Sunday, March 23, 2008

Anna's Fondant Class

I am so excited that today is Anna's Fondant Class. It was a rush for me to go for the class after the baby show and their lunch (with me screaming "eat faster eat faster") and I made it on time. *pant pant* I don't know what made Athena think that she's going for the cupcake class with me. Until I told her but still she kept asking me. Poor thing... never mind mummy will do it with her at home one day.

Anna is the one who baked both Aricia's & Athena's birthday cake. I don't get to eat her delicious cakes anymore but I am going to learn from the 师傅 (master). yippee!

We started the class by learning how to bake a nice cuppy. Woah! Immediately can see the difference between her nice cake and mine. When it was in the oven, you can smell the difference too. I asked the most questions and Anna was so nice and patient to answer all my doubts, afterall I'm still an amateur learning how to bake.(but dunno if I was irritating) Learning a tip or two from her. First most important tip, was to dip a stick into the least brown cuppy. Hahaha! I poke hole into every piece which explains the potholes in all my cuppies. Hee!

We learnt how to do fondant. That is fun! Yours truly is so clever to remove her watch during the class but can be so stupid to forget to remove her rings. Shucks! Can you imagine things getting stucks on both wedding ring, which has an small indent as a design (to collect dough), and a solitaire which provides more dough to be stuck. Argh! No wonder my dough is the least - haha! I don't mean to say my ring and diamond are that huge. Playing with the fondant is really fun but it also calls for alot of creativity. (For me, where brain cells are dead, I'll try to copy from those books I borrowed from the library first.) Needless to say my creation are the most boring ones making 2 A's for my children. Fiona and Denise are really good.

My untouched pieces
My boring creations - the 2nd & 3rd row first cuppies to the left are 师傅's
Fiona's creations -the nice smiley face
Denise's creation - the only guy there but the one who came up with so many interesting designs. Look at the flower he made!! So nice...

We learnt how to make flowers and they say the older you are; the wiser you are. Nope! not true. I still can't get the hang of making the first piece. Call me stupid but thanks to Anna who's so patient with me. I must have been the worst student she had so far.
Her yellow flowers and my not so nice flower - wonder why my name is Lily??

The class is fun. Really you should try her class. I realise that to learn baking you still gotta go through the class. Although baking is "strictly followed the instructions in the recipe" being present with the 师傅 is different. This 徒弟 is really hopeless lah! Looking forward to more of her class and other classes around.
Denise, Fiona and me
师傅 & 徒弟
All packed up and ready to go home
I had to leave couldn't stay on coz brother & mother were waiting for me at home.. umm.... think they know I'm bringing home nice cuppies today.(for sure now they throw away mine liao!)
I gave them one box keeping another 6 for myself coz' we still have to finish the cuppies we have at home.

*I had been using manual whisking, perhaps it also explains why my cakes don't turn out that well coz' I introduced too much air into it. Umm! Should invest in one mixer and a oven next time.*


Shannon's Mummy said...

The cupcakes looked so beautiful and yummy...

Lily Ann said...

It tastes definitely much better than mine. Family were still tactful about it but you can tell...
My decorations are the worst of the lot siah! No creativity, nothing stands out in my batch of cuppies as compared to Fiona's and Denise's