Sunday, March 9, 2008

Baby Show

With the advertorial in the first page of Young Parents, how not to miss this?

Aricia went for a baby show in Tampines North CC, and ....................she didn't win anything. They probably felt that she's too small (always the chubby ones win) and a few days earlier was joking with KZ that we should bring something additional should Aricia not get anything "you bring alchohol; I bring kerosene; Athena bring lighter, we burn down the doctor's office."

Girlfriend did tell me "ai yah..she will not win one lah! She's so small." I don't deny that she's small but it's a healthy contest so chubby don't warrant healthy. Chubbiness with flabby legs/arms is not healthy chubby. So why the heck I join? Hoping that a particular doctor will like what he sees in her and let her win one time lah! Not that I'm bragging about my own daughter (any parent would say their children pretty, even those kok-eyed; cross-eyed; buckteeth also say pretty/handsome) but Aricia do get alot of attention when we're out coz' she's cute. Ehh.... that is until she starts to open her mouth and SCREAM.
One time, one time is all I need. Athena took part in contests before and out of 7, she won 4. Why? Ah pui lor!!

During examination, I get the same question any doctors will ask me. "She's very small.." What the ?? Is being small a crime? If she's born small what can I do? See how much Aunty's tummy can expand lah! All my babies will be born small - I've got compact stomach. Can't they see that she's developing well, yakking well and even saying "teh tui" - thank you.
KZ also not pleased "why? why? she's so cute and smart."

Of course when you think back this is not important, intelligence (which she has) is important but it'll be nice to have one collection from her to be displayed in our display unit.

On a personal note, her weight has shot up according to her own progress. Good news is that it has gone up from below 3 %tile to 25 %tile. Now isn't that great?

Oh, they have photo session which she refused to sit in the basket. And so, I had to distract her with my handphone. The photo that was developed for her.

Look like a big business woman huh?

She was playing with a lady while we were in the hall. Umm... wait and hope ; wait and hope - all in vain.

After the show, we went for our lunch, we were so hungry.

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