Monday, March 17, 2008

お弁当箱の歌 & お弁当の歌

These 2 songs are really cute. Oh.......must ask Kaiyoko to teach me and I'll surprise Hiroe one day. Hee!

お弁当の歌 Obento no uta (Bento Song)

Obento obento, ureshii na
Otete mo kirei ni narimashita
Minna sorotte goaisatsu (Itadakimasu!)

Obento obento, ureshii na
Nan demo tabemasho, yoku kande
Minna sundara goaisatsu (Gochiso sama!)

(Spoken) Te o awasete
Minnasama go issho ni
Dozo meshiagare


Obento obento
So happy (hooray!)
My hands are clean too
Now that we’re all together,
Let’s say “Let’s eat”

Obento obento
So happy (hooray!)
Let’s eat anything & chew it well
Now that we’re all finished,
Let’s say “Thank you for the meal”

(Spoken) Let’s put our hands together
Everyone together
Itadakimasu (”Let’s eat”)
Please start eating


お弁当箱の歌 Obento-bako (Bento Box Song)

Kore kurai no, obento bako ni
(両手の人差し指で四角のお弁当箱を作り おにぎりを作る)
(trace a rectangular bento box with both index fingers)  
Onigiri, onigiri choitto tsumete
(shape a rice ball in hands)  

きざみしょうがに ごまふりかけて にんじさん
Kizami shouga ni, goma furikakete Ninjin san             
(右手できざみ・ゴマをふりかける 2本指から3本指)
(right hand makes cutting then sprinkling motions)
(put up two fingers, then three fingers)
さんしょうさん  しいたけさん ごぼうさん 
Sanshou san*, shiitake san, gobo san                
(3本指から3本指 4本指から3本指 5本指から3本指)
(put up 3 fingers, then 3 again, then 4, 3, 5, 3)

Ana no aita renkon san
(make a hole with index finger and thumb, move hand left and right)
Suji no touta fuuki
(run right hand up left arm from hand up to shoulder, then blow on your right hand’s fingers as if blowing a kiss)
*instead of “sansho” peppers, you also hear “sakuranbo” cherries


In a bento box about this size
Put in a few rice balls
Minced ginger, sprinkle with sesame seeds, 3 carrots
3 peppers, 3 shiitake mushrooms, 3 burdock roots
3 lotus roots with holes in them,
and butter burs with the strings running through them
*instead of “sansho” peppers, you also hear “sakuranbo” cherries


Check out this cute girl singing the Bento Box Song

Abit off the track, but I was so in love with this girl. Hear her sing Japanese songs. The first song she's singing is Aricia's favourite : 犬のおまわりさん. Oh... how I wish Aricia can sing it like her.

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