Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Driving me crazy

This internet thing is driving me crazy.

The downloading is killing me and the page don't load fully here in blogger. I have problems uploading pictures, must do it at my mom's place.

Starhub says it's not their fault since I'm able to load pretty fast without the router. Now I've written to Linksys for their technical support, and I hope I don't get thrown about from one person to the next.

I need to get this done fast. It's killing me. The speed............... wait until I can doze off leh!

What does CNY means to us?

I haven't had the time to write my blogs mainly I find that CNY every year is the same. We don't do any visiting except our parents' place.
CNY mainly is a time for us to rest & sleep. Probably when we were little, we would enjoy it cause we're out collecting red packets and eating all the goodies. It's not a matter of us giving $$ away but we don't do much visiting. Firstly, my mom's siblings are mostly in Muar, Malaysia. (oh yes! parents and bro, SIL left yesterday and be back tonight. They asked if we wanted to go but hubby needs hotel - cannot stay in people's house kind. And like what hotel are you talking about in Muar? So we decided not to go, also travelling with a kid in the car is not so easy.)Then for my hubby's side his siblings go over to the parents' place so basically that's it!
Infact last time when I was not married, I was able to have my friends go to my mom's place (was staying there) every year. We had the same clique of friends coming over. But when I got married, I just don't have the time to organise a gathering. As I was still flying at that time, I should be thankful if I get to be in S'pore to spend time with hubby..
Anyway, it's rest as much as we can during the CNY.
Tomorrow hubby took leave as well. So.. may leave us some time alone when girl is in school. Oh yes! Gotta go down to HDB to get Feb's parking disc - I dunno where I left it..

Saturday, January 28, 2006

My girl made a funny comment

Earlier on in the evening, I decided to try out my top which I bought from GoJane a couple of months back. My girl came by the toilet and said :
" Wowww........mummy so pretty. Come! Show daddy.."
" Mummy like a princess. Come here princess, come here princess."
When I decided to play hide & seek with her, I could hear her say "where is princess? where is princess. Princess, where are you?"

So funny! LOL

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

My nice neighbour, Mrs Doris Bay

Mrs Bay came by earlier to give us these kueh kueh she made. It's with sesame outside and peanuts fillings inside. She told me it's called something - (gim toi) in cantonese. Anyway it's even tastier than what I get in tim sum.

Mrs Bay is such a nice and generous lady, she was second to move in in our floor, I remember passing by her house when I was preggie and my place was under renovation. We'd usually stop by for conversation. Then once we moved in, she saw the growth of my little girl. My little girl also quite a kapo girl, would stop if the door is open and shout "Po Po........." I only invited her (as in neighbour) for my girl's 1st birthday party. And I did save the vegetables for her and some rice but she didn't eat at all. However her gift was generous.

Honestly I was a little sad at one point when she told me that she'll be migrating over to China. I just thought that one nice lady not here anymore and the other neighbour don't talk to us, we can die in the house and nobody knows. Aunty Peggy's house (just next to mine) is always vacant coz' she's in Perth. Well, I'm in contact with her daughter, Angela - Miss Singapore World 1994 or 1995.

Went a little of track. Back to Mrs Bay - she has given us alot of tasty things that she makes : buns, marinated fruits and I can't remember what else. I'm just so pai-seh to keep taking things from her without giving her anything. Well it can be quite difficult because she's vegetarian. Yes! Earlier on I was at NTUC and thought I'd buy her mushrooms for all the things that she's given us. (who's to know that once we got back from makan, she gave me the kueh) She'll eat mushrooms right?? But because it's those cheap cheap from China kind so I decided to buy it elsewhere.Mom says mushrooms from Japan is good.

The whole truth and nothing but the truth.....Ouch!

Yesterday I received my copy of Shape Singapore and showed it to my girl.
Conversation took place in the lift.

