Saturday, March 15, 2008

Frustrated! Foul mood!

It wasn't PMS that drove me mad. A raging mad women who felt like strangling my kids.

Yesterday, I braced myself for another tiring Shichida class with her. But it was the ultimum, I had a screaming kid who was only interested in running to the back of the class + she wasn't that interested in all the activities yesterday + she was distracting Javier and Jeric + she was throwing the LM cards on the floor + kept trying to push the chairs away. Argh!! At one point they saw my face changed and I brought her out of the room. I couldn't care less what she did after that, Sensei saw and quickly helped to guide that running kid to the table and let her do some activities and she was able to do it.

Why?Why?Why? Why is it that the other 2 kids (boys hor!) are the total opposite from a girl. They can sit down quietly and follow their mummy's instructions. Mummy ask them something, they can point to it. Aricia & this mad mummy on the other hand is moving around in class. I have to hold the cards and chase after her for answers, and she'll point out to me. So, we're the only unconventional pair that have child standing or sitting on the table; standing on the chair; doing activities on the floor. I don't know how Jocelyn and Junie feels?? I'm a great distraction to their children who are paying the same amount of $$ and I should be outta of the class? It's really tiring and requires alot of patience from me.
3 terms coming to 4 terms in a class and I'm sure my patience does have its limit. And yesterday was the ultimum!
I feel like withdrawing her out of the class, I don't need an extra exercise session with her every Fridays. But it pays when I see her responding to it. But my thoughts are "why?why?why me? Why is it that other children are so well-behaved and I have 2 hooligans?" Mum says it's only for a few years, after that it should be okay. At the rate my children are taunting me/testing my patience I'll be dead even before they're 10.

Okay, if one child is not enough. That older girl had to make me angry further in the evening. And her being the most sensible one she shouldn't have wailed out loud for no reason when I told her that I have to turn off the video in the car + I already gave her some time in the car already.
That's it! She got the beating from me x 2 coz' it was accumulated frustration. Aricia received one smacking from me too later during my home session with her.

Mad.... and you know what? Athena suddenly can shower herself & fast; finish her dinner so fast; grab her books from the table and do what she has to do every Fridays; so by 8+ she's finished everything! If only she can do this all the time I'll be happy.
I went to bed tired and mad... thinking I might be going through depression soon. I'll kill one of the kids one day if I go beserk and that's the time too I'll probably stop blogging - end up in jail.


Roslyn said...

It's one of those days we all experience. Hope you're feeling better. This whole week has been quite trying for me too. Hub away and the girls drive me nuts. I sent them to bed slightly earlier and by 7.30pm everyday, they were fast asleep which left me with the evenings free to my ownself. If not, I'll go gila man.

Lily Ann said...

Sigh....yes one of those days. I cannot send them to bed early leh. athena comes home at 6pm, eat + shower + do her assesment books + music revision + read + dunno what else... already close to 10pm. Then Aricia see sister awake, play and play. I sneak in one more time of GD flashcard for Aricia while sister do assesment books. I'm really busy day in/out.