Sunday, March 29, 2009


Received the artwork for Athena's albums in my email. I've already asked them to add some things for me.

Didn't notice it earlier. I'll be asking them to edit certain English wordings which sound very weird, apart from that I'm happy with the outcome.

Now awaiting Aricia's. Can't wait to see hers!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Earth Hour
Did you do your part in turning off your lights at 8.30pm today? We did.. not coz' of good reason but coz' we were out for dinner. Haha! We drove down to Compass Point from home, so you think we're being green??

Anyway, the moment I step into the lift I had to hear this irritating woman's voice. She was speaking so loud to her children like trying to show off, we took the lift from B2 travelling all the way up to 4th floor. Each time the lift door opens for more people to come in, her voice gets louder. Feel like slapping her! I probably felt so aggitated coz' I was hoping for some peace.
So what was that stupid woman talking about? The children were pointing to the Earth Hour poster that says Compass Point is taking part in it.

Woman : "oh no! They're going to off the lights. We didn't bring torchlight, never mind daddy handphone got torchlight. Ai yoh.. we didn't bring torchlight. So dark.."

Children : Mummy why turn off the lights?

W : Save the Earth. Everywhere turn off lights and then they use candles. (siao!) That means cannot take lift, daddy later we cannot take lift. Kena stuck for 1 hour. (turned to her children and trying to add in humour - which is not funny) You all scared dark or nought> torchlight; so dark. Who is kared?

Feel like telling that woman to shut her bloody mouth up, so irritating. Whole lift can only hear her irritating loud voice talking rubbish. Feel like telling her, "you're already blind even before they turn off the lights. The poster here says "facade" not the entire building."
Siao come some people never use their brains when they talk? It's just like some irritating Singaporeans who can proclaimed so proudly "I cannot speak Chinese. I ony speak English ak home. We are English-elucated." And I feel like asking them they Chinese or not, dare to say cannot speak Chinese. Although I am bad in Chinese, I won 't deny that I can't speak but say I can't speak well. And really you shouldn't hear me when I speak. Okay, it's not that jialat lah! Just that I can't phrase my sentence fluently. And why talk about English-elucated when you're speaking horrible Singlish.

Friday, March 27, 2009


I didn't catch the earlier episodes and only watched it 4 times. Now I'm so addicted to the storyline. It speaks so closely to how I feel. Yesterday's episode made cry, Hong Hui Fang said "we slog for them..... when they are poor they stick to us, when they're rich......" I cried coz' it's the realistic world.
I felt jubilant when she said that we should reward ourselves. I want to re-do what I did before in SQ. Where I'd arm myself with a guide book and then train to various places to sightsee. No tour groups but it means I need alot of $$, which I don't have. Throw the kids to them and let them shuttle around, see how tiring it is.

Semi tai-tai life (finally?)

This semi tai-tai life will happen only once. Today both kids end school in the afternoon. Aricia's trip to Zoo, Athena's full day.
Woah ho! If only this happens once a month ...

I took the opportunity to be out of the house and do some shopping. I need to relax

First place I went was Macs to while away that 1 hour then went to Sony Service Center in Wisma. Silly me thought they open at 10am, until was told it's 11am. I went shopping to while away that 20 mins. Didn't buy anything for myself but for the children at Gap. By the time I was done with that one shop, it was already 11+. Good thing I didn't have to wait long for my turn.

Walked over to 4th floor, where all my favourite haunts are - Better Toy Shop (for the children), Art Friend (for the children), Creative Hands (for the children), Kinokuniya (for the children and for myself). Was tempted to buy but in the end I bought . Sounds fun huh?

I had been looking for the edible "grass" thing to put in the Easter cups. This year will get to give more to Aricia's classmates, Athena will be given a smaller proportion for her friends, the close ones in her class. Unfortunately no luck over various places. No luck in Art Friend either. Sigh..........just when you need it .............. it's "WE NO LONGER CARRY IT." Argh!!!! In the end, I settled to do it the manual and tedious way of cutting the strips from crepe papers.

