Thursday, August 30, 2007


18th August
Was at the carpark in Kovan when hubby called to tell me "haha! your wallet is at home....Aricia mummy have no money to eat." Goash! I think that girl took it out for me and I'm penniless.
I told Athena and she was like "huh... then how? We go back now lor.." Then I joked that I should sell her off "for $10, but mummy lugi. Umm...maybe $20?" Then she said " about $100." "Good! SOLD!"

I thought it should be okay, we'll probably have to head back home after her art class.

Her drawing - Fruits
Then mom called to see if I'm outside coz' she might want to drop by to see the kiddos. So since brother is fetching her, told her to meet me in Kovan instead since brother has to go back to work in Buangkok.
Before meeting her, Athena kept asking me "mummy, we have no money. We eat what?" We walked into Cold Storage to waste time and it so happened that there was a lady promoting Twisties chips inside, she cut it and gave us two different packs. I turned to tease her "Athena, that's our lunch." She asked me "mummy, can aunty give us another one?"

Ai poor thing leh! I had to wait for mom. When she came, let her decide if she wants to eat out or we head back home to eat. Then mom said she'll blanjah us. Not bad huh? I should be penniless and then mom will have to blanjah me. Hee!

25th August
In the morning, Athena reminded me - "Mummy, you must bring your wallet okay?" Today we train down and she kept talking about us no money last week blah blah... talking so loudly in the train. Everyone's looking at this woman who looks okay outside but penniless. Haha!
Fed up, I took out my wallet "there you see, I have my wallet out today." "Got money or not?" "No money. Sell you away I have money."


Signs of her growing up

1) She talks alot now. You can hear her mumblings changes so it's like she's really talking to us. That day, she was seen arguing with KZ. And when she think she lost the arguement, she bent down wanting to bite KZ. Haha!

2) She still refuses to come out from her bathtime. She enjoys splashing water but she hates things inside the bathtub - goash! what can I do with them?? Think I'll just throw them away.
Anyway, she hits the water harder this time. More strength? I think so.......... she gets me so wet now.

3) Her weight gain?? 6.5 or 7kg. So she probably tripled her birth weight at one year - no need for much alarming concerns for her size.
She still eats alot, poos as usual, size the same. So she's lucky that she's got good slim genes. From who? Not me for sure.

4) She helps herself to the Pooh walker and walks.Stopping to bite Tigger. Poor Tigger!
Now she tries to walk with us holding her hands. Walk before 1? I don't think so, she still hasn't tried standing still on her two feet, as it is I think her legs cannot take the weight. Haha!
Athena did that when she was 11mths old. And she started throwing herself at me days before her birthday. Ai yah! That girl is fast in everything, including fast in talking and spouting words out (which she's not suppose to) about someone...
5) She plays more. Has more attentive time span. But then again, she hardly have a nice long nap, usually half and hour or so. Maybe that's why she's small. You know the elders say "must eat and sleep then can grow big." Athena sleeps like a log so she's pui pui.

5) She can't sit still in her walker / high chair, always turning round and round. Now feeding her is a challenge.
The Ah-Lian girl
6) When she suddenly have the mood to rough play, she'll move herself fast and bang the walker into everything. She'll laugh at the noise she's making at home.
She found some comfort in sitting the wrong side too!
Yesterday, she was caught sleeping during lunch. And see how she sleeps!


I don't understand why people are so hardcore gamblers that they look for every number in the car licence plate; death certificate number etc...
And I witnessed one relative having the number written on her hand and showing it to mom. Mom just turned away. As it is, mom don't really buy. Come on! Even if someone is going to win the lottery, the deceased will bless her own family members what?!
When I brought up this topic to mom, she also asked me "you go and buy lah!" In the first place, I didn't even notice the numbers. Please lah! Mourning still got time meh? And anyway, yours truly don't buy lottery. But I just can't tolerate people who are so bloody insensitive to others' feelings.

Nobody likes me.................
Athena complained to KZ on Thursday that nobody likes her "my daddy don't like me, my mummy don't like me, Aunty Zet don't like me. Everybody don't like me. Everybody only like mei-mei."
On Friday, she happened to mention this again. So I asked her how did she derive that we didn't like her. She mentioned that everyone likes to carry mei-mei, nobody carries her until I explain the reason why (she's heavy + we show love in different ways)
Sister was asking me if Athena is the jealous sort, coz' at the service chapel she noticed Athena turned back and had her hand stretched out asking me for mei-mei's biscuit, while the pastor was talking - and my expression was a hard stare at her (but I later did give her a piece)

Speaking of which >>
Sister did say "dunno if it's parenting style or what...."
I did clarify that she everything whatever the mei-mei has; she must have. Cannot lose out. Very irritating is the way she asks me for the biscuit like very yao-gui like that.
Perhaps sister is also right. I find that I can manage being a mother for one, but for two I can't handle well. Especially things like sibling rivalry or arguments in the future. (Time being is the Blockbuster put up by the two of them when they're screaming at each other in the house)

Since she kept whining that we don't carry her... I asked her to sit on my lap in the car. Oops! I see TP's red light flashing as I'm typing this now. And that pui pui girl......sat on me; leaned on me (my bulging tummy was flattened and can't inflate as I breathe out) - and I was breathless when I felt my body including my chest couldn't expand out. Goash! She's a starking contrast to her sister! When I told hubby and was trying to catch deep & big breathes; sticking out my tongue he laughed at me. See! How am I suppose to carry her? And dunno if still can carry her... coz' it's like still less than one year after my C-section.

What did you see??
Out of curiousity and heard from a parent in Shichida about the answer she got from her son, I decided to ask Athena this question :
M : Athena, what did you see when you were inside mummy's tummy
A : Nothing
M : Nothing? Can you describe to mummy if it was bright or dark
A : Dark. Black black
M : What were you doing inside?
A : Sleeping
M : You didn't play toys?
A : No, I'm sleeping
M : Did you eat when you were inside
A : No. I never eat (technically correct right? Since it's thru umbilical cord)
M : What is inside?
A : Water. I am swimming
M : (huh?)
M : Can you hear daddy and mummy's voice?
A : I dunno..... (continues to play toys)
Try asking your child this question

Sound of Music
Watched this on Cinemax or was it HBO a few days back. What surprised me was she was singing abit here & there to 3 songs. She was happy when Edelweiss was sung and she started singing almost the whole song.
Then she started shouting "mummy, mummy... I remember this place. We went there to sit horse horse you remember?" "Where were we. Where is this place?" "Far far away, must take aeroplane."
Alot of people always comment that children can't remember a single thing when they're travelling. Yes, she's been to so many places that she can't even remember. But she vividly remembers where we went to when she was 2+.

My name is Chen Zhao
Athena has this very funny antic of writing her name. Just because she complains that her 'ling' is "very difficult to write. Dua-kim also dunno how to write my name" she decides not to write it. And so, she ended up with Chen Zhao. I asked her are you suppose to be writing this way throughout her life. Her answer is "Yes!"

