Saturday, March 15, 2008

Haven't been blogging

I must be getting old, had been too tired to blog. I've been sleeping early for the last 2 nights, maybe I'm coming down ( better not. This is not a good time) or I've over-exerted myself over the months so it's accumulated exhaustion.

Thursday night : Athena asked me to read her a book and passed me her all time favourite : The Hungry Caterpillar. I finished that short story in no time and being hungry for more, she asked me to repeat the book again. I was so tired (it was only 9+) and I told her to read it for me coz' I wanted to test her reading. She read in such a slow and mono tone .... I remembered she read to "On Wednesday, he ate three plums (coz' I was so happy she could read 'pl')" then I think I dozed off. Hee! I woke when the book hit my face and I heard her shout "finish!" I dragged myself to her bed and fell asleep with her - keeping away from hubby.

Friday night : She finished all her assessment books but I was so tired to do music revision with her. Fell asleep with girl with me in my bed. Hubby this time round got kicked out of the room. Hee!

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