Saturday, May 24, 2008

In Picton

Am in Picton now. Everyone's snoring away, I am playing with hubby's phone.
Heading towards North Island tomorrów by the ferry. It means too that our holiday is coming to an end soon,back next Saturday.
I live to tell my story...will tell when back.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tia Ora!

Greetings from New Zealand!

Am in Dunedin now, the place with lots of prestigious Universities. Let's hope I'll leave this place smarter. Hee!

Everything is fine and fun. The weather is Brrrr.........COLD!

Will leave for a short tour around this very quaint place and then drive off to Otago Peninsula.
Meanwhile, keep your eyes open to see if I'm logged on.

Take Care!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Ready to go

Sayonara!Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Can't believe my ears. I overheard this mother (who don't speak properly - probably those uneducated aunties) telling her daughter, who looks like in her 20s to me.

"mei(2) you(3) zuo(4) gong(1) you(4) zhe(3) me(2) yang(4)? You(4) bu(4) shi(4) jian(4) bu(4) de(2) ren(2) de(4) shi(4)."

The daughter mumbled something to her she said "bu(2) yong(4) jing(3). You (4) bu(4) shi(4) jian(4) bu(4) de(2) ren(2)."

Wah.... in my mind I am thinking she's such an encouraging mother, so encouraging enough to tell her daughter it's alright to be a bummer.
I'll kick chase my children out to work, not for monetary gains but for their self-worth.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


First I was so head-strong to say that "Aricia's going to child-care next year" without second thoughts. Of course I get queries why since I'm a SAHM. My idea was to get the 2 kids out and rotating between them for my personal coaching.

Then, guilt-stricken I thought maybe half day should suffice. Since I'm always complaining that I do not have enough time to do things with Athena now that she comes home so late. And how to have the "sleep early; wake up early" habit if they're busy doing their work?
I can pump in more home sessions, get her to be more involved. Do crafts and more hands-on stuffs. I still feel that I'm not doing enough. Hee! Crazy mother!

Now, as I check with Berries their N1 curriculum. It's what I'm teaching her now, so is there a need to put her in there? No.
And perhaps next year, I can start a little later with Aricia in her school? I think to have two kids starting school at the same time is overwhelming for me, I doubt I can cope. Let Athena settle in school first then I'll start Aricia. Or maybe keep her home with me and make her go crazy for the next year and start her in N2?

What will you do if you were me?

Sidetrack to Athena :

She's going to finish her English vocabulary assesment books and I'm so 'accurate' that she's going to start her Comprehension & Composition work in June. Going to prep her for P1.
Sigh... no wonder hubby say "my poor Athena"

The Nanny

Turned nanny for the day, mom has her doctor's appointment so came over to help "over-see" Iggy. Aricia was with me coz' I needed to bring her for her follow-up with the sinseh and so I roped in KZ to follow me.

Normally I don't stay that long in mom's place unless I need to use brother's computer. And so, brother asked me if I could go over while I "use the computer". Funny! I don't need the computer much today - coz' I found a little 'free time' so, yesterday quickly launched myself to finish another sets of number - up to 30 for Aricia to practice her writing. (I think what MH said is true, I can't keep myself free) Today, all I needed to do was to bring the things over to do.

The children fell asleep (I don't have to do anything, just be the supervisor. KZ takes Aricia, Fatonah takes Iggy, I prepare the materials.
I brought Aricia's homework and wanted to read her a book. I asked Fatonah to put Iggy on her lap and me be the teacher instead. I thought I can do it; I thought I am a talented teacher; I thought.......I never thought my girl would keep standing up and interrupting the "class" while Iggy sits and look at the book. Conclusion : I can't do it with another kid, must do a 1 : 1. 失败!
I can't believe myself, I was really bored.........didn't know what to do with 2 kids + 2 helpers who'd wonder what am I up to and probably thinking to herself (Fatonah since KZ knows my style) can't I just put him to sleep then everyone can go back to doing their own things? Ai yoh! If at my place, sure can do alot of things.
In the end, got them out to the corridor and blew bubbles. Iggy don't seem to enjoy it as much as Aricia, he kept looking at the soapy floor instead of the newly blown out bubbles. Sigh........ Then got the kids to blow bubbles, umm.........think should give Iggy some time coz' he probably is new to this.

