Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We're lucky that this year's Halloween happens right after their SA2. So... we can go trick-treating longer.

Every year, I wreck my brain thinking what my girls should dress up. Of course it was done without consulting them. I'm asking for trouble if I did, coz' they'd come up with so many characters.

Last year, che-che was Queen of Hearts and so I thought sticking to Alice in WOnderland would be a good decision and I'll work on that theme. Che-che is Mad Hatter and mei-mei is Alice. 

Had a reunion with Queen of Hearts. Costume looks familiar? Coz' that's mine! 

5.30pm and we started trick-treating.
Alice aka Aricia getting really fed-up with me. "why are you taking pictures all the time, mummy"?
Some random strangers
Bump into her classmate there
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Aricia's Graduation Concert

Aricia had been busy practicing for her concert, she sings (out of tune) in the house; she dances around in the house.
It's really fun to have her around the house, coz' over the years she tends to give us sneak previews before her concert. Unlike Athena who is a very quiet girl, never practises at home. We always have no idea what she would be performing. And then she goes all out to surprise us on stage
This year, she'll be one of the students to make her Thank You speech. She'll be one of the actors on stage for one of the opening song. She knew she had a responsibility to be there coz everyone including herself is of importance with their part be it big or small.

But God must make fun of us. When I brought her out from school yesterday, she was weeping.  She thought I wasn't going to pick her up from school. I thought it was weird, she never weep quietly normally she'd lash out in her loud voice (voice reaching me before she reaches me)  "why you come so late?!" When I hugged to console her ... Oh shucks! she felt warm. I kept quiet not wanting to speak a word to this highly sensitive girl. I guessed she sensed something different about me behaving in that way,  you can say we have some sort of telepathy between us. She controlled her emotions for a few minutes and suddenly burst out crying in the car and shouted  she "had to be in school tomorrow because it's MY concert". Relieved to hear her shouting (when usually I'd ask her to lower down her volume) - she's back to normal.
Back home I prayed Prayerfervently for a speedy recovery, I asked for a miracle. Ha! My faith wasn't that strong, God didn't want to show me miracle. In my unusual routine, I forced her to sleep sleep and sleep. In her usual character, she TOLD ME WHAT SHE HAD TO DO - her assessment books and school homeworks. ARGH! My threats were ignored, mummy had to back down coz' she's dealing with a strong-headed girl. Perhaps there was something more to this little chilli padi. It got me real mad that I had to threaten her "if you don't rest and can't get well soon by tonight. You'll not be able to go for your graduation concert". 

Time passed from afternoon to evening to night to midnight. She continued to feel warm. I began to think if we were not fated to watch her perform and graduate. What a joke God must be playing on us!  Now that (fortunately) hubby had his trip shortened last minute he was able to make it home, my girl is sick?!?! Was our happiness short-lived? 
Discussed with hubby if we should let her perform her item then bring her home early. He okayed it.

In the morning
I told hubby we had to be early, he can drop us in church and go over to have his breakfast while we embark on our Singaporean favourite pastime - QUEUE. It's our last chance to see her perform so we had to be early to chope good seats. Surprisingly, he was fine with it. Anyway, he'd gain right?! Didn't have to queue and will still get a good seat.

We were there before everyone else. Alas! Their class's certificate-giving ceremony is at the end of the concert. Oh my God!! I wonder if she can endure all the way through. Apart from feeling warm; face looked blushed she appeared normal to everyone else.

I loved her dance, she was rubbing her eyes.. Probably coz of the make up I did for her or she was really tired. But my lil' girl danced and danced. 

She fit the role very well. She's suppose to be a sick child on stage and she's really SICK. However that didn't stop her from moving so much, she had to fidget around. 

Thank you speech
My lil' girl spoke and enunciated her words well. Very proud of her, she remembered that she had to emphasize on her 'th', 's' and 'k' sounds. She memorized her script really well and didn't fumble abit. The only flaw? She was speeding through her speech like a speedy gonzale. We all had a good laugh at our gan-cheong spider girl. While she was on stage, I couldn't help but worry if she'll faint. I felt proud after she finished her speech

 With my son-in-law making their wedding speech. Hahaha!

When it came to her class item, she was dancing with all her might. She was really GIVING IT ALL OUT - I should say it's her BEST BEST BEST SHOT!! She didn't fumble, apart from her constantly rubbing her eyes she was perfect. I'm not sure if anyone noticed it, if they did they would have thought she was wiping her tears away.

Certificate giving ceremony
She's the first girl to receive her cert, the shortest mah! Mom had to cheer for her... actually she was like the only one being cheered on in the whole K2 cohort. I'm not pleased with the audience, it's the worst lot I've seen so far. They weren't generous with their applause. Poor kids go up on stage, not many people clap for them. 

End of concert and I was getting a little sentimental
I remember when it was che-che's graduation concert, I said "That's it! It's finally the end of her first educational milestone". And was unwilling to leave the church and had to snap more pictures of her and her friends. 
I thought second time, I wouldn't turn emotional - but I DID. I felt sad that her two years in St Hilda's is closing its chapter. She had her group of friends whom she love. However no matter how long I'd love to stay back I couldn't. I had to give my brave girl a rest, she needs it badly.

I was extremely proud of her, she has the spirit that is really commendable and put me -  her mummy - to shame. 

She was so tired that she fell asleep in the car. We brought her to see the doctor. She "complained to the doctor" about everything. "I have fever,  my eyes pain, my body pain, my neck hot hot, my leg pain, my head pain". The doctor was shock and showed us the reading on the thermometer - a high of 40 deg cel. OMG! I would have complained and crawled around with that kind of fever.      

Friday, October 5, 2012

Children's Day 2012

The year is always filled with many small celebrations I have for the girls.

Children's Day is one of the special day. The girls look forward to the day when they are swarmed with presents as many as their birthday presents. Aren't they lucky?

As usual, I'd prepare something for che-che's classmates. This year I personalized these. I love it when I see the finishing touches, so professional looking. I think I really should go into this business. 

Personalized name stickers for the girls too!

Favors all boxed up. For Amethyst 4

For mei-mei's little friends in St Hilda's. One item is not enough so must pack alot into one bag for them.

Girls at home
I ordered personalized placemats for the girls this year. Nice right?
Hmm.... I'll have to start thinking what to get for them next year.