Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Something new

We're always learning new things don't we? And it was an interesting 3 hours + talk on Tuesday night I had with Kaiyoko (my Japanese neighbour) that we learnt so many new things about cultures, about one another.

Kaiyoko and myself would sometimes have short conversations when we meet. But on Tuesday night, seems like she was okay to chat longer so I invited her in. I asked her about the Bento song but we soon didn't mention anything with regards to that, somehow our conversation kept deviating away and it got more interesting and fun to chat with her. Anyway while we were chatting, I had the children Japanese songs CD playing (that's why she mumbled something to Athena when she ran to the maindoor to greet her).. then I heard the Bento Song!! I was so excited "hey! that's the Ben...." Kaiyoko :"Obento song". Duh! All the while I have this song and I didn't know. (Actually it's the 2nd time I'm playing this CD + didn't pay attention to it coz' it was background music. I bought this the same time with the Bento book in Kinokuniya)

We shared alot on cultures and I have a little more understanding about cultures and festivals. Just as I was talking to her about the recent Hinamatsuri where I was so tempted to buy for my children Hello Kitty foodstuffs. Just then she looked into my display unit as I was asking her about the dolls.. "you have one here! This is simple doll. Writing here says Hinamatsuri". I looked and yes, I didn't even notice the words. But this was a wedding present given to me by Wataru and Yuki when they were here for my wedding.?! Did they hope I'll have daughter??

Anyway, we chatted a long way until 12+. Nice to have gotten to know her better during this time.

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