Went down to Kinokuniya to look for things, they don't carry that book at all, can't take no for an answer; must buy something. Bought this for Aricia and this is for myself. *happy happy* I wanted to look at baking books and gasped when I saw the time. It's already 1.28pm. Oh no! No time for my lunch, I was still thinking about popping by Coffee Club. Cham lah! Time passes by so quickly, I barely had that tai-tai feeling and my job as a chauffeur starts. Dang! Packed lunch at KFC.

When I reached Aricia's school, I saw so many parents waiting. I waited for almost 20 mins. If only.. silly me should have called the school up. I could have browsed the other books.

I think I should declare a day off for myself.

PS: Serene, can you please let me know your girl's name and class. Thanks!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Aricia's going to the Zoo tomorrow, I'm so excited for her. She's been to the Zoo before but I'd like to feel that my girl is big enough to join her friends for school excursion.

Hmm......we didn't allow Athena to go for any excursions until she's 3+ or 4. Coz' Athena is alot more clumsy, we worry she will fall etc.. (in actual fact it's the firstborn = pampered child. 2nd child = fall down; never mind mentality.) Anyway, Aricia is very sensible or so I thought!

We received the notice late on Monday (coz' she missed school the week before). I briefed Aricia that same night, telling her that she's going to the Zoo on Friday. And she has to tell her teacher "I am going to the Zoo. I have money in my bag." Conducted the same briefing on Tuesday morning, wanting to see if she can take ownership. When I reminded her to tell her teacher, she acknowledged me. In school, I asked the teacher to help me notice if she did convey message to her.

End of day I asked her teacher. "No.......she kept quiet. When I asked if there's anything for me, she tells me 'in school bag' "

Maybe still too young? Only the crazy mother can be so bo-liao to do such things.


This week was a little diligent in making bentos for Athena. 3 days to be exact.

She kept talking about the sushi she ate in SHA and so I prepared for her some sushis using salmon fish flakes.

Tuesday/s work - 24th March
The night before I prepared the sausages. Can you guess what they are??

Answer : boat
Answer : Shark
The 6 sushi's
Packed in HK lunch box ..
into the bag
Wednesday - 25th
The same sushis, no photos at all.

Thursday- 26th
Told me she wanted to pack bread + ham and the brownie I baked.

Again, the night before I pre-cut the ham and cheese and the seaweed eyes etc... (just in case yours truly can't wake up early. Don't have to rush through)

I wanted to put in the eggs as well, but I didn't have sufficient time to finish doing it.

Served the eggs for lunch. Then you know what?? My big girl suddenly declares to everyone " I don't like to eat eggs now." Argh!!! And mei-mei also don't like eggs. Argh argh argh!

If only someone can sympathize with me over my damn superbly fussy children. Maybe should really let them go hungry one day, then they start to eat everything.


Athena turned one month older on Wednesday, we celebrated for her on Tuesday.

She asked for a Mermaid cake, I printed out the picture while thinking of what cake to bake. I chose Pierre Herme's brownie instead. (finally I get to use the book)

The cake with the disastrous looking mermaid. I used royal icing on the brownie, took me 2 attempts to do the decoration.
Taste wise, its nice and moist. But decoration? - thumbs down
more photos of the children will be uploaded in their blogs

Kawaii !!

I'm so in luvv...........with these.

Monday night I saw my leftover chocolate couvetures (from my fountain) & melted them to make these molded chocolates.
They do look shiny but the flash spoilt the picture.

I tried this as well, using my cookie cutters .. but can't seem to do it nicely.
You can roughly guess this is Ariel. I like the outcome of the shell and fish.

On Tuesday, I went to run some errands. At the same time went to Meidi-ya to stock up on groceries. Now my cupboard's really full!! I saw this cute pack of jelly. The jellies are in the molded cavity, it's really small (of course! eat too much will get toothache). We kept it, I have the candy mix which I will try one day on this small mold.

*apologies for blur picture. Used the older camera.

