Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Finally! After 6 long years, she finally got what she wanted. Got no big fish, small prawn also can lah! 

Sometime in Week 2 or 3, she came back telling me she was voted as Science Monitor by her classmates. I was curious and asked why didn't she volunteer (still subject to votes) for Class Monitor and she pouted her lips and reminded me about what her FT told her (didn't hand up homework in P4 - ?!?!?!). Click here for blog entry. She didn't want to try but friends nudge her to volunteer. So she was up with one girl, who lost the votes. 
Anyway, this was a pleasant surprise as I've kind of resign to fate that maybe my two girls just don't have that leadership quality. Though last year I was told by che-che's teacher that she was given a chance to take charge the class for Book and Music Week, which she did very well. (Ohh....though not a major KPO role but it's encouraging to know that my "hate to bask in the limelight' girl was ready to take up the challenge    

Student Leader Induction was on 26th Jan (Term 1 Week 4). She came back home all so excited. But I didn't ask her what they did - think must be some brainwash thingy to make them responsible and good leaders. 

She carried out her duties well. And once ..... she reminded teacher about homework (read my linked blog carefully) recently, only to have one prefect (honestly I dunno how this girl was selected to be a prefect) faulting her for reminding teacher. Teacher overheard and told prefect OFF. Yay! 

Fast forward to Term 1 Week 8 : I almost forgot about her being a monitor. I'm just so used to her being a kapo girl since P1 helping teachers, forgot that she is now officially a KPO girl. She told me on Tuesday (20th Feb) that she has to wear blouse and had to pack her PE attire into her schoolbag. "Why? Photo-taking?" "It's Prefect Investiture and Installation of Monitors tomorrow, mummy!" Aiyah, also never get invited to school. If not, I would bring my zoom lens and DSLR. 

The Prefects' Investiture and Installation of Monitors Ceremony was held today - 21st Feb. She came into the car with her badge pinned on her pinafore.

Of course, I need this Mammarazzi moment. And this badge will be part of her school uniform keepsake when she leaves primary school. At least now in her last year with the school, she has something memorable to keep.  

Congratulations my lil' nottie girl. I'm proud that you've finally come this far in your journey in primary school. Do your best in your duties.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Poly or JC or idle around ? - entry drafted on 15th Jan 18 #lateposting

The first two Saturdays of Jan kept che-che and me busy. Thankfully hubby is in town, so I roped him in to help with Ah-mat (chauffeuring) duties. He helped by bringing lil’ one from tuition to tuition while I picked che-che up from her tuition and go Open Houses after that. 

The first weekend after school re-opened, 6th, brought her to the nearest two polytechnics (Nanyang and Temasek) from our home. I wanted to bring her to Singapore Poly, which is 19km away, but because of time constraint (all Open House ends at 4pm, her tuition ended at 11.30am) decided that the nearest two will suffice to see if she’s keen in Poly studies. 

My dear girl, until now, has no idea where her interest lies. I don’t mind her going Poly, most importantly she must have the interest in that field and she needs go somewhere to study after her O’s right? Of course there are cases where Masters holders make a switch in their career halfway. I’m hoping this will not happen coz it means our hard-earn money down the drain. 

Biomedical courses sounds really interesting to me and she’s quite alright with her Sciences subjects. I think no retrenchment possibilities right? I know Engineering is not her, so this is OUT. Next, Business Studies is almost every girls’ would go course - too popular. Hubby, being in HR, mentioned that Accountancy and Finance is very stable but she shows no interest. 

One job she does best is a ‘killer’. She kills people with her words. Haha! Year 2 and 3 students were helpful to ask if she’s interested to “find out more about our course”, “bring you on a tour” - she simply kills them with a “No”. She’s too shy and perhaps still clueless. 

She’s an introvert, too quiet that I have no idea what is in her mind. As I thought out the reasons why she still has no idea what she wants to do .... I believe her introvert-ness (if there’s such a word) gives her no place to go. Wherever/ whichever job she partakes, she needs to talk to people but she’s not comfortable? Maybe time will help her ? When I saw that Temasek offers Diploma in Veterinary Technology, I pointed out to her and she was like “Eee....but why?” Being too straight forward (sometimes I dunno how to be tactful with her), I said “you only need to talk to pets?” She gave me that disgusted look. 

