Monday, May 29, 2006


They say pregnant women have funny cravings, and I totally agree!

I used to love fish when I was preggie with Athena. Now I hate fish and usually have no appetite for food. (I hardly take breaks in between my 3 meals now)

But not with this noodle from a stall at Blk 201 Tampines, a 5 minute walk from mom's place!

I've been practically going crazy with this noodle. The gravy is nice and the homemade chilli is nice. Now, the auntie sees me - she knows "lots of gravy and lots of chilli". I can have it 3 times a week.

Picture: Shredded chicken noodle. They have chicken cutlet; pork cutlet; fish cutlet; chicken feet and wanton

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Post- punishment,the mummy went soft on girl

If I said I was a harsh mummy, nobody will believe me. Coz' I go soft very fast too!

Girl having her fun at Hundred Acres Wood Carnival in Compass Point

Well, the June holidays will mean that I'm going to bring her out from school to gai-gai.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

The wild hare (me) went ballistic

This evening is so memorable!

The rest of the day on 25th May is supposed to be a peaceful one, having the intention of getting a small cake for my girl to celebrate her turning 41 months old, but it had to end in a different note (no pun intended)
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Infact it was at her music lesson which made me so mad. I don't know for what reason she didn't do or want to participate in anything today. Had to tell her to do so alot of times before she'll do it. By then the song ends.. she only did two songs. I simply don't understand what the heck she wanted. If she had wanted to get my attention - oh well she did for the next 2hrs +. I spoke to her nicely so many times to sing and do what she has to do, she just refused and stared at me. Gave her lots of chances, asked her if she wanted to go home now.
A : No
M : No. Then sing. If not we're going home
A : No I dowan to go home
M : Then sing
I can't remember how many times I repeated these sentences with her.
Mom came down to talk to her,was also mad with her performance. She coaxed her to do it etc..even offering to do it with her.
That stubborn girl still refuse.
At that point, I just stood up while the class in still on. Walked to keep the stools and told Peggy that I had to leave the classroom. I think Peggy saw my face turning black, and even said "cool down". Girl saw the look on my face & started brawling "I want mummy. I want mummy.." -which she always does when she gets punished from me. I walked back to pull girl by her hand (which mom told me not to hold her hand in that way coz' it'll break her arms etc..), at that time I just wished I can break her arms. I had that much anger in me. I walked out of the class on my own while girl was still crying. I don't know if my mom felt embarrassed at that moment, but I was. It was definitely the first time a mother walked out of Peggy's class - or I may be the first in the whole of Yamaha school to walk out of a class.
I don't think I can blame my raging pregnant hormones for my behaviour at that time.
Wait a minute!! Isn't a music lesson something to be enjoyed and not forced? Yes, I know. But I know my girl can do it; she just didn't want to do it. Alot of times, I've seen some other kids also refusing to do anything in class but their mothers never responded the same way as I did. So, can I blame my raging hormones for that; or is it my expectation from her? My expectation, as always explained to my girl, is you spent the same amount of time doing something- so do it well rather than a slipshod job. Perhaps you- as the reader- & seeing things from a different perspective will feel that things have to be nurtured and not forced. I don't deny I agree that things have to be nurtured but it's the personality of my child which force me to do what I did/ or have been doing all these while.
Anyway, back to the scenerio. I couldn't take it but to whack her hands outside the ballet studio. Mom said "I know how angry you are now, I felt very angry also, this one.. pull her out and discipline her outside." Well, I didn't have to listen to her to know that I had to discipline her there and then; my head was wild and I couldn't help but to whack her hard and scold her in public. Didn't want to stay longer in TM anymore, since she wasn't obeying me, she gets no chance to have her gai-gai and play in ToysRUs. Mom wanted to come with her incase I kill her granddaughter, I said "no. I'll drive you back home and you're not coming with me."I didn't want anybody to interefere when I punished my child. What more, girl will know she has another pillar of support from the grandma, so whatever I've been whacking her for will go down the drain."I guess mom had no choice but to tell me to "go lightly". When I'm mad, I speak like a ballistic mad woman "don't worry, you won't get to see your grandchild tomorrow. I will kill her tonight."
Honestly speaking I was screaming my head off in the car and scolding her for her actions. All girl did was to cry "I want mummy...I want mummy..."hoping to gain some sympathy. But sorry - when you are dealing with an insane person, nothing works!
While screaming I was also afraid that I may lose my cool, concentration and judgement while driving - and choy! end up in an accident. So had to go slow in middle lane. That gives me a longer time to scream at her (and not forgetting a hoarse voice after that). I dunno.. I just gotta show her I MEAN BUSINESS today.