Apart from my craze shopping in basement, I hopped to Kinokuniya as well looking for a Japanese book. Can't seem to find, seems like its out of print already. Bought these for the children.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My house looks smaller

Strange?! How is it that everytime I step into the house after a long absence, the house looks smaller (not that our hotel room was big) ??

Unpacked bags. Didn't buy alot of things but the weight can kill anyone coz' I came back with books. Hee! No present for Iggy this time round. That lucky boy is going to Japan soon, I'm so jealous. Feel like throwing the kids to KZ and join them.

And that hunch of mine? I met someone from that team on today's flight. Really! No joke! I'm rather surprised too coz' we were a little late in arriving at the airport. And the crew were standing there, we were walking when I saw a familiar face (amazing that I could spot him in my blurry eyesight) - my ex-team LS. Of course now he's a CS. I prefer the new uniform, so much better than the old ones> The men looks more pleasant in it too.
Hmm..... with 2 kids side by side with me, fussing over their food, the LS worked on my aisle side-which I suspected he probably made the switch coz' of the stewardess who looked so new.
Chatted with the lady whom we met on our way up, nice lady and her 2 kids are in RGPS. She's another person who told me that those who volunteered their service in RGPS are definitely guaranteed a space in the school.
My ex-team LS was probably busy. He did the announcements onboard, surprising, coz' it's normally the LSS job. Anyway, I got to know what happened to that LSS. He did such a splendid job. We only chatted for a short while during disembarkation and ........I forgot to ask for his number. *sigh*

Record-breaking! I managed to watch a total of 3 shows for both legs. A feat I must admit coz' I always never had the chance to watch any movies. This time round the children cooperated a little coz' they were kept entertained or slept. Watched Magasdascar 2, Slumdog Millionaire on the way up. 과속스캔들 on the way back. The only struggle I have is >> their food. Athena ate the plain pasta and bread, Aricia refused everything. Even when I fed her my rice later she ate less than 10 spoonfuls and stopped.

Checked emails, I managed to clear some while I was in SHA. Shucks! I can't go into my Outlook Express!!


Friday, March 20, 2009

你好! - Part III

Day 6 - 19th (Thursday)
I was up early, gave the children their breakfast and packed some food for them to bring out. I have no idea how long the photoshoot is going to take.

Cabbed down all the way to Nanjing Rd E. Far and + traffic jam. Seems to have traffic jams all the time!!

4 costumes for both children. Ehh....they have costumes for Princess but the only one that fits Athena is Snow White and non for Aricia. *sob sob* Was a little disppointed with the wardrobe they have, I guess after what I saw in Pudong, this is really nothing. But don't forget the price hor?!
Athena chose Snow White, mermaid (not the Disney kind), a pink dress that suppose to be a princess and a casual wear. I chose for Aricia an angel dress, bikini (to match with mermaid), white/red dress and a casual wear.

Photoshoot is .. tiring. Tiring for me coz' Aricia don't really understands chinese that well. So I have to translate "sit down, move one step back" etc.. to her. Proud to say she listens to instructions but ... sometimes needs a little bribery. I didn't have to worry for Athena, she understands what her photographer told her to do.
The children were playing and I could see how much Aricia enjoyed herself tumbling around. sigh.......that girl hor....I worry she'd break her bones.

Left for lunch at Chamate where the children ate minced pork + white rice + my furikake. The children first tried their food in Hangzhou. Realised they ate that so better to play safe than to let them make me go fuming mad. Athena asked to order her Chocolate Souffle, which I obliged provided she finishes her meal. She being the greedy; cannot lose out kind ate more than Aricia. I'm more worried about Aricia coz' she is typically more fussy this trip and she's so skinny!! I packed another set for dinner.

Headed back to studio to select photos. In the end, I bought another book for each of them coz' I'm stuck with 30+ photos. Athena was so sweet to select her 16" photo of the two of them together.