After the visit, I told her if she can’t make up her mind. The next choice would be JC. It will give her some time (2 years) to think through before she decides which course to take in Uni. 
On the 13th, the day after results were released, we visited Nanyang JC (my choice coz it’s near home and standard equally as good as VJC) and VJC (her choice). But because of the F&E manner we went through each JCs, we finished one JC so fast. I told her I can slot one more JC for her. So after NYJC, I drove to SAJC (also near home) before going over to VJC. She wanted to go ACJC, but their Open House was already over, on school days!! Crazy! Anyway, I did tell her that ACJC is far. But she wanted to be there because the Band is good. Distance between school and home is of paramount importance when it comes to Secondary level onwards. 

I know her interest lies in Band but she has to consider that schooling is not just on Band. When she’s in JC, she’s required to stay back in school later, the distance will kill her and she can’t be expecting me to be sending her to and from school coz I have no idea where lil’ one will go then. As a parent, I do my best in making life easier for my kids but my kids have to consider for me, your mom is getting tired from all the chauffeuring around too. And as I explained “while Band can gives you form of relaxation but Band has heavy commitment too. If you’re able to cope, I’m happy to support you. If you go to school just coz the Band is good, what help is it going to offer you? Be a busker?” I think some words got into her right? Coz a few days later I asked if she is going to try and DSA into JCs. She wasn’t keen. 

Anyway, let me tell you. It’s a tough competition out there. A lot of kiasu parents give their children private instrument courses, where their teacher can help in the Audition pieces. How about my daughter? Who is clueless on what to do, what songs to play. I also feel she’s wasting her time going for auditions. Worst! When this DSA game also relies on 关系 and backdoors. We got what door for her? Balcony door? Bedroom door? Main door?

Interesting CCAs
At SAJC, I was surprised when she finally agreed to one student’s request to know more about Outdoor Activities Club. Or perhaps it’s expected that she’ll show a slight interest in this? She’s after all more daring than lil’ one. She’ll go on high elements without thinking. Somehow I think she needs the balance too. Having sat down on chairs (making her butt big) for 4 years in Band. Standing for 4 years in primary school playing Handbells. She’s almost turning into a vampire staying indoors. Is it high time she gets OUT in the SUN to exercise and ...then slim down?  

NYJC and VJC has Astronomers Club and Photographic Society which caught my attention. Very interesting and I’m sure she has some interests in that too. 
Of course, the CCA choice lies in her ultimately. If she continues in Band, I’ll still continue to fangirl-ling her. 

Results Results
At the end of the day, she must produce the results right? In order to get into JCs, she must get single digit L1R5. In order to get into Polys, she must get below 12 or 11 L1R4. As explained to her that she can make better choices when she gets good grades than to have horrible results and she’s left with no choice. Trust me, I've gone through hell and back with this unmotivated girl.She don't walk the talk.   

2017 O levels Results
extracted from The Straits Times 
SINGAPORE - The results of the 2017 O-level examination were released on Friday (Jan 12), with performance levels appearing to dip marginally below the 2016 showing.
The proportion of O-level candidates who achieved at least five passes last year fell to 83.4 per cent, compared with 84.3 per cent in 2016.
Some 96.4 per cent of the candidates secured three or more passes - slightly below the 96.5 per cent who managed this in 2016.
In other words, the results is not good. And as what tutor said, SAEB is not being generous in their grading now. So it means to get that A1 is more difficult. I hope his words wakes this girl up! 
Committing Suicide
No wonder students are committing suicide right? There are many unreported cases. On one hand, they say results is not everything. On the other hand, they're making things difficult for the children.Why? Why?Why?

My goodness! - entry drafted on 22nd Jan 18 #lateposting#

Was looking at the girls' schedule just from school alone is so scary. I'll probably be camping out, doing my taxi-ah-lau sleeping in multi-storey carpark again?

As both girls are taking their major exams this year. (smart alec lah! 4 years age difference. Should have planned a smaller age gap)

Che-che        Not at the moment, more likely will in Term 2 for additional classes.     
Lil' one    ✓  Supp

Che-che   ✓  ASP  
Lil' one     -----------     

Che-che  ✓  Band CCA, will step down in March? May need to stay back for additional classes.
Lil' one    ✓  Supp

Che-che   ✓   ASP   
Lil' one    -----------

Che-che   ✓  Band CCA, will step down in March. May need to stay back for additional classes. 
Lil' one    ✓  Netball CCA, will step down in July. Need to stay back for Supp after that.

Crazy right? Who's doing who harm? Our kids are too stressed by staying back so often.