Monday, September 16, 2019

"You're BUSTED!"

The day my girls were busted. 

It was the 2nd or 3rd day the girls are sleeping together in lil' one's room to share the air purifier. (Yup! haze is back)

It's funny that they didn't hear me when I opened my bedroom door so loudly, for the obvious reason they were too engrossed in their conversation in the dark - it was 10+, way beyond their bedtime. I stood in the dark doorway listening to them, about 40 seconds later I decided to turn on the aisle light and I heard che-che's "Ssshh.." Lil' one couldn't stop her conversation in time (reaction abit slow), she also has this habit of wanting to complete her sentence. In other words, she hasn't reached the 'full stop' of what she was going to say so wanted to continue. Che-che had to hush her again "Ssshh" I gave a leeway of 8 seconds before I opened the door. Lil' one laying on her front, I guessed she plonked down immediately. Che-che on her side, the tell tale sign that they were facing each other. Che-che pretended to open her eyes and spoke in a sleepy voice "what".

"Don't bluff! Both of you were talking in the dark. Being your mother, I always have to think and do things  

Thursday, September 12, 2019


I  got the tickets! I got the tickets!

First thing I did as I woke up, I checked my email if they have replied me. 

Premier seats, not the best 2 seats closest to the stage (where we sat for SSO ND Concert) but the next 2. Ai yah, mai hiam can already., otherwise I would have booked Cat 1, which is rows away. No discount for this category - Cat 12 - but I'm happy and relieved as long as I got my tickets.  

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

OMG! This is so stressful!

OMG! This is more stressful than P1 school registration. What accounts for this high level of anxiety from me? Joe Hisaishi!! OMG! I've been waiting for him to come by Singapore and this is a chance not to be missed. 

There's a catch though. Tickets are sold first to the SSO Friends, public sales will only start on 21st Sep. Can I wait that long? The seats that we wanted are already taken, which is very surprising coz that's a different category, so how did the person managed to get the tickets? 

I have 2 options :
1) either I have to do the "fastest finger" wins at 9am on 21st Sep, standby with the laptop at 8.58am. No guarantee coz if 2 tix are taken up now, in days to come more tixs may be sold. 
2) get the Friends Season pass and then we can't get the seats that we want but we're in Cat 1, 5 rows from the stage. But at least we chope our seats. 

We have switched from "wanting the best seats with best sound" mentality to "as long as we get tickets" mentality. How desperate can we get.

Problem now is, I paid for the Friends Season Pass but I have no Promo Password to key in. OMG! I'm so dying inside.... D.E.S.P.A.R.A.D.O 

The world-renowned Japanese composer-conductor Joe Hisaishi makes his impressive first appearance in Singapore in 2020!

Joe Hisaishi is the musical mastermind behind the score of numerous films, this symphonic concert celebrates his long and fruitful collaboration with the master of animated cinema, Hayao Miyazaki.

Concert Program:
  1. The East Land Symphony
  2. Woman for piano and strings:
    Les Aventuriers
  3. Spirited Away Suite

Aiyoh..... aunty's heart cannot take it leh!

Sunday, September 1, 2019


Finally bought her her first tennis racket from Royal Sporting House in NEX.

The Federer Pro 105 has a lightweight frame designed for fast, aggressive strokes and outstanding maneuverability. Weighing only 9.7 oz. (275.0 g) This extra long racket allows players to reach more balls and hit the net faster. Its Midplus head provides more tolerance and control. The Federer Pro 105 is an effective transition racket for up and coming tennis players more consistency.

WRT5661 Federer Pro 105 for $127.20, marked down from $159. It's the cheapest racket there I guess but it's good for her since she's still a beginner. 
Tennis lessons? Hmm..... problematic finding the suitable time. Lil' one refuses to learn tennis, wanted to learn badminton. And if I sign up one child for sports class; I'll have to be fair right? So there goes the problem of finding a suitable time with both tennis and badminton running classes at the same time in the same venue. Meanwhile, it'll be us playing our lousy tennis game.