Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Didn't buy them any new costumes this year. Che-che had fussed about for the past 2-3 years back when she wore the Queen of Hearts and Mad Hatter costume, saying it's too tight at the armpit area; too itchy etc... Always getting me fuming mad. Well, I did try to get big size for her but she's way too fussy.

In order to ensure she don't get me angry, I decided she could use the devil or Dracula cape whatever you think it is for the 2nd or 3rd time. As for the lil' one, since she usually fits into the 6X US size, she can still wear LRRHood and Alice. I can save my money. 

We left Marine Parade a little later than 5.30pm. We arrived the place at 6+ with massive jam at PIE (Tuas), this time round I parked further away (which I realised I could have parked back the same place coz' there wasn't any bottleneck jam at the carpark - or maybe I left slightly earlier?) and we walked to the estate.

We started trick-treating at 2 mins to 7pm. By then the sky has turned dark so I didn't get any nice photos. Even the video camera I brought along was under-utilised. Oh well, as long as I had that few minutes snippets of the girls doing this during their childhood. Che-che did tell me it's boring.... My girl has grown, soon she wouldn't want to be seen with me.

Anyway, let the pictures do the talking --    

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cleaning up

The night before every next day's PSLE paper I would clear the exam papers and assesment books. Everyday, I see heaps and heaps of papers cleared from my room and it sure feels G.R.E.A.T. My head feels lighter with each passing day and crossing out dates; my vision in the room gets better.
Makes me wonder how that small size room can contain so many stuffs.

29th Sep :  This is the second stack where I cleared even more, two days ago I sold some to the garang-guni man. 
Those that I think I can keep for Aricia, I put them in a stack. I waited for about 11 days later (11th October) after she gets her deserved break and I get my boxes from brother, I assigned the free girl to help segregate some materials. Those are the materials which I had lumped together for her final revision. She had to put them back accordingly to primary level so that mei-mei can use it especially Science notes. 
I even got rid some of mei-mei's Primary 2 textbooks. I don't think she needs them anymore since she's doing revisions now.

As at 26th Oct : Cleared the side cabinets of some papers and mei-mei's P2 assessment books.
For the past 3 days I assign the girl to help me. She reads her book, sits infront of computer and scanner while I busy myself with revision with mei-mei. Alot of P5 and P6 stuffs to scan. Housekeeping in the hard disk is another thing!!  

Decluttering / Tidying Up
I get really frustrated when the girls mess up faster than I can tidy. My pair of hands can barely keep up with their two pairs of hands. Somehow I finally have the skill to live with my eyes half-closed. I cleared some of che-che's clothes on the 12th and still more to clear. I need to clear shoes. 
I hope I can clear alot of stuffs before we move. I have to keep telling my family members and friends not to buy anything for us coz' we have far too many things, it'll take years before I will use their presents. Aiyoh! How to tell them more firmly? 

I'm tired, I think I should really get a part-timer to help clean the house. But I have a feeling I'll sack her as soon as I start her coz I'm quite fussy about how my house is to be cleaned.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Off to Bangkok!

We went off for a well-deserved break during the marking days - 14th to 18th Oct

Lil' one went with us although she has her exams. I brought a few papers for her but we didn't do much while we were there. We were out everyday. Hotel location is superb! Right opposite Siam Paragon and the whole stretch of malls. However we are not the shopping type, we have far too many clothes and stuffs. The only thing we shopped hard for - was this cheapo face foundation cream that mom uses. Many shop owners shake their head when I show them the packaging, a few of them even commented "long time ago". Haha! Goes to show how ancient mom is. In the end, we found it but had to make two other trips before we could get the whole box of 24. 

I planned on sightseeing for this trip coz mei-mei didn't do any sightseeing during her previous trip in June, also the last time che-che went to BKK was about 8-9 years back.

Photos have been uploaded in my photo album. Enjoy!   

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Children's Day gifts

This is the last Children's Day gifts I'm giving che-che's friends. No more! I think for mei-mei's friends next time I'll just do a generic one, no need personalisation. I run out of ideas!

It wasn't easy to decide what to get the girls without burning a big hole in my pocket. I love personalised notepads but x40.... it's $$$! Name stickers - too childish. Finally I decided that the anti-dust plug might be really useful. Most girls have a handphone, a smart phone!! Rich gals!

After shopping in Aliexpress and DHGate for mei-mei's birthday favor, I was so hooked in this bulk purchase thing. Needless to say, an easier way was thought out and I made my charms purchase in there.

It's really beautiful except for the long gold chain, which I have no idea what it is for except to sling in on wrist but it's too long. Loving simplicity, I took out the chains and put in the alphabet charms on, carefully without tarnishing the colours off.
The charms are in different colours. I placed an order for silver owls, therefore ordered silver alphabet charms from another seller. Then I received emails that silver are out of stock. Seller managed to convince me that gold and silver do match. The photos on their website don't do any justice, the owls look nice but it's nicer when I held it closer to see.
*sorry for the horrid pictures. They were taken in the night, while girls sleeping I'm busy     

After assembling the owls, it was time to personalise the backing. Initially I had wanted to buy new cellophane bags and then do all the measurements and make the cards. But then I looked at the pristine condition of the actual packaging it came in,so I worked around the measurements of the cards. Printed and pasted on my hard paper. I junked the original backings away, leaving only a few to use the slit as a stencil and cut on my new backings. Smart right?

Rainbow theme = good luck = good wishes ..... yup somewhere along that line.   

Packed into different bigger bags (different letters) for easy distribution
Keeping to the rainbow theme. I wanted to patronize my friend's shop getting all the rainbow colours candies and packed them up + tagging but unfortunately time was not on my side. I was really tired from all the late nights, on one of my grocery run I chanced upon this mentos and decided that this would make my job easier. Sorry Wen! I'll shop another day. 

Tickets booked!

Yay! Tickets to BKK booked for a short break on PSLE Marking Days.

Tickets booked too for November to Shanghai. It's going to be a long trip for us. Ironically 3 weeks can take us to Europe or USA but we end up somewhere closer. Sigh.... Actually I'm dying for a trip to Holland. So tempted to bring the girls there. 
Anyway, we're going to Tokyo in between the Shanghai trip. The girls wanted to go Hokkaido again, I wanted to go Onsen but I think I'll have a big problem especially if I'm not that familiar with the place and need to read the map.. and its snowing blizzard there! Don't take the risk so decided Tokyo. 
Actually I thought maybe we can go Moscow from Shanghai (8hrs + flight).  Haha! Of course I didn't tell hubby this. Can't read; can't speak Russian one woman dragging two girls along is very dangerous. 
Have intention of signing them up for any short classes in Shanghai to immerse them in Chinese.