Me: " Wow! This bikini is nice.. See! Can mummy wear."
She: "Eerr... no!"
Me : "Why?"
She: "Because mummy fat (said a little softer)." And gave the sheepish smile
Me: "What?! What did you say??"
She: "Oh..oh.. 12th floor already." Tries to rush out.
And she started running out.

Sigh.............children never lies.

Monday, January 23, 2006

That silly girl

~Showing us her injured thumb~
That silly girl injured herself less than an hour ago when no one is around her. Thinking she had the freedom coz' daddy's in shower and I was in the kitchen preparing her milk.. she started playing with the staple and next minute she let out a sharp cry.. I rushed in and she showed me her left thumb. Obviously with that kind of cry there were blood.
As parents we kindda want to give up on her. Can say things like "learn her lesson." But then it pains out heart too!
Hubby said to lock up all the drawers. How to? That girl can even open some of it - obviously not really babyproof. Either that or my girl is too smart for her age. Umm..... actually I've seen how she pressed the lock and it came off.
Anyway, I would feel that it's better to lock up her hands instead, that will solve the problem.
As parents, how much of protection should we give our kids?? What happens if they can't fend for themselves outside?? Umm.. something we parents should ponder.

Chatted with my girlfriend (gf) after that. And our chat went like this :
me: Ur god-daughter just now wailed vy loud - scare the shit out of us. I was preparing her milk & quickly rushed to her. She showed me her left thumb and cried non-stop (the cry U nvr heard b4)
gf: I think she must have slam the cupboard door or cabinet on her thumb.
gf: silly girl la....
gf: Poor girl.....now she learn not to anyhow open the door and close.
gf: is she okay now?
me: Even more silly than slamming doors. She had the staple in her thumb. I quickly pulled it out; rinsed under running water and used a tissue to put pressure on it. Still can stop crying & answer me "I want the Hello Kitty plaster." Put the iodine for her.
gf: she is a tough girl tho...
gf: ha ha ha.....at least she know what plaster she want...
me: She's sleeping now. Vy tired but I see her doing the "thumbs up" - haha! training herself b4 joining SQ.
gf: ohh... like arming the door.
gf: good ah.
gf: ha ha ha...potential.
me: I said "good! teach U a lesson." She was playing with the stapler coz I saw lots more staples on the table. So the suay last one she must have put her finger there and push it down.
me: I know she had full potential to be a S'pore Girl when at 1yr-old she was standing there; looking at ppl disembarking and saying bye bye to everyone. U should be der.. it's real hilarious!
me: So the thumbs up is secondary potential.
gf: hee hee...well train from the mother.
gf: must be very cute...

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Laughter is the best medicine

Scientists have found that laughter is a form of internal jogging that exercises the body and stimulates the release of beneficial brain neurotransmitters and hormones. Positive outlook and laughter is actually good for our health!And reduce heart attacks.
Well.. I can't deny that although my girl can drive me crazy, there are things which she do that tickles me.
1) Laugh incessantly
2) Her cute sayings
3) Her expression when she poo-poos
4) Falls for my trick
5) Can take the gold card to want to tap the train gantry instead of her EZ-Link card. ???
6) When she shows you her puppy look face - frown.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Day events