Wanted to walk around the Bao Da Xiang, I want to look for nice clothes for the children. But Athena kept asking to go back to the place which sells Hello Kitty pencil. We left the place and oh boy! I can't seem to recall which mall was that. Didn't find it, told her that I could bring her to another mall in another place we went on Monday night to see what they sell there. She said she'll look around.
Went to the Shanghai Book City, the biggest bookstore, to look for my things. I can't believe it, I can't find it!! Anyway, let me tell you the bigger the bookstore is; the service sucks. Nobody even offered to help me; just kept directing me. But Athena managed to buy another thing -12 Dancing Princess pencil - which I told her she already has something similiar from her birthday favor bag last year. She insisted on having it, ai yah.. better to stop her from complaining later I let her be.

Reached hotel at 7+. Hubby's not back yet. He came back about hour later, the children had already done their "fishing", dinner and were watching アンパンマン. Athena climbed into the bed herself and snuggled up - no protesting -she promptly fell asleep. I brought Aricia to bed too, coz' she was sitting down and watching the DVD - which is very unlike of her. Less than 5 mins, two girls were in their dreamland. They were that exhausted!!

Day 7 - 20th (Friday)
Hubby declared "I'm only going into the office for half day today. I asked him if this was how he normally do on his work trip to SHA? And he don't have to accompany us. His reply "I decide my own working hours." good huh?

The children and myself didn't step out of the room. They had their breakfast in the room. Hey! I'm beginning to like that island table top. Maybe next time, if we move, should do that in our kitchen.

I brought some work for Athena to do, don't think I'm that kind to her. Haha! Taught her conjunctions and then she's off to do her work. English + Maths + Chinese. Lucky thing, we managed to clear her school's e-homework on Monday night. I did some Shichida homework with Aricia and watched her play her Stiles. Half an hour later, Aricia climbed into the bed herself and fell asleep. Suddenly I'm left with nothing to do and I feel like dozing off myself. I kept myself awake by reading National Geographic. Some time later Athena came to me and told me she's tired. We all fell asleep.........until I heard hubby trying to open the door.

The children slept for another half hour before they woke up by themselves. Dressed them up and then we went to Barbie Store. Lunched in a different restaurant near the store - they had their udon again.

The things are so expensive in the store. Athena bought her stationeries (again). This time it's the Diamond Castle. But the store looks so nice.

Left for Yu Yuan, I've been there before many years ago before I left SQ. Wanted to bring the kids this time too but didn't. He suggested to go there. The place brings back memories. I remember there was this bridal sedan thing and I went to have a photo taken in the kua. I was smiling gleefully, like I can't wait to get married like that. Haha! That was like the only time I could explore Shanghai during my years with the company. Most of the time our stay is one night stay, arrive at 4+ pm, we have dinner; sleep and checkout the next day. That one and only time my CS, another stewardess and myself were lucky to stay additonal days was coz' we operated another aircraft back while our team mates left days before as they went back with a smaller configuration aircraft.

I then remembered my cui pi dou fu.. I told hubby it's opposite the hotel we stayed last time, Westin Tai Ping Yang. That man can tell me, "that hotel is very near to where we stay." Wow! If only I told him earlier I might have a chance to relinquish that taste (if that restaurant is still there).
Somehow on our way back via the elevated highway. I thought saw the hotel, it's been renamed to Sheraton.

As the taxi was making the turn near our hotel to 古北店, hubby pointed out the direction of the old Westin Tai Ping Yang. Yup! That was the hotel I saw.

In the taxi, we were talking about something and then Athena asked hubby "papa, how come you know the place." "Daddy knows Shanghai very well." I think I fully agree with him, he knows the place so much better than me. Afterall, all I did was nightstops and I only knew the hotel; restaurant and Friendship Store. I didn't have any idea how life is like in Shanghai (though I wouldn't say I know very well) until I stayed so long this time round. And nope.... though Shanghai is the modern city of all in China, I wouldn't want to stay here. I don't like the air, I don't like the dust. I don't like it when the automobile sweeper came by trying to suck up rubbish ends up sweeping dusts onto us. I don't like getting stressed over here fighting for taxis. I don't like the idea of eating Roti Prata without curry. I DON'T LIKE THE IDEA THAT THE HOLIDAY IS COMING TO AN END!!!

