Sunday, June 26, 2016

Across the waters

This is the first time (ever!) we did not travel during the school hols. I'm so glad!

The man came back from Shanghai, so we need not make a trip up. With che-che needing to return back to school for the first and last week, we're left with only two weeks. Honestly, it's troublesome to  arrange for replacement classes when we go for a trip. Thus, the final decision was to stay in Singapore. I planned for a two nights stay in Sentosa though! Hub went to work while we girls had a good time getting our skins burnt!! It was a trip with no books and its only play play play. (Coz I usually do pack some work for them to do when we travel to Shanghai)

We went over waters 我们过水 (literally!)
On the 7th (Tues), we left the house with hub. He dropped us along the way and we walked to Sentosa dragging our luggage. It was really sweet of che-che to offer to pull the trolley for me at some point. It was 7plus, quiet and nice weather for a stroll. I had to do the most suaku thing with the only obliging (but getting to be not obliging soon) model. Take picture here; take picture there. 

Went to hotel first and dropped the luggage in the concierge and proceeded to the reception for an early check-in. 

The girls had a breakfast place in mind, Slappy Cakes. Che-che told us what we had to do. We ordered two bottles of mix and we were so full. We're not big eaters at all. It's quite fun and che-che made pancakes for me and lil' one. Nice to see them not fighting.
I remembered lil' one had one picture of her smiling at KZ and mom. Ahh.....I just can't recall her position and which side I took from.
Trying hard to recreate .... and hear her comment "cold! cold! the water is so cold!"
The only thing she loved. Sigh....... ok technically she's still 9. Still young
Went to the Southernmost point of the continent. Really or not?
We did the touristy thing, even joining a tour in Fort Siloso with four other Australians. The local guide commented that it's the first time he ever has a Singaporean on his tour. Well, I thought it'd be better to have someone bringing us around and explaining things to us. I have no inkling idea what was in Siloso and I must admit I really learnt something. The big girl was like "tsk tsk", abit showing off like she knows every thing. Well, she has to know everything coz she studied those in History lesson. My History lesson has gone down in history.Bleh! Though at some point I was regretting my idea to bring them to Sentosa, I could have done a staycation and idled in air-conditioned places. I was melting under the hot sun!

Sentosa has changed so much since we last went in 2007? We've been to Sentosa after USS began operations, but it's usually only RWS area we ventured. It must be God's plan for us coz just the day before, Underwater World announced that admission fees will be down to the previous fees. I had to bring them there, Aricia has no recollection of the place. Saw the turtles and they've grown SO BIG! Yah, my girls grew too!
Made two rounds on the travellator and we said our sayonaras to the fishies, sharkies wondering how long more they can live in Chimelong Ocean Kingdom. Though we were a little cooled down but we were too tired to walk anymore. We went back to the hotel, ready to get into our room and have a nice cold shower. 
Accommodation is in Hard Rock Hotel. The room is big, good for big families and can even lay tilam on the floor. However, there wasn't any sofa to relax. We had to watch TV sitting on the bed. I don't really like the room, they didn't even vacuum the carpet. Oh my! I can literally see crumbs on the carpet. I rate it 4/10. Staff friendliness 9/10. Once is enough. Won't waste the money to stay there again. The only good thing is we have  complimentary carpark coupon, so hub stayed at Sentosa with us, making his commute time to work shorter.

Compulsory stop over place. Dinner at Coca's. I really miss the chilli. Can we buy the special chilli dip?

After dinner, we wandered around trying to digest our food. It was the first time seeing USS in the night. We soon drew our attention to some loud noise and ran towards it. It was this electronic crane dancing with fireworks. I thought I've seen something similar like this before? Where was it? China?
8th (Wed) - USS
Before the start of the school hols, che-che asked when she can go USS with her friends. To save time, I asked her to go either on one of the days we're there. She will have her company, I will bring the little one around on my own. At first there were a few of them who showed interest but everyone is busy with either tournaments or banned (from going out too much during the first week of hols), in the end only one could make it. Another girl asked her to go the following week, I didn't allow.
Had Macs for breakfast and then we proceeded to USS. Got che-che an annual pass. Then her friend came and we went our separate ways. My girl is growing too fast; independent. Soon, she'll not want me anymore.
The rain brought much respite from the heat. I loved the cooling temperature BUT it's troublesome and most outdoor rides were suspended. We've been to USS 3-4 times already and this is the first time we encountered such thing. I asked one of the staff and he highlighted to me "lightning alert". It makes sense. But it'll be a luck thing, imagine a tourist coming all the way here and having paid so much and ..not like we can predict weather..
Oh my! I need to get my $74 worth. The lil' one is really a scaredy cat. (No Magic Mountain for her!)  We really can't take many rides so we left early as she wanted to play in the hotel swimming pool.

These are some pictures of her to show that she did go USS. 

I settled lil' one's dinner. While che-che had dinner with Vanessa in Vivo. And since her return time back to Sentosa is almost the same time as hubby coming back, I asked him to fetch her so that she don't have to walk back in the dark. 

It's our second and last night here.I'm thankful that I didn't have to work my butt off cleaning the house but it means that after this relaxation, I'd slog like doubly hard after that. 

9th (Thu)
Woke the girls up early to change into their outside clothes and passed hub the luggage. Wasn't sure if we would end early and head home ourselves, having the luggage out of our mind would definitely make travelling around easier. Had Slappy Cakes again and we went on to do some activities that were KIV-ed on first day. 
We went on the Luge, it's so fun. Lil' one is so cautious, braking intermittently and it's so noisy. The first time I asked che-che to go down on her own so I stayed with her watching out for riders coming from the back (just incase they can't brake in time) Staff happened to come down and assisted her. I had an idea what's the problem, she doesn't have the strength to hold on to same position for long so would let go thus stopping. Second time, undeterred, she wanted to go alone again. Che-che so kindly told me she would follow her and I can do the thrill of going down non-stop. I made an illegal stop by the side and waited for them, heard the irritating sound and knew they're on their way down thus managed to get some shots. Third time, che-che volunteered again that she'll follow her so I can make my way down fast. Wow! I thought  to myself, she's really so sweet. So I went down "weeeeeeeeee" very fun but still a cautious driver. After some time, I spotted che-che and was looking out for lil' one BUT she's not there. Then she came down and told me she kept stopping and she got frustrated so left her there. WHAT!!!! How can she do that? She's so 恨 to my baby; my darling; my precious (haha! Note all the endearing names). Should I go over and ask the 'tanned knights in shorts to rescue the princess on a luge? Would she be crying? Would she be frightened? Then I thought, maybe just wait a while. When she's alone, she'll be forced to be independent so it might be a good thing. About 5 mins later, we heard that irritating noise and relieved as she made her way down. I looked at her, no signs of distress, so didn't want to question her. I believe that leaving her alone should toughen her up a little. Fourth time we went, I asked her to sit with me so she can feel the thrill of going down quickly. Wah....I got one kiasi girl who kept telling me "not so fast mummy. Slow down" 
* eyes rolling * I brought my mother out; not my daughter. 

Had one last ride, coz they said if girl with me it's considered one ride. Che-che didn't want to go so I went my last ride for the day down really fast. Wheee...........FUN!   

Went on some 4D experience thingy. Told them we can skip Madam Tussauds coz no interesting people. I'd like to bring them to London's Madam Tussauds instead. As usual that scaredy cat girl, so afraid on rides. Buay tahan her! It was already close to 5pm, we decided to call it a day and asked hub if he could give us a ride back home from Harbourfont Centre.

Our short break has come to an end. The girls aren't looking forward to it though as it means it's work work work for them at home.