I completed my job at 5.30+pm, 30 minutes of overtime - so my family please take note of this amount owed to me.Hee!

Will I do it again? Maybe yes, provided I don't have anything to do (which is very unlikely considering the fact that I've put up my TO DO list right infront of my lappie for my post-trip and it's alot!) + it must be in my home coz' I have the toys and study materials. I'll welcome Iggy with big open arms to make him join our league - the crazy people. (why? Aricia crazy too? Coz' she loves to do homework. ?!?!)

Photos :


Forgot to write this down, must quickly write this down before I forget again.

Last Friday, after Aricia's class. I was talking to Sensei Sheryl who came by to see the kids, and then Aricia disappeared out of my sight to the toilet. When I went over, Shirley told me that Aricia had asked her to "wash" her pacifier. Once done, she popped it into her mouth. Hee! So cute!

I never know she can say this word, she usually say "dar.... ty (dirty)" or say "tu tu (pacifier), where? Where tu tu?" and moves her hands and head.

A second chance

Brought Aricia for breakfast at Macs this morning. But she's only interested in Hash Brown, took a few bites of her pancakes (we tore off portion by portion for her)

Quite wasteful, so I decided to give the pancakes a second chance - by doing something and give it to Athena (she loves pancakes) instead.

Cute? A girl with a ponytail. I play cheat, used marker to write on the box coz' I don't have my piping bag here and can't write using the Nutella

She told me she had it for lunch not tea-break (huh?) and she finished everything! I suspect it's the chocolate that made her finish all, normally she can eat only 1 1/4 or 1 1/2?

Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm never a football fan - infact blur hubby (then boyfriend) and me went for one local match and we were so bored and cheered for the wrong team. Haha! But now.......I will have to pray hard the team "I betted on" wins. Bet? Why?

Went down to Audio House to get a video camera, can't repair in time for us so will have to do it when we get back. Despite the fact that I hated those hard-disk kind, called hubby and he said to buy that, I was still keen to go for the old-fashion way. How to delete certain portion of a frame? Mini DV tapes just rewind and dub over, this one?
Anyway, the deal was we have to guess the winning team for Euro 2008, should we win our prediction, we can
get back the full amount. I called my 'life-line' - KZ who's a football fan, telling her to give me the answers "you help me win, I buy you a camera." Haha! Very bad huh? She feels so pressurized to give me the answers; kept hesitating until I told her "it's okay.. wrong answer you don't get any camera." Hee!
Ai yoh.........first time I'm so keen in soccer

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

This, would have been my bestest Mother's Day present, only setback is I won't get it at all. No wonder hubby, the HR personnel, kept his mouth shut on my worth. I'm going to sue him for all the wages that he owes me... not a penny less!

And so, in celebration of me getting my wages soon, I decided to treat mom tonight together with my brother and sister. Next in the pipeline will be LV bags, First Class seat on A380 around the world.

Sent her flowersyesterday. Not the usual red or pink flowers but I remember mom likes purple flowers and I thought she liked orchid. Well, this is not orchid but iris and it does look a little like orchid so......try something different for her.

We met for dinner @ Grand Park Plaza's : Park Palace. The children were noisy, Iggy was so well-behaved; sitting down
whereas my barbaric Ari was standing on table top of her highchair - Georgia of The Jungle .
Athena was starving coz' she refused to eat finish her lunch (good! let her have an idea what starving is like. See she wants to be so choosy or not?)
I was presented with a card, a surprise card coz' it has my kids' lips on it. And they did it prior to dinner under my nose.
All thanks to brother who bought the card. Thanks for the nice gesture, bro!
Woah! If only I'm that well-endowed!! But really cute + notice what my brother wrote. It doesn't make me a SuperMummy but a Super Evil Mummy

Athena's hand print and their kisses (oh well, Ari's unwilling kiss - as usual! what can i expect from my unorthodox daughter!)

