Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter egg hunting

It's supposed to be done tomorrow but had to bring forward today.

Athena had fun, Aricia stood there eating the first egg she picked, with nudging from KZ. KZ was looking for the eggs instead. What a disappointment - so she's still too young for this.
Athena, that greedy & stingy-poker saw two eggs and quickly took the big one leaving the small one for mei-mei.

In reality, everything is combined back into one bag..............and I get to eat it. Hee! Think next year Aricia will start fighting with che-che over the eggs.

Photo time!

Top bucket = Aricia's , Bottom bucket (pink) + Athena's
She's more interested in consuming the chocolates


Shannon's Mummy said...

Interesting Way to Celebrate Easter Day.. Hmm.. gonna to steal your idea next year...hehe

Lily Ann said...

The westerners do it in the garden,we do it in our confined HDB flat lor!
Infact, it will be fun for the children wherever you hide the chocolates.