I looked forward to this day when I'll finally be able to collect my Makmur from Mdm Katijah - who has a semi-permanent stall in Punggol Plaza. Yum yum.. ordered one for my mom too!
After our lunch, Athena wants to sit on those kiddy rides. And that stingy girl already have a 20cents in her hand, refused to use it and asked daddy for another 20cents. Her remarks was "later Athena no money how?" And I want to tell her "girl.. what can you do with 20cents?" Anyway, I'm beginning to feel that she is very stingy with her money.(Ps:I shouldn't rely on the fact that she will give me monthly allowance next time- what if she sends me to a Home and let me rot there and die??)
Anyway we went back home as the aircon man would be coming by to chemical clean our aircon. I've been counting the 'drip, drip, drip' for the past few nights.
We wanted to head down to Chinatown but it was pouring. We finally left the house at 6pm when the rain stopped. At the lift landing hubby mentioned about taking train as it's difficult to find parking lots there. I went back to our house to bring Athena's EZLink card and grabbed her poncho; one plastic bag and an umbrella on the way out. Smart right?? Well the smartest thing was I actually forgot to bring my camera. Argh!
We got there and had our dinner first. Everywhere was crowded and we were lucky to secure four seats to ourselves quite fast. I thought of having my Japanese food but the stall's not there anymore. I walked around the whole hawker centre but nothing is to my taste. Decided that I'll pop into McD for my cheeseburger after they finish their meal.
We walked around Chinatown. And boy! It was so crowded. Hubby and myself didn't have the mood to walk anymore with the exception of the girl who's sitting on daddy's shoulder and marvelling at the lights and people around her. We didn't buy anything except for the Bak Kwa at Mei Zhen Xiang on our way back and a $4 Barney watch for Athena.
No doubt at the end of the day all of us were so tired.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I have been dreaming again

I dreamt again donning my old uniform. This time the dream had people from my very first team. There was Rosnita who somehow appeared before me with three children, the oldest being 10 years old (can't possibly be. Even if she had a child, the child would only be 6yrs old) on a holiday. She was staying at the same hotel and getting ready to go out, while we were checking out.
And I was talking to this guy Yogarajah( he was a LS when I left don't know about now) who told me I'm going to sit in as passenger onboard. Thing is, this was my last flight as I've already tendered my resignation a month ago. And I was on standby so they activated me to pax up on a flight to "dunno what place", only during the checkout I met the full set of crew when I was told that the crew I was suppose to replace recovered from his illness. So there's no need for me to work but to sit down as a passenger. And the crew somehow knew it was my last day with the company popped a DP for me and gave me a card.
Woke up.. not another stupid dream again!
It's definitely different from my actual last flight. Well, I didn't know that would be my last flight. It was SQ418 Karachi, had 3 or 4 full days there. Eventful thing that happened was on the way into Karachi one ground staff went to open the D4L door from the inside for the cleaners to come up. And anybody would know that you're not supposed to open the door from the inside just incase the slide has been set to automatic(which will deploy) so there was a big booha and scolding the ground staff etc.... On the way back I was the LSS in EYCL, so I didn't want history to repeat itself. Put my sales cart there to check on my sales and block the door. Most of the time did the pre-flight paperwork there too. The FS told me "should let him learn a lesson.. let him open the door etc....."And my big and "not clean" mouth actually said this "even if this is my last flight, I will not let him open the door. Coz' who's going to be answerable for it? You all? Since I've left".
How was I to know too that my no-pay leave (took 40days to clear exams and go holiday - company encouraged us to go since it was post Sep-11) became my permanent leave. It was after the holiday in the US that I got back and found out I was pregnant.
Was quite sad coz' if I had planned to resign, I would have gone alot more sightseeing; do more shopping. And the crew would indeed have planned something (one flight they actually made the girls stand in PCL chair and the IFS cut the sleeve of the kebaya), makes it more meaningful.
Perhaps the dream was just a reminder that my departure was too sudden and incomplete.

My innermost feelings

As much as I want to move my girl out of our bedroom into hers, I felt the opposite when the time came yesterday. Somehow I don't know why there's an itching feeling to let her continue sleeping with us. Perhaps because she's been sleeping with us since the day we moved in (yup! moved in on 23rd Nov, she was born on 25th Nov) and time flies and soon we realise it's been 3 years. It's like "hey! my girl has grown and before I know it, she'll be walking out of our house with her bridal gown.
I was taken by surprise when my girl insisted in sleeping in her own bedroom. The way she acted was so natural like a duck to water. Although I would prefer to introduce her to sleep in her room gradually.. But anyway it's really comforting to know that she is independent. Ultimately, I slept with her last night just incase she got frightened. Nah! Was I wrong and I've also forgotten that once she sleeps.. she literally sleeps through!!
Okay, so it's time for me to move on now; put an end to this episode now that her room is done (and I have been ranting about it so many times)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Progress of the room : Pictures and video

Top: (L-R) cabinet above study table,
Bottom: (L-R) study table, fixing the top portion to cover up the cornices
We got some extra presents when this close to 4-5cm in diameter slab
fell off in our master-bedroom. Happened probably when they were
drilling the hole to fix the cabinet. Now I'm worried if the walls will collapse one day.