Teacher's Day
Goash! I've been too busy that I forgot about Teacher's Day. This year (for obvious reasons - forgetfulness) I couldn't prepare the gifts personally for them, just bought gifts for her 2 teachers. And also I didn't order any cakes for the whole school as what I did in the previous years. Why? First, I really forgot. Second, there are a few old ladies who aren't teachers but helpers and I can't stand them! And every year they eat and eat, they are still so rude to me. I buay gum guan.

My week
On Sunday night, after hubby left the country, I started my 'illegal printing in the night' again on my Japanese songs. And I'm so happy to say, I've completed 3. I think I'm going crazy.... but it's really interesting & addictive to do them into songs, and now I feel like doing for French & German songs. Yes! I am crazy coz' I don't even understand the 2 languages. Through translation, I get to brush up on my Japanese too. Umm.......maybe I should work for Shichida since I enjoy making flashcards.

Then I decide to stop for the time being, coz' I needed to keep the printer.
And so I did.........I must admit I feel so odd. It's like printing cards has become my routine; my life; my air.
Suddenly my afternoons are left a little bit free. I spend slightly more time with Aricia; update my blog but can't finish (so it's left until now to post it) and I've borrowed a book for myself from the library. But ultimately this is what I hope to do. Probably I should set one week of each month to prepare flashcards. During that time, KZ will have to help me more with caring for Aricia. While the other 3 weeks I'll spend more time with her. Good idea??

Everyone have their own life
You know mom ever mentioned to me that since her mom (my maternal grandma) died, she felt that there's not much reason for her to go back to Muar. And then relations between her and her siblings aint that close anymore. Then she warned us, the 3 of us had to stick together no matter what! I can't say much about me sticking close to my sister - the mule(she calls me donkey) - coz' she did kick me down the stairs. I will take revenge!!! Haha!
We don't meet our cousins that often. Probably once a year when and if grandma celebrates her birthday. But now that she's left us, what other excuses do we have?
Then I thought of asking my cousins to come to my house for Xmas or New Year.. so at least we still stay close.
But isn't it a little late? Grandma not here.

Stupid helper / choy!
I cannot tolerate the helper in mom's place. Always want to kapo kapo here and there. I usually have the time to pop upstairs at mom's place after I drop Athena in school. Sometimes I'll be playing with Iggy when mom's feeding or bathing. Then she must come in to join in the fun. Very irritating! I sent her off away from us. Please lah! Give this gu-gu a chance to play with him alone mah!
Then yesterday, she irks me even more. I was changing Aricia's diapers when she happened to be there and helped me throw the diaper away. And then she started commenting "her poo always this colour?" I replied her since I thought it's just a casual remark. And guess what the CNN went to broadcast to my SIL after I went back home?? That Aricia's poo is the same colour as Iggy. And Aricia has got dot dot on her body like Iggy, Iggy spread to her and she's going to see the doctor.
What the #@!& ??? When did I say she's going to see the doctor for this? When did she see Aricia's body got dot dot? To clarify further, Iggy had mock measles. Choy! Cursing my girl!
Last night, my helper decided to follow me. So when their helper commented that again. KZ quickly snapped her off. "No, my baby Aricia don't have. These are insect bites. My Aricia okay..."
When helper told me that, I laughed and deep inside I'm glad she jumped into our defence and shut that girl up.

Never work and only know how to spread words. What the heck they hire her for? To come and talk rubbish?!

Mom has been complaining that she's too lazy and purposely take her time to do housework around the house. And of course when her 'mom' - my SIL - comes back she pretends to be still working around the house. She very sah-kah. I didn't get to see the sah-kah part but I can see she purposely gelak gelak around the house and doing so slowly. Sometimes I really do see her sweeping and mopping sister's room in the late afternoon, when I'm there to pick Athena up from school. So what was she doing during the time I'm not there??

And you know what? She's been looking into people's things. Looking at people's statements etc...
How can she do this? She's too much already. Honestly, this is a good way to send her off.
Mom is caught in between, she told her off a few times over housework. Tell her off nicely, she'll say mom scold her. Helper like don't bother - obviously in her eyes has no respect for mom. SIL never mention anything. So the helper macam like rule the world. And then I so worried if one day that crazy woman will take a chopper and kill Iggy and mom. Oh! I remember, the time she finally show respect to mom is to ask mom what to eat for lunch?
Speaking of which, mom says helper hates to cook so always find excuses and pretend to act busy.

When they did dine out. Asks her what she wants to eat... she always choose the most expensive ones! yao-gui,贪心. At home... she won't eat overnight food. What! In Indonesia they don't even have food, here she dare to choose!

Goash! If she's my helper, I would have screamed & scolded her. And have the MOM people coming to me to see if I'm abusing my helper. Thank God, KZ is a good help and most important (as I reiterate to her on the first day she is here, where I gave her a briefing and a time-table on what she has to do) is her good attitude. That's why sometimes I do dote on her as my little sister.

You know what I feel like doing? But I'm not her employer leh! Tell her off. I cannot stand people like her.

My thoughts as an employer
Alot of people say I am really lucky to have KZ, I think so too.... after seeing the 2 helpers they have. One - the Sadako (worshipping the water boiler), and the second is the current one. Alot of people warn about Indonesians helper coz' they like to 'geng' and how good Myanmar helpers are. Of course I always cite there's the good and bad in every nationalities' helpers, it really depends on your luck. But on the other hand, I think it also depends on how the employer handles the helper. I hold a tight rein over KZ in the initial part. Even now, when she does something wrong I tell her off. When she does something extra, I thank her. I reward her when I can.
So, is it due to bad luck that they get helpers like the 2 of them? I don't think so, it's how the employer handle them. You give them chance, if they don't improve - send them back. If it's their attitude, tell them off. Don't improve? Send them back! Why must I tolerate 2 years of nonsensical work from them??

Would you or would you not?
Was talking to Suzanna on Tuesday morning after we drop our two chor-loh princesses in school. She's off on Tuesdays so we usually have the time to chat, if not she's rushing off back home to start teaching piano and me to the gym ( I also work what?! I work out even harder)
Anyway, topic of the day was ligation. She had hers done after she delivered Jachelle. She did mention about her gynae hesistant to do it, until I remembered the age limit - 35. Can someone explain to me whether this is a normal age all gynaes set or what? I remember Helen's gynae also refused to so it for her until she reaches 35.
But.... I won't ligate. I think I'll rather choose other alternatives. I kindda don't understand how a person ligate still can have menses. I mean the fallopian tube is tied, how are the unfertilized eggs suppose to travel to the womb for the next menstrual cycle?? And then there's heavier menses I read?? Huh?

