Friday, March 28, 2008


Aricia's progression during our home sessions so far has reaped results.

During our home sessions now, I change LM to the first part of our session and she's able to sit down and do it. Most of the time correct, but when it comes to closing the cards and let her pick up the cards, she's not so interested. She'll first flip the cards back and then say "bah bah (bye bye)" and then close back. Half the time she'll do it, another half screaming and pointing to the flashcards behind me. So I switch the cards for her to pick everyday. No choice, my naughty girl's attention span is short - so must grab it fast.

When it comes to flashcards, strange... I notice she hates anything that has to do with Flags. She'll turn her head away. And that means I have to change it and it's a hassle to change my cards coz' they're all in a box. So sometimes I'll just do one set lesser. She likes Primates, everytime I finish the cards she'll say "mummy...." Do I look like the gibbons and mandrills?? Argh! Now, she still says it but will give me a cheeky smile knowing that I'm pretend-angry with her.
I tested her for 2 nights consecutively, she got all the cards correct. Primates to the Japanese writings to Inventors. Umm...

Alphabets - certain ones she still don't say it. I don't know why "I" has become "E".. okay never mind. Comparing with the che-che who was reading the alphabets at 18 months, Aricia is already considered slow. But when it comes to testing the letters picked out randomly, she's able to tell me. What's strange is that, I've been flashing her the lower caps but she's able to read the upper caps as well.

That aside, noticed of late she's been trying to wear pants on her own or anything she thinks she can slip her leg into it.

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