The children played, Ari got jealous when Athena hugged Iggy. I tried to get the shot but too
slow and got this instead. And yes, my Ari did try to sayang Iggy some time before that. They look like lovers (heehee!)

Dinner ended, and mummies were all presented with a bag.

*The staff asked how many mummies, we teasingly pointed at sister, I cited a single mother. In the end, when it came to the time when the staff presented the bag, KZ said "I Godma!!" She has a bag in return for being so thick-skinned.

Parting shot :

Thanks for your prayers

KZ managed to call her brother in Kachin (her hometown), and apparently he did say that it's difficult to get through to their sister in Yangon. But - everyone is safe and sound. Yes, the township they are in is affected, not as bad as those near the river. Thank God! Dunno why WV (World Vision) told sister that it's affected, I was confused whether to tell her the news or not - which fortunately I didn't.

And, what can I say informations and news over there are all filtered. Her brother didn't know the number of casualties, was surprised when told.
I don't know if I did mention this before. Once, KZ and her sister were in their hometown, while the rests of the family were in different parts of the country. Somehow their place was flooded, after some time KZ called her sister in Yangon to inform "don't worry, we are fine...." The reply they received was "huh? what happened?" Goash! Imagine if the flood was bad, they would have died and nobody knows.
Umm........really I do not want to write politics in my blog so I shall not say anymore but it does really gets in my nerves when I was reading this. (Christians in their country are shunned, passed over when it comes to promotions etc..) Read this on History.

Thanking all who had been praying for her family. A very big thank you!

Oiishii! 美味い

Kayoko, my Japanese neighbour, brought over 日本茶 jelly with some dunno what milky syrup and red bean. Yums!

Ready to tuck in? I am and I've helped myself to it 3 times today. It's really delicious.
Talk about having Japanese food right at your doorstep, my expert native cook is just next door - I'll just "ding dong ding dong"


Ps. Must ask her to teach me this. Umm....speaking of which I really haven't cooked my Katsu-don for a long long time already.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The childrens' gift

In the day time, the school gave the children rose to be presented to their mummy. Aricia (surprisingly) listened to instructions and gave it to me (I expected her to whack the table with it)
When I picked Athena up from school, she told me so excitedly "mummy..I make a bookmark for you. I write 'I love you mummy from Athena ............' " she was telling me word for word what she wrote.
She saw the rose in the car and asked me, so I told her "mei-mei gave mummy flower. You didn't give me flower." She was smart enough to tell me "my present better." "why?" "because flower will die. My bookmark, you can use before you sleep. Then another day you open up your book again to read."

Ai yoh! I don't need any present. All I want is them to be good children.


Can't believe this - my video camera is spoilt! I was rewinding all the tapes and then ..... the cassette holder simply refuse to auto- retract for me to close the cover. Argh!! Well, maybe it heard my constant complaining that this camera is lousy with no date displayed on the screen.
Of course it's better than my camera died on me when I'm there (this is what happened to our previous camera which RIP in New York.)

I think have to go and buy, can't repair in time. And..........gotta spend money again. Ahh!

Friday, May 9, 2008


Asked gf to help me find this in Taiwan and she found it. Her question to me was "why ask me to buy something from Japan in Taiwan." "I guess maybe they will have it coz they have alot of Jap restaurants and mebbe try to act more Japanese." See! My guess was right and I am so happy when I collected this from her today.

Ohh.........I'm going crazy. I feel like flying to Japan right now!

The sisters

Most of the time we hear the two sisters screaming and fighting for books, toys etc.. And you will agree with me that we simply don't understand kids - when nobody touches it; nobody notices it, when somebody touches it; everybody wants it.