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Aricia the 小不点 ; 小辣椒

She has been making funny faces recently, she has been crying out for sympathy - eyes darting around to see if we're looking at her, then turns back and continue crying. Ai yoh.... I see her actions - so CUTE!
One of the funny face *glad I got one pic of it - vy difficult to capture it *

And you should see her facial expressions when you scold her or hit her hand (coz' she touches something dangerous) and then she'll wail out loud in pretence - no tears; looking for someone to rescue her.

She comes out with so many funny patterns almost daily that it's hard to keep track.

Two Fridays ago, she amused us by bending down sideways to touch the sofa. She continued doing it until I started counting 1, 2, 3 and she would diligently follow my instructions. Now she has stopped doing that.

She used to wave goodbye and say "bah bah", now she refuses to do that. Just do a fly kiss, and her fly kiss is like 'put her hand to her lips and that's it, she don't do anything after that.'

She has been kissing the floor everytime she crawls on the floor.. yeeks! I call it 'sambayang' - praying. Since she's a little older, she feels she has more strength - now that she's crawling through our coffee table, she pushes the things out as she crawls thru'. Probably she's looking for more challenging "adventure".
Whenever she drops or sees her toy (eg. ball) roll under the sofa or TV console, she'll arch her body down to look at it; crawl ; look at it and try to reach for it. If she knows she can't reach, she cries immediately. But if it's near, she'll try. Once she got stuck in between our side table and the glass panel and she started crying only after some time. Well, at least she's much better than Athena who keeps screaming " I cannot do it, I cannot........."

*Got loads of short videos on my mobile phone but can't seem to load in. So make do with the photos *
Little Miss Pointer >>
Getting excited over a show

Friday, August 24, 2007

In Memory

In memory of my paternal grandma who left us on 21st August 2007.

1908 - 2007
Our mood were different during the wakes, we were contemplating if we should wear colourful clothes to celebrate her new life with God but our discussion somehow stopped.

On Friday, we came in blacks & whites since no one mentioned anything after that. I decided to bring my two girls along ( turned out the only great grandchildren who were present ) to see her through her final journey. I know some elders will tell me off for exposing my young children in such inauspicious event especially so at this time of the month, but I guess this is not the time to be pan-tang especially so for my own family member.
Everything was okay, until the time we had to leave the house for Mandai Crematorium & Columbarium. Needless to say, all the talks about her starting a new life with God are craps - really crap, we just didn't want to leave her body; we couldn't cope emotionally. Everyone just burst into tears. The rests of the events after that will be kept in my memory.

The photo of her above is like what we call her trademark action "Hmm! I'm not telling you / I don't want." She is very child-like and funny......perhaps its her very happy and carefree nature. So like what Aunty and Father said, she had her eyes closed and she left with no worries at all.

I will miss her calling me "Ah Gor" instead of "Ah girl." I will miss our blackjack games (where I'll cheat.. and she'll 'chide me')

Thank you grandma.

Dec 2002 - carrying her first great-granddaughter, Athena

* A pity I did not have any of her carrying Aricia

PS : Thank you to friends who sent their condolences and paid their last respects to my grandma.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Grandma has been called home to the Lord this morning - 7.30am. (Feel like slapping myself for not making a quick visit on Sunday morning after hubby finished his consultation at TTSH. Too late for regrets) Grandma is 99 or 100 this year? Very old liao.........people say "it's okay.. old already." Quite true but yet again, there's a tinge of sadness when you have a loved one leaving you forever. Perhaps my siblings and myself wouldn't feel as sad as my cousins who were taken care of by her (though my father is the only son). But I shall remember how she'd come over to my house every CNY and we'd played Blackjack with Monopoly $$. How I'd struggle with my Teochew with her. The stories she told me of her wedding and how she kicked my grandfather out on the wedding night. Haha!

She has seen grandchildren getting married and having children of their own - great grandchildren. 5 to be exact. Fortunately, she was around when Iggy (the only great grandchild to carry on the surname Teo) celebrated his full month.
Meanwhile, I shall take a break and write when I'm free........ (sians... hubby just flew this morning. So suay! So gotta struggle with kids & the daily visits. Cremation this Friday.)

* Note : will put in photos at a later date *

Sunday, August 19, 2007

*tik tuk tik tak*

Tik tuk tik tak, tik tuk tik tak - that's how my Athena describes her heartbeat when she's scared.

And scared I was this morning. I didn't get to sleep much (only 3+ hrs on Friday night) so was hoping to get a good sleep the night on Saturday night. Somehow I know I'm tired but I can't sleep... and then my hubby kept tossing and turning in bed made me so wide awake even more.

Then at close to 4am, heard hubby sighing away. It took us half an hour to finally decide to see the doctor coz' it didn't seem normal. I don't even know the nearest 24hours clinic around Punggol so we decided to go slightly further to TTSH instead of CGH - quite well known to be not so good. (Heard so much and personally had this experience too)

I thought the A & E would be very crowded, perhaps not so on a Saturday / Sunday wee morning. I can't say about Sundays when people try their luck for *ahem* MC on the following Monday.
Hubby had to have his blood and X-Ray taken. And I was so worried coz' he kept clutching where his kidney is.

He was observed for 2 hours and he kept asking me to rest in the car. Yah! I rest in the car, I die of carbon monoxide might as well rest in the hospital premises. Stayed around and noticed the number of ambulances coming in with teens, policemen around. Must be teens having fights outside pubs etc... Goash! What are the kids up to these days?! In a few years too, I'll be holding a tight rein over my 2 teenage daughters.

Finally, at 6+ doctor gave the clearance, medication and off we go.

At 7+, we were so exhausted and went to bed. The 2 kids obviously didn't know what happened rather they didn't even know we left the house.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

KZ's birthday

Under the pretext of celebrating Aricia's monthly birthday, we managed to surprise KZ. We did the usual by dining outside. I bought the cake, Athena & KZ thought it was for Aricia. Then without KZ's knowledge I told them to sing the birthday song for KZ. KZ didn't suspect anything. I told her to carry Aricia and she was happily singing until we sang her name and she looked surprised. She was happy with her birthday present - a digital camera - and she started tearing.


The children playing with the wrapping paper.
Her actual birthday is 22nd, might want to give her a day off.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Mumblings Part 2

"Mummy.. I cannot........"
She always say this when she gotta practice her violin in the original speed. But she can do it what? In class, Ms Low makes it from slow to the original speed, and she has no problem.
Think she's deliberately taunting me.

In a world of her own
I do notice that Athena will at some point in her class (both violin & YJC) start to daydream. Then she gets hyperactive and Peggy will (most of the time) tell her "Athena, no!" coz' she'll be deliberately putting her finger on the piano when Peggy is playing. Sometimes I feel like going up to her in class and slap her fingers.