Taking an ice-cream break. See the feet propped up? Did it deliberately.
Top: 5 pictures of her bed area, 2 pictures of her collection of storybooks.
(Still need to
save room for encylopedias), her Pooh height chart
which had to be shifted to a
new spot, wall clock with who else....
Here's the men at work

I know her room is a far cry from the hundred acres wood but I'm taking my time to find the things I need for her, hopefully can save on shipping costs. If not, I'll order online. As for the Pooh bedsheet, waiting for new shipment.

Please vote for my girl

Dear friends and readers,

I hope to get your support for my girl in the Cutest Kid Contest.


1. Click here or go to http://www.tangerined.com/KZ_talent/WhatsOn/CutestKID_Dec_2003.htm

2. Click on her picture - second from left - the girl wearing a pink and black dress and holding a teddy bear (Athena)

3. It will lead you to your own email connection, click send. If you are using web-based accounts eg. yahoo, hotmail, gmail, aol etc.. you can also vote for her at cutestkid@tangerined.com
You only need to write Athena'03-bb8- in the subject, there is no need to type anything in the text section.

4. Thank you very much. Much appreciated.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Oh what a Day!

In the morning the contractors came by to make her room look like a room. Work started at 10am, they came by with lots of furnishings which I couldn't make up what they are. Slowly slowly they fix up the pieces. To my horror, one piece of slab in our room was chistled off our wall when they drilled to fix up her cabinet. Darn! HDB flats nowadays...
They left at 1plus close to 2pm, far ahead of what they anticipated. So it means that instead of them doing the touch up (and me packing her things in tomorrow), I can do them today. Yippee!! But it also means having to mop up the floor and cabinets today. Let's bring out the gloves and cloths.
Plan : Can bring girl home tomorrow instead of Wednesday. Umm... I wonder what will her reaction be? Am I more excited than she is??
As for photos and videos, I will upload them another day when I have access to my brother's computer.

Pee pee

Okay, I decided to be a little hardworking (since it was a weekend) and brought my girl to pee while she was still sleeping. Carried her into the bathroom and had some difficulty pulling down her pyjamas and when I put her on the toilet seat, she was in a 160 degree position. (so worried that I might drop her inside the toilet bowl).
As I've mentioned before, being a light sleeper she was roused from her sleep as I pulled down her pyjamas. She could still argue with me " I dowan to wee wee...." when I encouraged her the second time, she let her bladder go. And boy! It was alot.
Umm.... I hope I can do more with her on weekdays. There goes my own beauty sleep!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Getting ready

See! My girl's room's so empty. After we moved the things out,
the room echos back what we say. So girl and I were playing and
shouting about in the room. So funny!

The other messy room. Once her room is ready, it's time to tidy up the guest room.
Helpful girl helped me bring her junks out. Then I realised she was using the
opportunity to make her "house" by clustering everything
around in a circle. Sigh.....

In the evening I was moving some of her storybooks and loose items from her room to the parents' room (soon converted to guest room).
My girl was so excited as I asked her to help me bring her junks over. Then excitedly she said "I bring over my books, tomorrow my room okay I go there with books and sleep sleep."
As you can see her room is empty but also look at the mess in the other room. The sofabed is propped up against the wardrobe. The man helped in moving it over and when we gotta move the bed, I wonder if we can cope.
Will post the progress of the room..
** (note : there seems to be some problem with the page shown in the laptop, can't even upload pictures or justify the page. Will do it tomorrow when I have access to the desktop)
Darn! the page looks the same here as well.......can't load.
16th Jan -Now can load using brother's computer. Something's wrong with our computers. Argh!