Flight is tomorrow, home is still the best. Though I must admit I'm beginning to like the idea of not doing any home sessions with Aricia and asking Athena to quickly do her work so that she can practise her piano etc....
I have a hunch, now that I'm talking about my team, I'm going to meet someone from that team tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

你好! - Part II

Day 4 - 17th (Tuesday)
Tried calling Irene but can't seem to reach her, mebbe I copied the number wrongly or its incomplete. Sigh....... there goes my chance of meeting her in Pudong.
Hubby helped me make appointment for photo shot for Thursday. Can't wait! Since we were in Pudong, I headed for Super Brand Mall, said to have good facilities for children.I saw this shop offering photography, I liked it very much and Athena too! Coz' the costumes they have are really nice. All the Princesses and Barbie Princesses. And what they do is to put the photos they take and put it into the fairytale storybook (with text). Athena love 12 Dancing Princesses and I could see that she really wanted it. It's really nice, I want to spoil her and Aricia but ..... we can't take another day to make that long journey to Pudong, + it's really costly - RMB3990 for the small album, RMB4990 for the big album. That works out to $1000++ for one costume change. $2000++ for 2 kids?? Not like I'm so rich. With a heavy heart, we both left the shop. I made it up to her later when she wanted to paint a canvas bag. She chose to paint a mermaid, she likes mermaid now.

Hubby came to meet us at 1.30pm. I'm surprised and told him he didn't have to deliberately take time off to meet us, I'm fine really. yah.... like real.

There's a bookshop on the highest level. I brought my list along, but they didn't carry any of it. Sigh... no choice I'd have to get that in SIN paying double price. *sigh* But I manage to get other books, I like to buy those paper craft books. I saw some really nice Disney Princess craft books too, bought some.

Dinner - went to this place called 古北店, which houses Carrefour, BreadTalk, Food Republic and a few other shops. 古北 is near to where our hotel is and this area is said to be an expat area. Ehh.....not that I saw alot of angmohs here but there were many chinese-looking people. I haven't heard anyone speaking singlish either!
The children are really fussy, I mean really very fussy. I've never seen other kids as fussy as them. Shit! Why is it that it always has to be me?!?! But this time round, I'm so happy that there's a stall selling udon. Woah ho!! *Clap hands* and a sushi bar that sells
fish flakes sushi, we couldn't find any salmon skin sushi for her but thankfully Athena was game to try the fish flakes. Bought 2 and then she asked for more, so we packed back to the hotel.

Day 5 - 18th (Wednesday)
Trip to Shanghai Zoo  the girls and me. There goes my hope of bringing the children to major tourist sights. Sigh...not like they understand anything in the first place. Athena wanted to see all of the animals in the Zoo, which I think is impossible coz' we can't cover everything. Not when I don't have a stroller to push Aricia around (and ayway even if we did bring stroller. We'd have to start our nagging at Athena for not giving in to mei-mei and lazy to walk etc...) Not only that, I don't want to see animals which we can see back home. A must see for the children - Panda. I've seen it before somewhere.. was it in our zoo or another zoo??

Left the Zoo about 3 hours later for  古北店 again. Late lunch for the children, then ta-bao back some udon for dinner. They swallowed every bits and pieces of udon, Athena used to like kamaboko but now hates it. So fussy!

I hate it! I hate to fight but I HAD TO FIGHT. Going to my destination from hotel is easy but coming back from anyplace is a dread. People fight for cabs, they quickly open your door for you (you think they're kind??) so that they can 'chope' the taxi and nobody else can fight with them. Don't ask me to stay here, which I'm also thankful that hubby wouldn't want to stay here at all.