Noisy kids
After YJC, the kids will all get too noisy, especially Jachelle, Athena, Eliz and recently Faith who has finally opened up to the crazy 3 kids. They will yak and yak in the small lift, very noisy. Then laugh loudly.. the time in the lift from 3rd floor to B3 is ear torturing.
I commented my kids dunno why at night so hyper. I tried to calm the 2 of them down by playing soothing music only to have them dancing and Athena jumping about.Suzanna said I probably drank coffee while preggie. I told her I'm not a coffee drinker, but I forgot to metion to her that I'm a chocoholic.

Your teacher ; your mother?
Chatted with Suzanna yesterday (Wed) in the morning after dropping the kids.
Somehow she came to a part where she mentioned she mothers her students. I thought it is nice to have a teacher who's also a mother so can help to mother your child. Of course I'm not saying that I will push my responsibility as a mother away, but it'll be nice that you have someone to lecture your child when you're not there or when they're having lessons. Having said so, I kindda made the comment having an older teacher is better than those younger teacher. And she did mention that alot of young teachers can't handle boisterous students and went to see him (he's a doctor) which he had to later refer them to IMH.
Come to think of it, what's happening to our kids these days? Under the influence from TV?

Why why why?
I hate my self for not being a good artist. If i can draw, I can prepare her flashcards , esp those done from songs to make into the flashcards... I've got good ideas but it takes time to find the images on the web etc.. sians

Dead fish came back alive
On Wednesday night, Suzanna said I look so refreshed. Of course lah, after the exercise (altho' I think it's really not enough) and facial which scrubbed off my moh-peng face. The inner skin shows finally! Ha!
Goash! I think I really look like a dead fish all these while....can you believe it? The last time I went facial was last November?? And I kept thinking it was before this CNY?

My one day break
Decided that one day break from everything and dump Aricia at home on Wednesday. Dowan to think; dowan to think so much....
I feel so guilty and awkward to skip that session with her. It has come to a stage where it has become a routine liao and "I have to do it" rather than out of love I'm doing it. Isn't flashing then is no use??
Will I do this again? I'm sure some time in the future when I've reached that point when I'm over exhausted - yes I will.

What goes around comes around
It's really funny, this phrase doesn't just mean 'karma.' During the last weekend, in a noisy coffeeshop this was what happened.
Somehow next table's mummy commented to her son "you see that mei-mei can eat on her own...." (pointing to Athena). After some time, I commented to Athena "you see that di-di finish his meal already... quickly finish your meal". Probably it went around or not, I dunno.... but after that I overheard one father telling his even much younger son, "you see that mei-mei just sit to eat and eat." And who was taking all the credit?? My little Aricia who's the youngest there around our table.

I don't want! I don't want!
Aricia, like her che-che like to taunt me leh... On Wednesday we decided to let her sleep between us. And prior to that, she kept playing and taking her pacifier to hit me. Ouch! And she never did that to hubby.
When she knew I was playing along with her, she kept offering her pacifier to me. I cover my eyes, she puts it back in her mouth. I open up my hands to reveal my eyes, she takes it from her mouth to give it to me. Yeeks! So smelly!

Day out - Thursday
Brought Aricia out with me as I ran my errands. But so unlucky that she had to poop in the car and dirtied her romper. In the toilet (no changing table), I had to wash her clean and decided to wash that dirty part of the romper, otherwise how to carry her. Even more suay, as I struggled to wash with that ever clingy girl, I dropped the whole romper in the basin which had water running. Argh!
Can't dry in time... carry clingy kid to the hand dryer to dry her clothes.
People walk in and out, until one very very nice lady asked if I needed help to buy clothes after I told her I will need to go over to buy a new set of clothes for her. Coz' we were in TP Entertainment Centre, there were not even a shop to sell towel to wrap her up and dash to somewhere.. She kept offering to help me, and guess what she offered me later "or perhaps you take my jacket to cover her first; otherwise she catch a cold. You can return me later, I'm dining in Swensens."
I thought it's so nice to finally have someone who's so helpful and nice. Apparently I think those people who were walking in and out were not humans. Eeeks! Somemore what month now??
In the end, I decline her kind offer and dried the romper as much as I can & went to a nearby shop (which she found out for me where) to get her a set of clothes.
Umm.... teach me a lesson. I used to bring extra sets of clothes with Athena, 5 years later I totally forgot all this.

Number 3?
This thought came about when I bumped into Alyse last Friday(who's now 5mths preggie). I asked to touch her baby Jayden, and then she commented "quick quick touch then have Number 3." I freaked out!
And coincidently I was reading Moo Han's and Mel's blog they were commenting about No.3.
They had all good things going for them, I'm over exhausted with Aricia. Too active liao!
No way! No number 3!

To watch or not to watch?

A mom in the forum, whom I've been emailing to said that after hearing from Jocelyn, the Shichida principal, that watching TV will lower IQ, she has stopped letting her daughter watch DVDs. She asked me for my views.

To sum up my views, I am neutral. Athena grew up with no Shichida, she grew up with Sesame Street everyday until she started school and one educational DVD per day, she had her contact with mummy not just the tube. And whenever I play the videos or watch Sesame Street, I'm always sitting next to her telling things (providing stereo effect for her with my irritating voice)And she's okay.
I will continue the same with Aricia, and she'll have the added advantage now that I'm learning more about the right brain thingy.
(When I mention about me letting my children watch educational video, I won't 100% rely on it. But it beats letting my child watch soap dramas right?)

In my view, watching a little won't kill or cause autism like some researchers will say. Infact, anyone will agree with me different researchers will have different point of view and whatever the rests of their research is done, will be based on that foundation beliefs. So... in other words, if your mindset now is "No! cannot watch TV" and here I am writing that I'm a neutral person, you'll be critising me "ai yoh..that Lily ah...harming her children..."
I will let them watch a little so that I can recharge awhile. The children will also have more variety of entertainment what?! Don't tell me you're going to spend every second doing things with your child alone meh? Be more realistic, we need the rest also what! My children are not addicted to TV, like one of my girlfriend's daughter is.
I do spend time with my children in their playtime. And if I'm the type of mother who thinks that "I'll dump my child infront of the TV while I do housework", then I wouldn't have said that taking care of a child is more tiring than working when I had one child. I was on 'action' all the time! If I decided to dump Aricia infront of the TV, I wouldn't have hired KZ!

Some interesting links here :
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What other alternatives out there :
Prime time fun

It goes the same for the discussion of not preparing things on powerpoint. I have no hard rules on this at all, of course my best answer will be "to follow what your child wants". I'm lucky both my children wants everything : flashcards, videos and powerpoint. So I'll capture them in different ways, so that they'll not bore. Like I did mention to Mel, preparing powerpoint also take time & love from the mummy.

Different researchers say different things, different people say good about their products and criticise others. But as I've put it to Mel "we the consumers get the best of both worlds."

