Friday, March 7, 2008

Disney On Ice

Woah! I'm all excited, can't wait; can't wait. It's my second time going for this Disney On Ice, my first time was about 12-14 years ago??

We are on the 2nd row, pretty good seats. It's a great pity I couldn't bring Aricia along (well...she has herself to blame coz' she can't sit still). I haven't been to Indoor Stadium for a long time and I thought seating in the higher stalls gets pretty good view too. Umm... maybe next time should consider cheaper tickets.

It's beautiful, reminds me of the days I'd go ice-skating in Dubai and in twice in Jurong Entertainment, dream about skating in Rockefeller Centre. Yes, I can ice-skate - I can only go forward; cannot go backwards; cannot stop. Hahaha!

The show is fantastic. One flaw (I think) Pumba fell and couldn't get up (the skater was on all fours to skate), Simba helped him and I guess tried to hide it. Well, the show has to go on. I love Peter Pan which soared high above the ground. And I'm proud to say, Athena scored a little better now with naming the Disney characters this time round.

Photo time!

Photos of us before the start of the show
Mickey & friends
Lion King
101 Dalmatians
Little Mermaid
Peter Pan
Lilo & Stitch
Extras + the expensive popcorn
She asked to buy something (again) after the show. No way!

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