stay back in school.

三年 - 有点舍不得. Free air-con; free wi-fi. I lug things to do, papers to mark, laptop to do some typing. Anything that keeps me occupied except enjoying korean drama or staring into blank spaces or shopping.    

The things most parents in Singapore do. Sit and wait for their kids. Oh! I must admit there were days when I really needed a place to sleep, I'd go over to the beauty salon for a facial. Service sucks. Three times I went; three times I had lotion getting into my eyes! I dunno how the lady do it, my usual beautician at another place don't do that. But... I desperately need the flat bed. There were days too where I'd go for a shoulder and back massage where I bought a package from Wan Yang. The good thing is that I can go to any Wan Yang with the card, so sometimes I do go to the one in Parkway.   

Next week onwards, lil' one will go over to Mountbatten Square on Saturdays. Will blog about it the next time why the switch.  

Meanwhile, today's the last day I can pack that nice Japanese food from the foodcourt. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Weirdest dream

I must be overtly exhausted that I dreamt during my morning 1hr+ sleep (usually I'll plonk back to bed after the girls leave the house for another hour or so extra sleep. 

I dreamt that I was awoken by che-che who was in her school uniform, saying that I had forgotten to pick her up from school. And it's already 12pm now. It was her Math paper and they were dismissed the moment they finish their paper, which was 10am. She waited for me and called me a few times to no avail, therefore she took a bus home herself. 

I jumped up from bed! It's so surreal and I kept checking the date and time on my phone. 
"Shit! Is she having her Math paper today? 
27th Sep. 9am. 27th Sep - nope. Her paper starts in October." 

That was a startled wake up call. Anyway, that dream can wake me up but not the phonecall from Guardhouse. 

sigh.....I'm too tired. Which reminds me too that I need to jot down the dismissal time into my phone today. 

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bed angel

I can finally do a bed angel!! I'm not squashed with the one body width space left for myself. See that lil' one - she may be small but she takes up so much space on the bed. And we get kicked n punched by her many times. 

Lil' one has been sleeping on our bed for more than 1 month. Think it was 2 months?? Honestly, I can't remember, I need to check the man's passport. Usually when he's not in SIN, I'll let her sleep with me (save electricity) and I just wanna hug that nottie girl. He was on a long trip, after he got back she continued sleeping with us coz daddy wants to hug her. Coupled with the passing of my MIL on 14th Aug (wow! It's been a month already?), she continued sleeping with us. I asked her to return back to her room but she dare not. It's really strange, the same thing happened when my FIL passed on. Che-che was so frightened of the dark and needed KZ to be there while she sleeps. It took her a Long time before she overcome the fear. 
Tonight, she's squeezing on Che-Che's bed. I think in 2 days, she will get kicked out then she'll come to us again. 

Meanwhile I will enjoy the freedom I have. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Year end holiday : 

Today, che-che being the more adventurous than lil' one, asked me if we could camp outside. "It'll be so nice." When I highlighted to her that the time we're going, with that elevation there's probably going to be snow. And her no-longer-looking-like-puppy-eyes widened in excitement. "So.... it'll be fun right?" When I explained that she'll probably be buried dead the next morning she burst out laughing and suddenly she realised that "yah! the tent cannot take the weight of the snow. It will collapse". At that moment, I suddenly felt I was smarter than her. After that, I told her that's the reason why some people can be locked inside their own house when snow pile up through the night and they have problem opening their main door and leaving the house. They'll need a huge scrapper. My dunno-where-her-brain-went-to girl can tell me "I will start a fire and it will melt. No need to scrap."


My lil' grandma is 11

Can't believe how I can endure this lil' conniving; talkative nature girl for the past 11 years.

She never made my life easy for me. Only a trouble-maker. One who never listens to me and would do things her way. One who..... ummm..... knows what she wants and argues her way through. One who tries to manipulate her dad - and he usually gives in to his most doted daughter. 

Here's to my lil' one / nottie girl / lil' grandma :

Happy Birthday, mei-mei
Love you lots!    

Saturday, September 16, 2017


She must be the stupidest person on earth, so stupid that she can be manipulated. 