Saturday, January 14, 2006


I am never interested in those people selling books at a makeshift booth at an atrium of any shopping mall until today. After lunch at Punggol Plaza we were walking about and I was still feeling frustrated with this lady who kept following me around when I only stopped (with me back facing her booth) to look at some CNY goodies. I told her I'm not interested in her what health products. But somehow I was amused at this somewhat looks like a toy to me. A 10yr-old girl was playing and being curious I stopped and observed her.
My girl was given a chance to play with it. And I am surprised that she did rather well for her first try. Subsequent ones were rather tough ( I feel) for a 3yr old and true enough she fare 3 out of 6.
Contemplating whether to buy this product which is from Germany and called Logico. But I had a shock when I heard the price.. $960 for that with Pimlo and Piccolo volumes and 2 other books.
I have been a firm believer in investing education for my child. But having to come out $2000+ for her Glenn Doman almost made me broke (at that time I was not working)and now with this????? Also, my girl may seem to have the interest in it over there but things may be different once she has it at home. She'll not play with it etc.. and I'll be wasting my money.
Umm.........I'm going to check online in Amazon and through the makers if they can sell it to me. Alternatively is to wait for hubby to go back to HQ and ask him to get it.

Right Brain Vs Left Brain

Right Brain vs. Left Brain

This theory of the structure and functions of the mind suggests that the two different sides of the brain control two different "modes" of thinking. It also suggests that each of us prefers one mode over the other.

The following table illustrates the differences between left-brain and right-brain thinking:

Left Brain
Looks at parts

Right brain
Looks at wholes

Most individuals have a distinct preference for one of these styles of thinking. Some, however, are more whole-brained and equally adept at both modes. In general, schools tend to favor left-brain modes of thinking, while downplaying the right-brain ones. Left-brain scholastic subjects focus on logical thinking, analysis, and accuracy. Right-brained subjects, on the other hand, focus on aesthetics, feeling, and creativity.

Let's have some fun >>

Right-Left Quiz

When you solve a clue in a cryptic crossword, or laugh at a verbal joke, both halves of your brain are engaged. This quiz exercises both your hemispheres.
An example: 7 D in a W means 7 Days in a Week

Another dozen for you:

1. A-B & the 40 T
2. 64 S on a C B
3. The 12 L of H
4. 366 D in a L Y
5. 9 P in the S S
6. 13 S on the A F
7. S-W & the 7 D
8. 18 H on a G C
9. 1 S S for a M...
10. The 12 D of C
11. The 8-F P of the B
12. 11 P in a S T

** extracted from http://www.rightbrain.org.uk ** Leave your answers in the comments, answers will be provided for those who attempt it.
More quiz

Complete this quiz to see whether you are right brain or left brain - http://www.education-world.com/a_lesson/TM/WS_braintest.shtml

See the results:-

Right Left Brain test

Japanese food

I can't believe myself when I didn't make a fuss when my girl said she wanted to eat
at Sakae Sushi last evening. Felt very tired, probably because I only had 2 hours of
sleep the night before. So all I wanted was something soupy.. good thing there's the
Miso soup which I was craving for.
Infact I had been craving for Japanese food since Wednesday. Was at Bugis, so had my
Jap food at the FJ foodcourt - they serve nice Jap food. Then on Thursday, I couldn't
resist the temptation and dropped by at Nooch in Paragon.
I like Japanese food (except for the fact that my girl made me sick of it when it was
a weekly ritual thing for her) but the food never tasted any better until the last 3

Friday, January 13, 2006

"wash your neck.. wash your legs......"

