Sunday, March 16, 2008

Very frustrating

Aricia is coughing now. I'm suppose to gym tomorrow, looks like I can't do so coz' I'll be delaying her time to see the doctor. (if I gym, I'll be out whole day since will need to run errands in Orchard + Athena's chinese class in the evening). Sigh...................

All thanks to you know who, who don't practice self-confinement, leave me in the lurch with a sick child and I'm having a sore throat (better now) too + scared if will pass to Athena.

Have to cancel her vaccination too, it's her 1st DPT booster. Goash! If it's going to be pushed back to next week, means next week I'll have a very busy week. Moo Han, we might have to push back the san-ba gathering again. I haven't informed them yet.

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