Found out today that she has a pair of not brand new scissors  in her gigantic pencil case, which I've never seen before. Then asked her where was her Tsum Tsum scissors, she couldn't answer me. Rather, she chose not to answer me. Then my sixth sense triggered alarm. I asked if she changed her scissors with someone else, she said yes and it's the other girl that asked for the exchange. I am really mad with her? Why? 

This is in her pencil case - Paperstone Teddy scissors which costs $2.

In exchange for something similar to this, except it's Tsum Tsum. It's compact and nice for school. And this cost around $15 - $16. She stupidly changed, not knowing how to reject, something that is 8x cheaper. Any girls who sees it will definitely like it lah! 

Damn stupid!  

It was part of her birthday present last year, and within a year it's gone!  

No wonder people like to rummage through her pencil case lah! One pen was stolen recently. The pen she insisted that she really likes it and it'll be part of her birthday present this year. It was stolen and yet I had to buy another one for her within the next few days just not to disappoint her. But in the end, she was the one disappointing me. 

I don't care. I told her I'd give her until this Friday. I want to see the scissors back in her pencil case, and she can return this god-damn cheapo scissors to that girl. (Even the scissors I bought from Popular cuts better than this Paperstone scissors.) If not, I'll take $30 from her as compensation. Harsh? I don't care! This girl needs to be taught a lesson. Inflated price - yes. 2x more, to appease my anger.

This isn't the first time I'm taking money from her also. Months before I made her pay for her correction tape refills. She was always wasting correction tapes at home, all you need to do is to slide the tape across once right? She has to slide a few times. And I heard her remarked before, "It's okay, we have alot of refills at home. Our cupboard is like Popular like that." I heard it, I don't like it and told her the next time she's paying for it. She thought I had forgotten about it, so when she asked to buy correction tape I said I'm not paying. She said she'll pay me at home, I rejected and told her to count the money she has at home first, I don't want to be owed. So, for the next few days she had to use another correction tape to "last her a few days" coz' I didn't want to make a deliberate trip down to Popular. On the day, she brought out her coins (she has 2 piggybanks. I told her she can save 30% /70% into the 2 piggybanks. 30% will be accessible for her use. 70% is the can't touch it at all) from her 30% -savings piggybank and started counting. She attracted the attention of one staff in the bookstore, she was pitying her and said I should pay for her. I told the lady I won't give in, she needs to be taught a lesson. 
She dare not sulk and try to pull some tricks on me, but she did mention that her hard-earned savings of $13+ is left with $2+. I had to take the credit of the extra 5% discount she was given. Fast forward and about 3 weeks ago I asked her how many refills left. She said she's still "left with alot. I feel heart pain so I dare not waste my correction tape now."           

Remind myself, I shall not be soft with her when she cannot come up with $30 from her 30% piggybank.  

Saturday, September 9, 2017

New task

The day before yesterday, che-che suddenly asked me about my DSLR and asked me to bring it for our US trip. I told her I'm not bringing and that's when she volunteered that she would help to carry it for me.
The reason why I am hesistant is because I'm always the one lugging heavy stuffs with me during holidays while the rests seems to have nothing with them. I carry camcorder (yup! old- fashioned), one compact Sony camera, maybe extra batteries, tissues (both dry and wet), 2 folded plastic bags, 2-3 sandwich bags, a few rubber bands, plasters, disposable ponchos, my handy Swisscard (my best investment I bought from ZRH ever!) UMBRELLAS! Hubby always have no habit in carrying all these, citing that even bringing medicines overseas is a waste of space and only makes the luggage heavy EX-SIN. Asking me not to bring out umbrellas at all when we're out but so many times I rescued everyone from sudden downpour. I'm always able to have a plastic bag ready too if we need it for grocery shopping. Then only did he realize the importance, at least for the few recent trips he'd help to put one umbrella in his bag.    
Anyway, che-che was so excited that she tried the camera and kept asking me what is this button; that button. Then she expressed regrets that she didn't pay attention during photography class in Primary school. I don't even have the time to sit down and study the camera though I bought this like 6 years ago? I guess I never got the opportunity for a free time to use it yet as a hobby? Yes, I love photography but ........ parenting has made me give up (for the time being) my interests.   

I gave her a task of doing some reading up on how to use the camera after her SA2s. 

Perhaps I shall give her the task of figuring out how to use the Silhouette Cameo as well.