So what's your view on this?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


My Day - Monday (13th)

I swear to God my heart has been palpitating for past 2 days. I dunno, it could be over-exhaustion (too many things to do; too little time) or it could be dragon-me spouting balls of fire at Athena. She's been making me fume up so easily
which I'll come to that topic later.
Today, I went go gym and only spent like less than an hour there. And it wasn't a really good workout for me. Why? I'm feeling very edgy; heart palpitating (was so worried if I'll collapse in gym).
To sum it up:- it just wasn't me.
Decided to leave gym and since I didn't bring my clothes I couldn't shower. Well... in the first place I didn't even perspire at all! Headed for retail therapy instead.
Dunno if it's psychological effect or what. The moment I drove towards Taka, I felt so uplifted. So... me! When I said retail therapy... still it wasn't for me. I went to Better Toy Shop and Kinokuniya to pick out things for the kids. Saw something which may be of use to Aricia, but perhaps she's still young for it. I'll wait.

In Kinokuniya, I knew what I was looking for. I was happy when I came across these books by Slangman . He uses fairytale to teach children foreign language. Not many words taught but I thought it's a good start. And the illustration is so cute! I was flipping through the Cinderella in German in Coffee Club and bursts out laughing when I saw the "eyes popping out between the Prince and Cinderella at the ball" - there's a great sense of humour. But the words just kept ringing in my brain after one time of playing. But this doesn't come cheap - close to $30 for one book.
Although it was a short 1hour+ trip of retail therapy, I definitely felt much better. Tomorrow, I shall 'eat snake' & skip Aricia's session and pamper myself. I need to gym, run errands as well as go for my long overdue facial. One day won't kill right? Moreover this mummy needs a recharge. Let's see if I have time to do retail therapy for myself.

* Cough out fire / blood *
I dunno what's wrong with me. Master Tan ever did point out that after this pregnancy I'll go through depression. And I'm glouting about "nah! it'll never happen to me coz' I think positively." But wait! Is it really Athena who made me so angry & flare up easily or am I going thru depression - thus targetting at my girl? Whatever it is, I'm a bad mummy.

That girl.... sometimes want to say she's sensible; but sometimes she's really irritating. Tell her don't do it, she'll still be doing it. Then she also deliberately do things to make us angry. I mean.......if I want to say I'm going thru depression, surely my hubby's not going through post-paternal depression right? I close one eye and ignore her.......still feel very pek-chek.

Jasmine says I'm very patient. I think she was only being diplomatic although she made that sentence when I only had one child. I'm always very impatient and Athena's wishy washy attitude and the way she whines makes my irks more. Even KZ says sometimes she cannot tahan the way she yang-or..

Mom always accuse us of feeding our children cold food. Wah piang eh......although I'm a crazy and mad mother, I'm not that crazy to feed my children cold food right? Then she kept saying "I always keep my food warm and if it's cold.. I bring it back to cook over the fire again." If you've got an impatient child who wants to eat "NOW NOW" you think they'd wait for you to heat up the food?? And in the first's my children who take a looong loooong time to eat. No excuses for Aricia who's still young but Athena?!? And thing is, she eats fast in school. She doesn't create much trouble at mom's place - always at her best behaviour. So it's me that she wants to taunt.

She responds in a funny way after every stack of flashcards. She'll make a "mah" sound. She laughs when I show her the music flashcards and sing the solfege for her. (I have a feeling she's going to enjoy music more than her sister, and will be very very keen to learn the piano) she's suddenly shown a lost of interest for some stack of cards. Heng stacks of cards on standby. That's why it's good to prepare more way ahead.

She has been copying too much of our actions lately.

She picks up the phone and puts it to her ear. Sometimes the wrong way around until we tell her. And yesterday, she was eating and dirtying the coffee table when she suddenly lifted up her dress to clean the table. She mimicked KZ cleaning the table with a cloth. Funny!

I mentioned that she's been so rude pointing her little finger everywhere. So yesterday she was like complaining to me... hey! she seems to understand our conversation leh! KZ was asking me earlier in the day if I had removed her packet drink which she left the day before on the console. Just then Aricia pointed out to me where KZ had left it, which did surprise us coz' KZ hasn't even shown me where she left the drink. Then she turned to look at me and pouted her lips. I asked her if Aunty Zet let her drink, she pointed to the place again then moved her mouth and pouted her lips.
Today while waiting for che-che to get ready for school, I was holding a ball. Aricia (again) pointed with her little index finger and then mouthed "bbrfrffall. bbaall"

She has nasty temper, and it says so coz' she has curly locks. Carry her away or stop her from doing something, she'll start kicking her legs in the air; arch herself backwards. As it is, I thought the way she kicks her legs, she makes a good Irish dancer. Yesterday she proved to me that she can do German Folk Dance as well.

PS. This is not the song that gets her excited. I'll make sure to get my video camera ready next time.

I had trouble understanding Athena (wrong frequency) about 2+ years back coz' she speaks funny- like short tongue like that. Watch this video :


Me : Athena, what day is it today?

Athena : 2 (actions 2)

Athena : 2 years old

Me : *slap own head*



Me : Sing the opening song

Athena : open song

Me : *bang own head against wall*

Apparently 2+ years later, I'm suppose to understand her right? But no, I didn't understand what she was yakking about yesterday.
I was giving her her violin lesson and reminding her about Variation C when she stopped and said "mummy, it's like M hor? Long short short." Didn't want to sound discouraging so agreed with her, only to have her yak "and it's also like letter W hor??"
Then she touched her A string while playing E string, I nagged at her. Her remark was "yah, mummy. like that like every morning you bring me to school traffic jam hor??" I don't understand what has the A & E string gotta do with the traffic jam.

Somehow this morning, I thought about it. I think she's was trying to use the analogy of touching the strings and kissing the front car's backside (as I always joke with her about the heavy traffic)

That reminds me, Jenny used to tell me Eliz's instructor taught them "Dirty dirty scrub scrub" for Variation A. I can't remember the rests now. But I found this

Mississippi Stop Stop(Variation A)
Dr. Suzuki (Variation B)
Hamburger Hamburger(variation C)
Mississippi Mississippi (variation D)
The Theme

I think I can change it :

Variation A - Athena Ting sit down

Variation B - will you keep quiet / will you eat faster?

Variation C - play violin, play violin

Variation D - naughty girl girl, naughty girl girl


She finally came back after being absent since May. The children- Yui, Balraj and Athena felt strange to have her around. They stood close and laugh at each other in class; MeiYi was left out.

Actually I'm already confused. When I bump into MeiYi's mummy, she told me she changed to a later class coz her hubby can't come in time , then she kept telling me "our class was at 6.45pm right? Huh? Anyway, not surprised that she's confused herself since it was a really long absence. She asked to transfer back to our class but Ms Low said she can't do it coz' she can't catch up & she has to join the later class which was formed recently. True enough, she stood there blur blur didn't hold her violin properly, wrong rest position, never press string. When the children were all playing the 3 variations, she couldn't even play her Variation A. Ms Low did comment to me once when we were chatting before the rests came that for people like her she needs individual lessons. Not that she was gossipping about her, but mainly the topic came about coz' I checked with her if we have group lessons for long.

