Monday, June 24, 2019

Medieval Nuremberg

Our holiday may be 6 months ago but my heart is still in Nuremberg. I’m missing this place so much. There were many places left undiscovered that were planned in my itinerary but due to the fact that I had 2 people who were not commutable (one limping away since the start of the holiday, the other is lil’ grandma lil’ one) makes it difficult. 

There's just something about Nuremberg that makes me want to go back again. Is it the medieval feel? But I've been to few "medieval" places before, so what makes me want to go back again? Or is it because it's a totally new place for me so I feel my sightseeing is not complete. The other places where I planned for our holiday is mainly for them as I've been to the places at least twice. Munich is my 4th time, Dachau Concentration Camp my 4th time too, Salzburg my 2nd time. 

Ok, I really need to get my butt going and plan for a solo trip.