No empty taxis!! One man offered me a ride (probably so coz' he knows the heavy traffic + he pity me with a child in carrier and another, which I declined coz' I worry the hitchhiker will murder the driver.*wink*
I waited for quite some time until I decided to cross the road. Didn't wait long when a taxi came by and the pax alighted ahead of us, we quickly ran to the cab. Shouting at Athena "quick quick quick" Like a selfish bitch (nope! I didn't open the door for the man) I stood by next to the cab and quickly plant my backside on the seat before anyone else. I thought I heard the taxi driver saying something?? In my horrible mandarin trying to tell him the hotel name (of course he was blur). Until I figured out to refer to my map, pointed on the other road name at cross junction. He was mumbling. Don't care, I didn't know what's the problem with him until much later I heard him saying he was changing shift. I pointed to Aricia and said " 我的孩子饿了, 我需要回去酒店喂奶 " Liar! Haha! No choice, if I'm not cunning I'll never get back to the hotel.
We got back at 5 plus, really early. The children played in the bathtub with their "fishes" - small foils from the shower gels/ shampoos tube. I quickly washed some clothes (again), to speed up the washing process. I handwashed and just put it in for spin dry.
Had their dinner. Today I bought 2 cute Hello Kitty cheesecakes (from our Breadtalk). Athena didn't want it said she didn't like cheesecake except for the cheesecake I made. Huh? what's the difference? But Aricia wanted it, I shouldn't have trusted her words. She didn't eat the cheesecake but she'd eat the ones I bake.

And my children were tired. By 8 plus both were almost in dreamland.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Greetings from my ancestral land.

We left for 上海 (Shanghai) on Saturday, joining hubby for his business trip.Was rather sad that he had to make this trip during the school hols, otherwise I was looking forward to going Japan. But better than nothing, better than staying at home and rot.

Flight up was so-so. I have one child (Aricia) who'd rather keep her mouth quiet and not eat/never complain hungry (and honestly I would prefer so too) and another Complain Queen (Athena) who kept asking "where's my food? I'm very hungry, where's my food?" Turned out hubby had instructed for Child Meal request but was not done by his staff or the travel agent. Spoke to the LS to help me do a request, he was kind enough to help me do an immediate request for our return leg. Though I know there's that chance of my children not wanting to eat the meal - very fussy eaters!!

Day 1 - 14th (Saturday)
Checked in at our
hotel, which is in the heart of the town. Very happening especially when it's the weekend. Walked around, not much of shopping but just strolling and getting ourselves entertained with the 2 hyperactive (I wonder what they ate) kids hopping and jumping and singing non-stop. Aricia attracted attention of almost everyone who's within our proximity. And it helps that she's not afraid of strangers, she would smile and say "Hello" and wave to them. Told her to say hello in chinese, word for word she follows me. That made everyone charmed by that lil' girl. She didn't sound funny saying 再见 but it sure is weird coming from her.

I found one place doing studio makeovers, children can be in Princess costume etc... the best deal is that for that price of RMB388 (approx S$90), I get 15 pictures in an album with digital designs - like what you see in KidsPictures, 4 costumes change. Additional photo approx RMB20-25. Get to keep the disc as well. Very cheap!! I'm so tempted!! I may want to get 2 kids in since I've been wanting to get studio shots for them this year. But I will be tired... but this is a super good deal. Shall call them again.

Day 2 - 15th (Sunday)
上海 - 杭州 (Hangzhou)
Definitely not our first trip there, except for Aricia, so it's not really the must see sightseeing trip for us. So don't ask me why we're there, hubby did all the bookings this time round. I didn't bother to ask as long as it gets me outta my mad house.
We left the hotel to go to another hotel to drop our big luggage first, we brought one small bag along for our stopover.

Needed to get a prepaid card, so I can be contactable. Unfortnately it's a no-no. Need to sign up for 2 years. Siao!

He wanted to take CRH - China Railway Highspeed - down but departure is much later. We bus-ed down instead. Not a bad move either, the bus was comfy and almost empty so we each could have a seat. Plus the journey of 2hrs was sufficient for a good rest - especially for Aricia - I had a good rest too.

