Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

It's a different trick-treating this year. Instead of joining the atmosphere in our usual place, I brought it closer to home. Yes I did, I organised the informal event in our condo for about 50 families. I must admit it wasn't an easy feat trying to go through the proper channel but to be snubbed as an "only angmoh festival", "later people complain how come got white thing floating around" etc... MC wasn't keen in allowing any free access to the gates too.

Plan Execution :
Access to blocks
But I did overcome all and thankfully all the parents were obliging when I gave instructions that by default the uppermost level in each block will be the number the kids had to intercom should they can't get inside the block. Of course if there were any accompanying parents who have the access cards, just tap and let them go up. 

Leave all planning to me. Please trust me
Of course there are some who would try and tell me I should do this n that. I told them it's okay, I'll listen and take into consideration but I'll have everything planned out. When I do things, I like to plan it down to details so nobody would feel it lacking somewhere. Of course nobody here knows me well enough. 

I cannot let the kids wander on their own. Can you imagine the mess and noise there would be if every kid calls to the resident/s to unlock the gate? And the residents wouldn't know when to expect the little guests.
Thus I grouped the kids, with varied age in each group. Making the eldest as the group leader. What the group leader needs to do is to tell the kids where they should go and to paste sticker to the units they've been to. And they only need to call once. There were 6 groups, so the uppermost level resident would only get 6x of calls or maybe less. 

Cannot anyhow move also coz nobody will know when it'll end. As long as I tell the families, 6 groups. They'll know when the last group comes, nobody else would be ringing their doorbell after that. They moved in clockwise direction, a syncronised movement. Each group starts in different block. Of course sometimes the wait can be a little longer; can be shorter coz there's uneven number of units opening up in each block. But oh well, I can't think of any other plans better

I was meeting the neighbours for the first time and I got everything down. There were nice mummies who asked if they could help coz I was on solo. Guess I'm used to it. *wink* so I declined help. 
I even had stickers with kids names on it, with their parent's name as well, group number and age. It helped me a little coz at least I know who (the parent) I'm talking to later. 
Passed them a small goodie pack too. 

Warm up
A quick musical game. I was lucky I had some sporting parents who livened up the atmosphere and then the trick-treating commenced.

Happy kids
Happy kids were shouting and making noises as they walked from one block to another. Some were singing. Really happy to hear them happy. 

Some initiation on Aricia's group. They were trick-treating one unit, when the neighbour opened their door and asked, so J's mom said it's a parent organized event. The neighbour asked if their son could join in, so they let him join in. Well, it's good that he enjoyed himself so far. He was in his t-shirt and shorts but it's ok as long as he's happy. 

Event ended
My kids and Iggy was really happy. Sugar sweet high. Haha! And he said he'll join us next year again. Glad that parents said their kids were happy with the whole event, though I must also credit the families for making it fun for the kids. 

Here are some photos :
The only ground unit that is decorated. I swear I got frightened by the spider I pasted on the wall. How silly!
 The treats I prepared for the kids. So able to wrap up the glowsticks
 My little witch
 My nephew who can't wear his underwear properly

 Getting the kids to groove to the monster music
I'm waiting.... I'm waiting..... meanwhile heard some noise. Great! The organiser can't even enjoy it!!
Trick-treaters coming by. This group was relatively cheery, one parent got the kids singing and say some poem. As mine was the only unit on the ground floor that opened up my door, and despite the sign I wrote on my main door to direct them to come by the PES, I still had them knocking on the main door. I did write "DO NOT ENTER. ENTER VIA PES" Sigh..... totally forgot that's what most would write.
 Spare candies in the box
 Mom helping me out in the distribution

This dad is so sporting.

 ** Bro took some photos when he followed them as well. Too lazy to make a collage.