Ms Low did ask her if she wanted to stay on the next class. She was being truthful to her....but I think her mummy didn't look happy and walked out. Anyway, the mummies kindda felt uncomfortable with her around and just smiled at her.


All geared up to go gym, but I needed to use brother's computer first. I'm so fed up with Starhub's slow server. Anyway, I also wanted to avoid the crazy ERP charges. Was chatting until... I gave up and ran around Street 21 instead. Buay tahan, the heat is killing me. I perspired partly from exercising and partly from the heat. Wanted to do some banking but it was close to noon, so shall do banking tomorrow. Now, I shall quickly update my blog and post it out and then go for facial.

I'm skipping Aricia's session today and I feel really weird..............really weird. I feel like I owe her something like that.

Another video of Athena found! Found another video of Athena speaking in her gibberish way. See the way she mimicks "short" - so cute! She's so ticklish, laughing at little things.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Four(s) of my LIFE...

I'm tagged for the first time. Must I really do this? Ok..... here it goes.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1) Bank Teller

2) Flight Stewardess

3) Corporate Communications Officer

4) Director of Home Affairs (SAHM)

(oh goash! my sis is going to kill me..... I forgot I was a Sales Co-ordinator in her company before I joined Tat Lee Bank. That's going to be 5!)

Four places I have lived:

1) Telok Kurau / Upper East Coast

2) Tampines

3) Jurong (with in-laws)

4) Punggol

Four countries I have been on vacation:

1) Australia

2) Czech Republic

3) USA

4) Europe

Four of my favourite food:

1) chocolates & cakes(does that count??)

2) fishballs

3) Katsu-don / Katsu-curry

4) otak otak

Four places I would rather be right now:

1) Any big shopping mall all by myself & hubby's credit cards.

2) Spa followed by a relaxing "read & drink @ CoffeeBean" all by myself

3) Watch musical with hubby

4) meeting up friends without the kids
(read : I really need time away from the kids)

Four victims I'm going to tag:(yee....yee....*evil laughter*)

1) Yvonne (

2) Jamie(

3) Shannnon mummy (

4) Ros (

Thursday, August 9, 2007


Goash! This is the first time, I've had my laptop on but I've never even gone into my blog page. I'm more of less done with what I had to do, I'll do the rests slowly. I'm very tired; looking much like a panda Smilies. Working late till 3 to 4am, sometimes my mind just shuts off like that even when I'm staring into the screen, I felt like a zombie. Then I'd rather plonk to energy to suck blood Smilies

So, how did I manage to do so much within the week?? I was printing and printing in my room. Literally waking up at 7am as usual, started working all the way till 3+am. I didn't have to worry waking up hubby. Of course in between during the day I had to shower the two girls, give lessons. Would have been better if Athena is not here, I don't care about her for the whole week and Aricia is 100% under the care of KZ except for the flashcards sessions.

You might have remembered I mentioned that Athena didn't attend school for the first 3 days of the week (last week). Actually this is the good time to give Athena her assesment books and more music revision. But no, it was the opposite instead. I gave her all the freedom, lucky her! But she ended up with nothing to do, except to cycle around the house in her bicycle; playing a little of her games; napping (ai yah! the best way to take care of a child is to make her/him sleep. Now i know why babysitters say it's easy to take care of 2 or more children at one go. You think they can be bothered to play with your child?? ) and the most irritating part?? she kept chanting this "Superman, spiderman, Ali Baba, Chicken man." And I really wonder what's that chicken man about??

I tell you she went berserk, no law, no screaming from me. She was behaving like a sum-seng gia. Better if she did something useful in replacement of her missed lessons in school but I have no choice. I had to finish what I needed to do by the week.

I am really thankful for helper's help in taking care of Aricia.

I am a hypocrite, I'm supposed to love my child and spend time with them but in the end I'm ignoring them.

The 2 weeks in a glance :

She rested at home. Nose drippy, had medication so self-medicate first

Tuesday - 31st Aug
Thought she'd be well to attend school. So was ready to gym today, all geared up until I hear her sniff like crazy. Zipped to the doctor's.
Really strange? Athena has been coughing for quite awhile already but no medication seems to stop her cough. Was it the phlegm that causes her nose to drip drop? Doctor said no. And her lungs are clear - that's what many doctors say. So what's the problem?

Athena has her violin lesson, too bad I can't miss it coz' it's rather hard to catch up if you miss one lesson. And her runny nose didn't look so bad. Anyway, if she has been playing around actively the whole day, she's definitely alright.

After her lesson, the children all ran down to the playground to play. She looks so cute when she was running towards the playground with the violin on her back with the other children. When she threw down her bag on the floor and ran to the playarea, I almost bite my tongue. Couldn't scream coz' I was with Raj and Hiroe.

Had our dinner in the food court after that. She kept asking to go Sakae, I avoided walking that area coz' she's still barred from going there.
At the food court, there was a 3yr old girl with her mummy. And she's really cute... she talks alot; speaks very maturely and asks alot of "whys". I'm glad Athena didn't bombard me with all the 'whys' in the world, I wouldn't have any idea how to answer her.
That girl was so talkative, and when Athena sat in a very ugly manner I heard her asking her mom "mummy, why did that che-che open coffee-shop??" Felt rather embarrassed and asked Athena to sit properly.
Chatted with the mom and then realised that she doesn't have any young friends, she mainly mixes with her grandparents and aunties - which I explain that she is probably mature in the way she speaks. So she didn't need Shichida to make her smart. And her mummy speaks rather well too, suspect she might be an overseas graduate. I wish Athena have half of that girl's sensibility!

She asked to buy a balloon. And I obliged, got her this : -

It was a good choice coz' I thought this is the nicest Hello Kitty balloon of all.

Oh no! Aricia got a little of drippy droppy from her little nosey. Like one crazy mother, brought her to see the doctor again. Wah... two kids in two different days to the same doctor.
Aricia put on weight. Yippee! 6.28kg - happy or not? Dunno if she'll triple her birth weight at 12 months. Meanwhile doctor says "oh my... she's so agile. Move really fast"

Can't get mom to help care for Athena while I attend the PTM coz' didn't want to risk mom getting the germies. And then I decided I shall miss the YJC's PTM. Sms-ed Jenny & Suzanna about it.
Just as I'm still worried about the 2's sniffy snuffles, Suzanna sms-ed me back with a message to pray for the hostages in Afghanistan. They'd kill them at 3 - 3.30pm if not met with their demand. Then I thought about how those hostages parents would feel. What I'm worried about for my children can't be compared to the anxiety they're going through right now.

She looks alright hor? So alright to the extent that she's learnt how to tie a ponytail (quite messy - but oh well at least she tried) and put clips on her sides; looking like an alien.