Yesterday my girl made me laugh when I was giving her a shower. She started saying "wash your neck" - touches her neck. "Ms Chan says wash your hands" - slides her hand on the other arm. "wash your armpit"- washes her armpit." wash your leg " - slides her hand on the thigh down. The funniest part?? Was when she said "wash your pyjamas"- and touched her private part. I stared hard at her and asked "you mean wash your vagina or private part?"
Her : "wash your pyjamas."
I give up on her!
The little meanings in life is when you see your once small child growing up and acting like a young lady.

Am I doing right??

Since the last time I wrote about my girl weaned off from diapers totally, there had been 4 accidents, including 1 just 10 minutes ago.
Am I doing right in weaning her off totally at her age? Is she too young?
However I've noticed that she'll usually wet the bed if we did not bring her to empty her bladder before she sleeps. However twice including today's accident she did empty her bladder but also drink water. (FYI, my girl is a camel. She drinks at least 1 litres of water daily which we don't) I think maybe I should try to restrict her water intake before bedtime. But then again, she's thirsty coz' we sleep in aircon room and it's dry.
The last time she wet her bed at home husband was saying "heck! just go back to pull up pants. Gotta wash the bedsheets and stuffs." To which I retorted back "well, I'm always the one washing the sheets and her protector not you! Sooner or later we gotta wean her off, might as well do it now. And children at 9-10yrs old still do accidentally wet their bed."
Somehow I know where my husband is coming from. But won't it make me lazy next time too and keep deferring the time to wean her off? <"umm... next time. next time..">
One of my girlfriend told me how she trained her girl (same birthdate as my girl). She would bring her to the toilet every 2 hours initially and then extend it to 4 hours and it goes on. I know for sure I can't do it coz' I sleep like a pig if I'm tired. And if I keep waking up to bring her to the toilet, both she and me who are light sleepers will not have sufficient sleep.
I hope I can get something from the web on this issue. Any advise anyone?

Rain, rain

I've never felt so gloomy before. It has been raining for days continuously, with not much sun. We all know how rain came about - evaporation etc.. thing is there's no sun why is it that the clouds seem to be so dark and heavy that day & night it doesn't stop. I feel like Eeyore now. For the first time in my life staying in Singapore, this is the first time I'm hoping for Mr Sun to come out and Mr Rain to go away.
And it didn't make things better when you have a girl who's trying to show off her talent by singing:
a) "It's raining, its pouring. The old man is snoring."
b) "The incy wincy spider...... out came the sun.."
Well the only two advantages I can think of the continuous rain would be :
1) save on utilities
2) no need to wash car, just vacumn and clean the interior
The rain is also making me so paranoid. Just today I needed to go down two different places in town and I had no choice but to drive. Then the sudden heavy downpour made visibility poor, many cars (noticed they're Mercedes) put on their hazard lights, traffic slowed down. And I'm so paranoid that I may get into an accident or if the motorcyclist infront of me skid off and I can't stop the car in time...*smash, squash*

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sudden craving

It was just a normal rainy Tuesday when all of us were relaxing and watching television program.. when all of a sudden I just had this deep craving for chilli crab. Of course it's really ridiculous to drive all the way to East Coast Seafood where my favourite restaurant is - Red House Seafood for my crabs,so we settled for Marina Country Club. Boy! Never mind about the "not enough rice" I kept looking in the kitchen direction for my crab. And when it came.. the two pincers are gone. Of course not forgetting my mantou, dear husband was so nice to give me another half of his.
I remember I had craving for Chilli Crab when I was pregnant with my girl. (no.. I am not pregnant now) And how almost every week I had to have one. Seeing my girl now... I kindda regretted it cause she's overly active.(some old grandma's tales)
For non- Singaporean readers, let me introduce to you our yummy non-official national dish Chilli Crab. You gotta try this when you come by. And also our Black Pepper Crab, it doesn't have any sauce for you to dip your crabmeat in but the generous chef would have ensured that the meat are well seasoned with black pepper.
Thanks to Punggol Seafood, the recipe is here online

Monday, January 9, 2006

I thought I was going to die

I had a scare today when I saw the colour of my urine - looks like dyed yellow colour. Made a call to the clinic and asked about the side effects of Urogesic and was assured that I'm alright and not going to die (as what I said. "I thought I got blood in my urine.")
Just last week I had been having this urge to visit the toilet very often. It stopped for 2 days and yesterday it came back again. Decided that I needed the antibiotics from the doctor. The doctor who saw me is a old and experienced doctor. No doubt I respect her for her lengthy explanation but she's not tactful. Why? Reason being I asked her whether the medication will affect our "trying baby". Her remark was "this month is a goner.No use trying.. "Ouch! That hurts man!