Of course there are times when we do see and hear the sibling playing and laughing together happily.
What touches me most are the times when I see them becoming so loving to one another.
1) the two of them were found sleeping together side by side
2) doing things my things!!! I caught them eating my Triple Chocolate Crunch by themselves, sitting next to one another and sharing one plate. No wonder Athena ran past me so sneakily. No photo of that, but few days later on Monday, they took my Opera Cake and sat themselves down to eat. This is proof!
Thursday - they both lovingly shared a slice of bread. And Aricia did feed her che-che and then continued eating, shared until they finished the whole slice.
3) They were both sharing to do - Aricia's homework?!?!

Woah! If only they do this all the time!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

I can't be a teacher

Sister called to point out the mistakes on the text that I prepared for the children. Hahaha! Si bei paiseh.... still dare to say I come from an IJ school.

Hey! Must pardon me okay?! I was doing a last minute work in less than an hour. And it was 2+am, when I was struggling to keep myself awake.

Oi! English Teacher aka my sister - You read this now, got any big big ploblem in me write? You thinking I shall go for classes in British Council to scrub up my England?
She must be shaking her head now.


Is it me? Or what? I can't seem to mould the eggs, or the eggs too small? Was suppose to be a car theme. Penguins were crossing the road (coz' no car shaped sausage cutter). If you zoom closer, the furikake has a picture of a taxi infront


Very very simple (can't think too much out of the box) kind of tea-breaks for her. Just woke up, mind still in snooze mode.

This was prepared on the 5th May, rolled up slices of bread with cocktail sausage.

7th May - Kitty bread. No time for piping outline. Not a full Hello Kitty theme at all

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Not going home

After all the boo-ha I write for the past few days and going through 3 days of frustrations at St Martin's Drive. My complaint of me not being able to cope alone for too long is just so inhumane of me. I was the one who said I cannot cope; I need her. Now I am the person who decides not to let her go home now until a few months later. Very indecisive huh?

On Tuesday night I did think if I should delay her flights to a few days later or months later? If she's worried and wants to see her family. If the delay makes any difference to her. I also did think that I should try to struggle without help in later months coz' ultimately the most important thing is her safety now. She asked to send money back home, I told her the best thing to do now is to bring it herself and hide it then to have the courier doing it now which equates to 'running away with your money' To her, her people are honest and simple-minded people. Yes, I don't deny that Myanmese are very honest and unconniving people but having lived in a urban society where 'we have to watch our back' I warned her that people may be desperate at this time.
This morning I get advices from my family not to send her back at this time. So this affirms my decision not to let her go back for the time being. And they also brought up topics of her being robbed at this time.

In the night, I get her confirmed answer and she said it's okay that she don't go back home now coz' she felt it's going to be messy. Whether she's worried about her family, she said "God protecting my family" "I go Embassy, nobody is going back. Only a few those who have children back home in Myanmar are flying back."

Since she's alright with it, her flight has been confirmed on 29th November to 29th December - so she'll be home for Christmas. And it's really comforting to know that she also did have my well-being at heart. She said "sister (my sis) asked if I go back less than one month okay or not. I say okay, if let me go back one week I also go back one week. I okay, I worry mom cannot cope with Athena and Aricia."

Her faith

I don't think I should tell people that I'm a christian. How much faith do I have?

For KZ, my helper, I'm amazed at the amount of faith she has in God and that puts me to shame.

Yesterday, I reminded her to bring water or food, gave instructions to the nearest mall - Tanglin Mall for food etc... and we were looking for a small umbrella. And I just had no idea where the small umbrella is. She was gan-cheong and then said "never mind, never mind no umbrella. Last night I pray to God already." I was looking at the sky which I thought was overcast and thought to myself, God can work wonders to stop the rain??

It goes to show how much faith she has. And so her prayers worked, she bumped into a friend at the Embassy, and the friend knows someone inside; pulls her in together and KZ managed to pay her income tax yesterday.

Now, as we get the news of the number of death toll in Myanmar. Her heart, hopefully, still remains so light-hearted as she said when I asked about her feelings "my heart no heavy, very light. God is watching and protecting my family."

In the night as I spoke to her, her 2 sisters (and maybe her mom - at this time) are staying near the shore in Yangon. Now, it's not only her prayers that will work miracles but yours too.
Please pray for her family. Thanks!