Checked in and then went out. It's common to see people hawking for business, by offering to bring you around the major sights for a fee. And these people drive their own car. We managed to get a good deal. The guy wanted to bring us to all the sights in West Lake, which we didn't take. Hubby requested to bring us to 六和塔, which I thought sounded really familiar. He said he hasn't seen that. When we reached there, he looked and said "ay! I've been here, so which is the one I haven't been to?" Hmm.. think it is 雷峰塔. So blur!

We went to get Longjing tea and then headed to our hotel vicinity. Dinner and then returned to our room. Wasn't a pleasant experience to have dinner with Aricia - really! She sweeps things off the table; turns the bowls when you're still feeding her (and all the rice spills on table); she spits out food. Very frustrating. That is the reason why I never liked to feed her at home, I'd rather wash the car then scream at her daily. But I don't have a choice now right? At the restaurant, I shouted at her and hit her palms for turning the bowls (again!). While scolding her, I saw the waitresses/waiters coming to see the commotion. And somehow somewhere behind me I heard someone commented to his company "singaporean" - in chinese.
Very jia lat, very stressed up. They fuss about food is one thing, throw things away is another which I cannot tolerate.
The guy behind me (after a long long time) was trying to entertain Aricia. That girl forgot what happened and was so cheerful. *sigh* The guy mentioned something about the earlier incident, and I said that was the ultimum for me after the warnings I gave her. And I heard him saying "yes you need to discipline but in public area ...." he didn't say anymore and I got the hint from him. But after a while he witnessed the whole thing again when she throws things and tried to sweep the plates off the table. And then he said "ah ha! Now I know what you mean." Lucky thing I didn't kill my daughter, otherwise it'll be out in the headline news.

Back in hotel, while they sleep I had to iron some clothes to dry them asap. I then used hubby's Blackberry to blog but dozed off before I could post them.

Day 3 - 16th (Monday)
Our hotel is right next to West Lake, we were out for 2 hours. Took a boat, the kids rocking the boat more and singing rendition of "Row row row your boat" and shaking the boat, OMG!
Saw cherry blossoms.
Had a nice relaxing (heart thumping) lunch. Good thing I packed in Furikake for them. They ate alot. Alot of white rice with furikake. Yup! They're that fussy!! Fishball, meat, fish, egg etcs....all don't want. Anybody wants to do an exchange of children??
We trained back with the hotel concierge helping us. It's fast, real fast. So fast that after entertaining the children, I barely caught 40 winks and we reached Shanghai. *sigh*
Athena is rather pissed, asked me why people always squeeze. I explained that's how the people behave and in order not to be pushed back, we also had to push ourselves forward and step on some people's foot. The thing I don't like about this place is the culture, very arrogant. And oh my! the roads!! I wonder why they ever have the need to put up traffic signs and crossings when nobody adhere to them.
Great! I love it when this room has a washing machine, don't have to be too ah-soh! Can be a tai-tai already.
Tomorrow's work day for hubby, he's going to the other office in Pudong. So we're tagging along to Pudong. I said I wanted to meet Irene, but I haven't had the chance to make that phonecall to her.
Some places I want to bring the children and things I want to do, but for now I need to rest my tired eyes. Good night!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Time out!

Athena didn't have to go to school today coz' it's Sport's Day for P3 and above. She was so happy when she knew about it last week.

Brought her out after I dropped Aricia off.

Stopped by at Macs for breakfast...........after some time this girl came up to me and said "Athena's my classmate" and walked back to her daddy. I invited B and her dad to join us in our table. Coincidently they were heading to the library as well.

The children chatted and read books (with KZ supervising them) while we chatted. They were having so much fun. Somehow I recalled the girl's name and remembered she's the girl Athena helped with the schoolbag.

Very sweet and outspoken girl. They were so funny, couldn't bear to part. Then they bump into each other again, hugged each other like lovers. Haha! So funny.