Mummy's birthday

We celebrated mom's birthday on Friday at Awon Korean Restaurant. At first I was quite apprehensive about Korean food, because I never liked Korean and whenever I was in Seoul, I'll always pop by Wendy's or MacDonalds. But what a great surprise I had when the BBQ we had was very nice. To think that I was still trying to steal a few spoonfuls of my girl's porridge (we had to feed her first at home). Haha!
Finally the cake was brought out. And the waitress was so nice to play the birthday song over the PA. When it came to blowing out the candles, my girl was so funny. "No, it's not my birthday.."
Please click on this video

Haven't been able to post my blog

I haven't been able to post my blog as there was some problem with the Internet Connections. Got our laptop on Saturday (yippee! no need to fight with husband over the desktop) and was trying to route our modem to a wireless broadband router. Yesterday husband was fiddling with the thing while I was left with a more relaxing job- playing with my girl. Hours later he said he can't do it. Now, I can't even check or send my emails, can't even go into websites.
Thank goodness the CSO in Starhub is so helpful .. now gotta wait for the man of the house to do the job. Hopefully by then I can access my emails and update the laptop.

Friday, January 6, 2006

Old friend

Picture: Ai Leng and moi outside Marche. She looks slim just like in our schooldays. Moi? Fat like a pig.
Met up with my old schoolfriend Ai Leng or Angeline as she's known now yesterday (5th). We have been in touch since we graduated in 1992. Though we managed to chat for 2-3hours, quite short but hey! it's an effort to get two people with different schedule to meet you know.
Nevertheless we had our laughs and she passed a funny remark on what she would say when I told her I just received a sexual harrassment phonecall from a guy called Tony. As usual the horny gal misinterpreted this sentence "wet and turning me on" (I'm not going to turn her on!), but it's hilarious as I finally get to understand how a pervert thinks. Haha! LOL

"Spider man " or "Two pigs"

Mdm Qiu is teaching my girl's class some 3-word verse. She came back home yesterday and was telling me "ren zhi zhu. xing...." I couldn't figure out what she was saying as I am hopeless (proud to say I'm an F9 student) in my Mandarin.
I asked her what spider man? She repeated the verse again and this time it sounded like "two pigs".
Mom heard the conversation between girl and myself and shouted from the kitchen. It's ' ren zhi chu. Xing ben shang.'
I can't believe they are teaching this in school.. the mother don't even know the meaning of it. I think I should attend lessons with her.

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

What's on her head??

She surprised us by asking us to buy her this orange colour scarf. $2 only.. so buy lor.. Then we tied it on her and she let us do it.
I think it looks better on her Andrea though.

Sunday, January 1, 2006

New year and she's in N2

I know there is not much difference and I shouldn't make a fuss out of this, but my girl's in N2 this year. Yah... still can't compare with my girlfriend Jasmine who's eldest daughter is going into P1 in 2 days time.
I was packing her things into her schoolbag and this year I had to put in a mug and toothbrush for her. I didn't feel anything this year coz' she was in N1 in 2004 and N1 in 2005. I can't believe that my girl is no longer in N1 now, hopefully she'll also be more obedient as she's one year older. I can't imagine how I'll feel (strange? shouldn't the child feel it not the mother?) when she goes into P1 in 4 years time. Perhaps I should think about how I'll feel when it comes to the enrolment. I'm already thinking of where to put my girl in.