Aid Myanmar

Satellite Views of Deadly Cyclone In Myanmar

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

How I survived today

Let KZ off to settle her things at the Embassy, I have no idea what time she'll be back; if she's able to settle it today or perhaps she needs another day tomorrow off.

Anyway, I thought I'd give it a try to see how I fare in handling Aricia alone and do simple housework.
Not too bad, I managed to do the simple sweeping, mopping and laundry. All finished in 2 Baby Einstein DVDs, she had her break feeding self with bread while eyes glued to the TV. Bathed her; fed her and put her straight to bed in her cot. And she fared well!

I fared well too. So, it means I can go without helper but I'm not going to say this just in case hubby say "okay, then don't hire one anymore." Don't forget this is only the first day and I still have the mentality that she can finish my undone jobs when she's back + it's only the simple housework + Athena was still in school at that time so I can handle one kid. In few days time I'll sure bring out a white flag.

Lil' old lady

Last Saturday, Aricia surprised us by saying "dia pees (diapers) weh weh (wet wet). KZ was queuing up in the toilet to clean her, and the lil' old lady kept repeating and repeating "dia pees weh weh" "dia pees weh weh". So irritated is the lady infront that she said "okay, okay okay. You go first, you go first." That lil' old woman kept quiet after that.

Today, Phillips came to install our repaired monitor and it so happened she poo-ed. She told me "mummy, poo poo, poo poo. " I wanted to change but the guys called me to the room and she kept following behind me echoing "mummy, poo poo, poo poo........." I buay tahan asked them to find the switch below the table and "clean this naggy old woman up before she starts nagging again."

Monday, May 5, 2008

"You have been activated on..

It isn't Heritage Day or Cultural Day in school, Athena has to "work" today.

Teacher Mumta's requested I wear my uniform to show the children. I let Athena wear her kebaya instead coz I can't fit into my uniform. Argh!!!

Dressed her up and decided......
to dress mei-mei up as well. And since mei-mei's hair is long enough I could bun it up for her. So cute!

Teacher Mumta did ask me if I have any magazines or photos to show. So, I helped to do cards (last minute job the night before) for her.

Umm............I think I can be a teacher already.

Child Abuse / Role Reversal

Is she our child?

Aricia is the unorthodox in our family. As I tried to put her to sleep over the weekend so that KZ can finish her ironing - I was challenged to think that I could have brought the wrong baby home 20 months ago. Two girls fought for one fat mummy, leaving me no space on the bed. Athena knocked out quite fast, hubby snoring, I got punched! Aricia used her legs to push/kick me! Look at me and then decided to hit my cheeks!
I feigned sleep, she continued walking around the bed, falling backwards and all the time I stick my legs out as a 'fence' to block her falling backwards. I was more worried if she'll fall seeing how fast she is moving on the bed. Carried and tried to lull her to sleep, she refused and she's very sleepy, her eyes was about to close then jumped up and lay herself down on my legs. She prefered to sleep smelling our smelly feet. Put her back next to me, ended up tussling with her playing around; walking again. Then she lay down on our feet again. ?!?! I have no idea what the heck she's thinking!!

Long wait / Twist of events / No contact

Goash! I can't believe how efficient the embassy works!

Brought KZ down to the stupid dead-end laned St Martin's Drive (and got to make a 3 point turn out and worry if I'll run wheels over anyone's feet) this morning at 10+. I saw a huge group of people and........ asked the security guard, said I had to wait for the official to come out to enquire him myself, coz' it seems there is a change of plans, the voting still continues in the first half of the day. Well, I had to ask KZ to ask the people around in her language. And she told me that there 50+ people ahead and she's number 167. She felt a little awkward that I had to wait with her, I also do not want to wait with her coz' it's hot out there (can you believe it! It's the first time I've seen an embassy that closes its gate and everybody gotta wait outside - she said it's very usual for people in Myanmar to wait... so she's not surprised to see it happening here) + Aricia is fidgety. And so, I went to Borders to buy the long overdue atlas for Athena. Ended up with 2 - Geography Of The World & Picture Atlas. An hour and half later I went back, only 2 number's been called! What the ?? If I had known, I would have stayed in there longer. But I also worry she collapse of hunger, need to pee etc...