Monday, March 9, 2009

My days

Sent my car for servicing, while waiting I went to Taka to do my shopping. And it's way too
rushing for me, the shops open at 10am. I need to pop by 3 places in a span of 1 1/2hr. *pant pant* before going back to the workshop to collect the car and fetch Aricia.

First stop was to buy a gift for Richard & Irene who are heading here. (Haven't seen Richard for 2 yrs 1 mths and Irene for 3 yrs 5 mths) Wanted to get Godiva but in the end I bought a set of 3 TWG Tea. Smells shiok! I bought this for myself which has a hint of passionfruit inside.
Then did my (very little grocery) shopping. Needed to get furikakes and my Japanese instant noodles. No time to head to Meidiya, so this is good enough for the time being. I better be stingy the next time, my green tea powder costs $10+, and I use them for baking. Must see if Phoon Huat as any.

Then it's to Kinokuniya to renew my membership and to look for books. I bought some stationeries and this magazine for the children. So interesting! I love it when I'm in the stationery section, feel like I'm in Japan. But... I always go crazy when I'm in Japan, alot of kawaii things.

Then it's off to Creative Hands to look for wriggly eyes and pom poms. No wriggly eyes - argh! Shipment comes in end March. Don't you just hate it? When you really need something and it's out of stock. Which is why my house is messy and have alot of rubbish. I like to stock up on things so that I don't have to shop for it. Then I get complaints from hubby who says "I keep rubbish etc..."

Times up!! I cabbed down to Toa Payoh. I spent the next 10mins eyes glued, hands holding on to the handle for my dear life!! His taxi is messy, I mean real messy. He had his books on the dashboard some papers for note-taking (I think), he can't hold his steering wheel still, needs to jerk. In that short journey, he horned at others 4 times. ??!! He cannot keep his head still. And I was thinking to myself my conversation with sister the day before.. and I looked at him. He's all white and he looks intelligent. Reminds me of someone whom I used to fly with - I know you're reading this now. Yes, I'm talking about you.
Conclusion : I shall not colour my hair next time. Hahaha!

Picked children up and then my next shift starts at home.'s the weekend tomorrow. Yay! Yay! Yay! Richard & Irene is in town. Can't wait!

The children room-ed in with us. I was about to sleep when I touched Aricia. She felt hot!! Was so sleepy but had to sponge her down etc... monitor temperature .. so tired in the morning. I don't know what's happening. She has to get well soon!

Spent the time changing the flashcards. Although my flashcards are well-organized, I really hate to change, re-tag the old ones, stick the colour-coded tag stickers.
I wasted almost half a day on that - coz' I had to put in new ones as well. Duh! Think I need to buy another cupboard?

What made me happy was my parcels came. In total - 5!! KZ said the postman and her are good friends now. Great! So she don't have to help me receive anymore parcels - until much later in the night I tabulated the lists and realise one more parcel is not inside. Hopefully one last parcel before I cave in to temptation and start clicking again.

I was looking forward to this box. Filled with my stuffs and some adhesive stickers, which I shared with brother. Spent the rests of the time sorting out and dividing into 2.
2 hours gone just like that. Tiring leh!

Didn't do much with the children, Aricia fever came on/off. Still hopping around the house but I'm not risking.

Books for children
Crafts for the children, and the icing for me. Must be thinking crazy to buy icing - I wanted the skin tone in this box lah! My ivory and peach always end up not looking naturally at all.

Picked my dear friends up @ their hotel. 3 adults sitting behind, a little cramp. Didn't want to bring KZ along but in the end decided that I needed someone to fully care for Aricia - too active.

Nice to see them again. Hope the next time I see them will be in their country.

Ps. For that same ex-colleague. This was the pax whom you thought was trying to gao-shua me.

The last time Rich was here, Athena would let him hold her hand. Not this time round, it's then Aricia's turn

Pity I couldn't send them off the next day as I'll be chauffeuring the children. But I might see Irene in SHA soon.

These are the cards that Athena made for them.

She cut and folded some papers, asked me to staple them and declare that this is Richard's drawing or sticker book. So funny! Think he would have thrown it away.