Good thing I didn't go PTM, heard nothing much. And I also took the opportunity to do as much as I can. Meanwhile my blank flashcards are running low. I think I should place order again, this time I shall order $200 worth so that I can get the delivery to my house. (I drove down to collect those heavy stacks of papers - to an ulu place. And no way am I going back to Pioneer Road that area!)

She's fit to attend school, so sent her off gleefully (her ranting about the superman, spiderman was really driving me crazy) *phew! wipe perspiration off my forehead *

Jefferson, my ex Personal Trainer sent me a sms informing me that he had got into SIA and will start training end of this month. He did seem interested to join SIA but was hesistant, until I told him to never give up trying. Must have the 'never say die' attitude mah...
Then gave me (hopefully) a sound advice - go in with a good attitude, everything will be smooth sailing for you.
I did, and even the nasty or Top10 IFS didn't scare me at all.

Afternoon, was playing with Aricia when I noticed the top right tooth has finally grown. Hip hip hooray. So now, she has 4 small ones.

Athena : Had to let her stay overnight at mom's coz' I needed to attend the Home Practice Session. Turned out too, it was a wasted trip. It was mainly Q & A, and mainly asked by the same people. One Indian lady kept asking questions - very irritating.
Then to make it worse, another Indian lady kept asking "am I doing correct?" I dunno what the heck she was there for. She had to brag about her kid "my son is 2yrs old, I put a map of the world in my room , he can tell me all the capital cities around. Am I doing correct?" I know every parent in Singapore is really anxious about their children. She's doing like how any kan-cheong mummy is doing, but she needed have to brag it all out everytime she picks up the microphone to ask a question. Obviously whatever she is doing is not Shichida method, but hey! it's not wrong. But since you're in a Shichida school, ask Shichida questions.
No offence intended but we all know that Indians are very vocal people, but please give others a chance!
Another lady, sounded like from HK, also kept asking question on how to prepare flashcards. And kept telling us that she can't print etc... ay.... if she wants to complain or find out more, talk to them later lah!
They kept talking about 'preparing your own flashcards coz' your child will feel the love' blah blah. In my mind, I'm thinking that is if we don't over exhaust and die, how the heck will a child feel our love then? I guess there's always the boundary in that statement.
They also mentioned never to prepare anything in powerpoint coz' child can't feel it coz' technically it's between child & computer. So I brought it out when mentioned about "you mention no long break for the 65 days Math program and no powerpoint. So how when you have a trip?" Only to get them to bloody like putting me infront of a wall to execute me. The guy was telling me, "bring the cards along lah, you're finding excuses." Bloody hell! If I want to find excuses, I won't even take the time to scan every bloody damn cards into JPEG. When I explained it's bulky he still said I'm making excuses.
Point is, I did try once to bring for a short trip and got scolding from hubby. Take up suitcase space. And mind you, it was those long GD cards.
So, I'm going for a 10 day trip I need a separate suitcase?! I've got both GD & Shichida cards leh! Siao! And then .... I knew why. Because Shichida's flashcards are small, even their Math Dots cards are small. No wonder he thinks I'm making the excuses. But still, I didn't like the way he spoke.
Well, I'm going ahead with my powerpoint preparation for 10 days in a CD. As for flashcards, I'm going to stop the GD and bring the smaller Shichida ones. Unless I prepare some words inside CD lor... I cannot only follow one way to walk right?

During the HPS, one lady brought out a statement "so does it mean those who are left-handed are smart coz' they're using their right brain?"
Ahem ahem.... I was sitting diagonally infront of her and was hoping she'll notice that I'm holding my pen in my left hand. But then hor.... does it mean I'm not logical? I'm not rational? I'm not analytical? In other words, it also explains how crazy & irrational I am when I get angry with Athena. So the one with no logic and not rational, please sit down and keep quiet. And so I did.

Came back home, only to find Aricia still refusing to sleep. It always seems like my children must wait for me to come home before they sleep.
Aricia started to play with che-che's balloon. She was so happy. I wonder why children likes balloons so much??

So much easier to bring Aricia for class without the older girl tagging along.
Dunno what happened to all the kiddos today, everyone was fretty and making alot of noise in class. Sensei also laughed and asked "what happened to them today?" Someone started being noisy and spread the germies, who was it? Was it Javier or was it Aricia? Haha!
To make it worse, one of the sensorial play was to let the children smell the following snacks : cheese twisties; want want biscuit; caramel candy; sourplum; M&Ms; peanut biscuit. And then guide the child to pick out the laminated pictures of what they just smelled. We had kids sticking out their tongues while mommies screaming " cannot eat, smell XX(baby's name) smell not eat!" The kiddos can't get what they want so they were even more cranky. They only quietened down when we had to pass it down to make a switch. Then it starts again coz' they realise that they still can't eat anything. 6 times! 6 times of crankiness! 6 times of hands reaching out! 6 times of tongues sticking out! 6 times of "no, no,no" from mommies. Very funny scenerio in the class.

After her class, I dropped by Expo to check out the Popular Sale. You know the feeling... aimless gets you nowhere. I had no idea what I needed to get for the children so left the place. Plus I get a baby who's wants to bao4 bao4, and go on poking / touching strangers. Ai yoh!

Went over to mom's place after that, brought all the (bloody heavy) flashcards; CDs etc.. and gave Aricia her lesson there.
Okay, since I have everything there, I tried it on Iggy. He was looking, and then he didn't. Umm... guess I can't expect much coz' it's the first time for him. He needs more of it but I can't do it for them, unless I happen to be there on Fridays with the things. Then again, he'd have too long break in between and the cards are according to Aricia's progress not his.

Picked hubby up from the aiport. Dang! Seems like he came back not long ago right? And then next week he'll be off again. I call it his 'roster' since he seems to travel excessively of late.

At the airport

Athena saw the aeroplanes and then started singing "we're Singapore Airlines, Singapore Airlines....." so cute! Then she rattled off in excitement, "mummy I take aeroplanes alot of times already hor? Mei-mei haven't yet poor thing. Mummy tomorrow I take aeroplane again?"

As the time drags on,"mummy, why papa take aeroplane so long one......he come out already?"

Brought her for her art lesson, no more Speech & Drama so it's a relief for me. She came back with a drawing that nobody can 'see'. I think I shall make one small section of her wall to put up her painting - one at a time - for that week. Perhaps it'll make her feel so proud.... but then again still not much improvement from her.
Hubby decided to bring the kiddos out since he hasn't been spending much time with them. We headed for Suntec, had our dinner at Surf & Turf. Aricia is far too active.. she can't stay still. She was on our table (before the food came of course), the 3 of us always had to take turns to carry her out when the other 2 are having their meals.

Aricia on the dining table. Kissing the menu; kissing the table. She keeps climbing on the table. Very unsightly, carried her off and she throws tantrum.
Ai...let her be. If my dinner is not here, I'll eat her up!