Left the place, I doubt she'll be attended to today. She said "I will wait tomorrow , I don't care from morning until the office close!" I told her , "what's the use of you waiting the whole day if the number still don't get called? You might need to go back on Wednesday." Argh! I might not be able to hit the gym if my words are super-zun.
"wait wait wait, and they never tell us who can go back home. Every time like that......" she complained even more which I shan't write down here.
This waiting game is not only inconveniencing her but me too! Thank goodness I finished everything but still.... I need to pack bags, buy things. How? Now hubby gotta last minute fly off, I mati! I surrender! I 死的很惨.
Good thing that I never leave things to the last minute huh? Imagine, if I had intended to bring her to the embassy on Wednesday.. sure cannot make it in time.

What a twist (cyclone) of events. I think we've had such eventful 2 years with KZ. The news of her sister with cancer, and now that with her going back coincides with the voting + cyclone. Ai yoh!
Tried calling back home but lines engaged, suppose the lines all got cut off. So I tried to help her email her niece in Yangon. But no reply so far, electricity out I was told as I got back from Athena's Berries Class. What'll happen if her sister waits for her at the airport?
And she's quite apprehensive in going back (maybe nothing to look forward to since everything's disarray?? And maybe instead of enjoying her holiday, she ended up doing charity work with her church? ), kept saying "I go back after you and sir come back." And you know that's not possible, I can't manage alone with the 2. As it is, putting Aricia to sleep was a problem over the weekend - which I'll blog later. I'd love to let her go, coz' afterall she'll miss her family. And she kept saying "4 years... 4 years no see family." I don't think I'm that inhuman not to let her go back right? Yes, I can let her go back probably next time when we decide to go on a trip, but when? What happens if hubby makes his decision last minute? In the end, she still has to queue to pay for her income tax. And don't forget her passport is due in Feb 2009, she'll have to queue again to renew her passport. Before going back after the next contract, she'll have to queue again to pay for income tax!

* asked her how she feels, she says her heart is not heavy so she is confident her family is safe.


Athena pointed to a toy box that says Made in Isreal, then she asked me "mummy what is this. Is re?" "It's Isreal, a country."
"Oh! Isreal? That's number 18. "
"What number 18?"
"Number 18. Sure, I very sure."

Then I remembered the map in her room and the flags. So I asked her to point to me where is Isreal - spot on! Determined that it's sheer coincidence, asked where is United Kingdom. Immediately she turned her head slightly to the left and showed me. Where is China? Spot on again!!

Ah ha! You know what I learn today? Next time you want to send your kid for a time-out spot, paste something there. Actually I didn't punish her, but since I bought the map I saw her going there in her leisure time a few times. And once or twice she hid herself there when she didn't get things her way and she was throwing tantrum.

A few days ago, I decided to test her on the various flags in a school. I pointed out to her and she answered me. I thought "wow, my daughter genius siah! Can recognize Mexico and Canada flag." I was smiling............then KZ had to tell me "mum! there's word on it. She read the word." Duh! It's not her being a genius but the mother is blind!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008


All planning done and printed out. Now gotta slot bring it down for binding. And update on the stupid credit cards, we changed to another non-microchipped card and rests of accomodations booked, ferry booked (phew!)
I'm one day late from my own deadline, which was on 30th April.

So it's good to set deadlines for myself. You see! My helper has decided last minute to stay so I have to settle her tax things; air ticket.
I did bring her down with me on Friday after Aricia's class but the embassy's closed for voting. So, tomorrow heading down again, she's flying off on Saturday. Gasp! I didn't hear her telling me "it's voting, protests... airport crowded, road... Aung Sang Syu Kii house near... never mind I take a long way back home." Oh oh.........

Um! Have things to update but I'm so tired now. Will write when I'm a little free.