She looks like she is eating the burger (bread) but she was biting and spitting it out.Told you she acts like a puppy

Why do kids like to do the 'peace' sign?? But they look adorable when they do that, we look lao-siao when we do that.

Lazed around the house. Coz' hubby around I had to stop my illegal business of printing cards for the time being. It's okay.....I still have next week and the following 2 weeks. Haha!
Sometimes it's good that he's out of the house, but then I do miss him. *hug hug*

Hubby flew off, this time to Shanghai. I miss my cui4 pi2 dou4 fu4.
Brought Athena to see Dr Lee before sending her to school. She's coughing way too long. All the other doctors' medication didn't seem to help her, so I shall see what Dr Lee has to say.
Said she's wheezing a little. Huh? A week ago she wasn't wheezing but hubby did say she sounded like wheezing on Saturday - he knows coz' he had asthma. I can't tell and thought it was her snoring with the pi-sai in her nose.
She had to be put on the neubalizer. Then asked me to go over to the Diagnostic clinic in the next block to do a chest X-ray.
Although I tell you my girl is naughty; how many times I've threatened to give her to ah-pu-ne-ne or sell/give her away. When she had to stand there with her hands by her side, she looked fearful and I felt guilty for saying those words to her.
Confirmed she has early stage of pneumonia. Huh? How the heck she get pneumonia? This would be her 2nd time having this in her 4+ yrs
1st time she had it when we got back from our Europe trip in Jan05. It was winter and she was a naughty girl refusing to wear her jacket and crying out alot when we went by force to dress her warmly. So....cold air blah blah.... ended up pneumonia
Okay, so the point is, I tried not to bring her Dr Lee coz' she often gives antibiotics. In the end, I still had to go back to her. So does it mean that no other medications will work for her next time? Coz' she's born like that? Or the over dosage before had made her reliant on it?

The trip to the doctors took us 2 hours plus. She would have missed her spelling test. And then thinking that she's still fit to attend school, Dr Lee had to drop the bomb "no! She's to rest at home for 3 days."

3 days???? 3 days???? I'm going CrAzY!!!
Champagne pleaz...I need to pop one coz' it's PAaaarty time!
Dr Lee thought my reaction was an exaggeration. Ha!

No more gym again (3 wks liao) & I feel so much fatter now. *Sigh* Must work hard next week. Sit in steam bath for an hour after workout.

Anyway, dropped by her school to check on what homework they have for the week or what the teacher is teaching so that I can give a little lessons at home. Ms Clanna is on leave so I can only get the book to bring home from Qiu lao-shi. And I asked about her ting1 xie2, gonna test her at home.

So tiring.. maybe I'll fall sick next??
Oh.. she dropped the crazed talk about Spiderman, Superman etc.... This week, she keeps singing a song and then start making the irritating cock doodling sound. Argh!

Aricia having fun with bubbles during bathtime. At first she kept opening her mouth - PACMAN. Then she started to reach out and eat it. Gasp!

Brought Athena out at about 2+pm, I needed the break. Borrowed books for the 2 of them and then I bought games for Athena.

I thought I had promised "never to buy you anymore toys! coz' you never listen to mummy......" I thought I had swore to myself that I'm not going to buy that ungrateful girl toys since she bloody don't listen to me.
Bought her toys (again).

Suppose to try to stimulate her right brain since now at her age, she's slowly using her left brain. But I realised as I talked about "buying toys that uses IQ etc.... I'm polishing up her left brain.

Today I saw these two very interesting games said to be for 7+. I gasped but sales assistant said "nowadays, you'll be surprised a 3 yrs old child can do it.

Athena could do it, all I had to do was to explain the idea of the game and she understoood it.

A customer say "nowadays the children very lucky. They have better toys not like last time." Yes, in my mind I thought we will be real lucky if our parents bought us "masak masak" - cooking, doctor's kit etc.. which costs very cheap.

So, are these necessary? I dunno... since in Aricia's class they do pretend play - which I tell you I don' have the bloody time to print a picture of a tomato or knife or whatever and pretend to cook tomato soup (as what we did during the last lesson). Won't it be much better if we had bought those. So what's the use of spending more to buy IQ, logical thinking toys?

KZ saw the games and said it's very interesting, she knows that I select their games. I then told her "it's stated here. For 7+ yrs old."
She sounded very confident. "can I can do it. I'm already 26 yrs old..."
Next minute I observe her, she was frowning and staring at the board. I suan her by saying "26 yrs old hor??"
Yesterday and today is Yamaha term break, so no lessons.

Did a little printing, coz the bulk is done. Then most of the day spend on the 2 kiddos. Non-stop siah!
And I don't understand why when one play the toy; another must come to play. The house was noisy with 2 screaming kids.
Aricia screamed even louder and then pretended to look frightened and crawled to me (asking for sympathy) then when che-che whined more; she turned back and make noise at che-che. Twice, she even turn to biting her sister after she makes noise at her.
DOG BITES. WOOF!WOOF! - who else but Aricia lah!

Haha! Actually Athena quite poor thing....

Oh yah! I keep forgetting about this. This small little picture of Baby Joshua and Aricia in the crawling contest appeared in this month's YP magazine. I told mom Aricia don't look photogenic at all, she looks better real-life.
Baby Joshua's so cute in this picture.
I didn't realise this until the next day when I was reading the magazine that my ex LSS was interviewed.

My entertainer - Aricia

Our little girl is always entertaining us in her funny ways. She'll keep smiling and laughing at everything and that will cheer us up.

So what has my little girl been up to of late, I haven't been writing much about her. Infact, I have some photos which I haven't posted.

She's been :
1) deliberately spitting saliva. She'll close her mouth and make movements and out comes her saliva. Disgusting!

2) refusing to come out from her bathtub during bathtub

3) throws tantrum by arching her back backwards. Sometimes, I fed up and just put her on the floor to let her throw her xiao-jie-pi-qi further. She either a)pushes herself backwards while on tummy on the floor and making noise at the same time or b) comes up to you

4) she bites. She don't get her way she uses this tactic.

5) squinting her eyes and smiling

6) throwing things out from everywhere.

7) she knows how to come to you; hug you and tap you on the back (as if trying to sayang you)

8) she enjoys music. She'll laugh at this DVD I play for her coz' it teaches pitch. Umm... no wonder she's always been trying to get involved in Athena's music lessons at home.

9) she loves velcros. Ask her to stick the papers, she'll tear it off and scratch the velcro. It happens for both her Shichida class as well as our home practice. Sigh......No wonder, she did so well for the last lesson. Practically taking off things.

10) when she's fully engrossed in something, she'll look intensely at the thing and stick her tongue between her lips while playing. Unsightly for our future Miss Singapore but rather cute. But.... it's a bad habit

11) Little Miss Pointer. Why? She goes around pointing with her index fingers at things; people.

Her photos :

27th July - @ Macs

2 August

Oh well, that's my girl. That's my A.R.I.C.I.A