In the car, she wanted me to hold her hand and help her down from her carseat. "No! One more sentence from you and it gives me another reason for me to whack you more."
At the carpark, she was still trying & hoping that I'll hold her hand (which gives her a sense of security). She kept asking me to hold her hand but I simply refused. Mad I may be, but I will not pose anything danger to her. I made sure there are no cars and walked alongside to ensure that no cars will come up suddenly. ( I remember I went tsk tsk in the case of a mother who was so mad with her son and walked across the road herself; leaving the son to cross the road. And the lady from a car quickly rushed out to carry the boy. I mean I've been mad too, I know the mother just can't think sensibly herself and just wished the son's dead. Many times I just wish I can break her arms; throw her down the building; throw her down from 3rd floor from where Yamaha is. All these will solve the heartpain) She was crying and asking me to hold her hand. Umm... people looked at us.

When I saw the wooden door ajar, hubby was home early. He came out to see us, but I told him to leave us alone as she's given me the ultimum and she's going to get a thrashing from me today. He walked back and the punishment starts. Brought out the trusty cane and beat her a few times.
Next punishment : the method mom used on me - kneel on the floor; pull her ears and chilli sauce (suppose to be chilli padi, but I dun have it) on her lips. Which made her cry even harder. She was crying for me; daddy which we ignored her.
I sat down and spoke to her. And she answered accordingly with 'yes & no.' At one point, I mentioned about how much I love her and bought her things she wanted and everytime I see something she likes; I'll buy it for her eg. her favourite vegetable snacks. And then she said "mummy that day I go Botanical Gardens you buy for me vegetable snacks. You put alot of things in my schoolbag, I eat and eat." Dunno to say I was angry with her or what.. here I am telling her off; here she is conversing with me while pulling her ears. "mummy bought you so many things. Then a simple request- by asking you to listen to me, you can't do it."
She knelt at the corner for an hour plus until I put her small plate with two slices of bread and water for her to drink (as the 2 of us did not have dinner at all). She finished the bread; rushed to put the plate in the sink; ran back to the corner and went into her punishment pose. I don't know to laugh at her or what.. Let her continue the post for the next 15 minutes until I told her to come to where we are. At this time, she dare not ask for daddy's sympathy. She didn't pretend to cry.
Come 10+pm, I told her to follow me to her room and brought her music bag with me. Obediently, she did everything so well. See, what I mean??

At dunno what time dad call to ask about Athena when she was still kneeling down in the 'Punishment Corner'.
M: Punishment
Him: Call her to the phone
M: No.
Him: Is this how you discipline your child? (slams down the phone)

I was F@#*-ing mad at him for saying that to me. The least I want is to leave me to discipline the child without any interference from anybody. Which explains why I didn't want mom to come over. Coz'girl will know that she can rely on someone; grandma's heart goes soft; go forward to hug her; - then what is the lesson learnt??
I was prepared to quarrel with him or anyone who steps in (yes! even if it means they're my in-laws). And I heard too the next day (26th) that brother and grandpa was heart-pained.

Post punishment
Although I threaten to kill her grandchild, I didn't do it. Well, at least I didn't want to end up the rest of my life in guilt and in jail. Joke aside, I didn't have the heart to do it. Infact, although I was really mad at her. The cane slashes were done when she had her cardigan on. Then I pulled down her cardigan and let her kneel in that hot corner.
How should I phrase it? Any mothers would agree with me that in a fit of anger- harsh words; vulgarities all come out from the mouth. But then we were the ones who shared that close bond with the child for 9 whole months, any beatings I gave her I felt the pain myself. It is heart-breaking for me to do that. I broke down and cried in the kitchen while cooking my instant noodles-hubby saw my teary eyes.

Girl is fighting for attention??

I have noticed that girl has been sticking to me like a leech recently. She has been asking me to do this and that for her; refuses any help from anybody. And even when mom stays overnight, she'll refuse to sleep with her. She always wants me to sleep next to her and turn to her side and hug her, in turn she'll put her small arms around me too.

I think it's what they call 与兄弟姐妹战斗为注意 in teochew.

How long would this last? Even fighting for my attention when baby2 is a toddler? Frankly speaking it'll be hard on me. But I thought girl was so prepared to be an elder sister coz now she keeps telling us to call her 姐姐. I may be wrong, I may end up being busy tearing them apart from fighting for my attention.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

1) Baby is very active-like her sister 2) Conversation with hubby

I am not sure if I had felt Athena moving in me at 20 weeks, but I felt baby2 punching me or kicking me. I get that "thump thump thump"feeling very often now.
I've got another potential black belt TKD master.
Athena was very active when she was in me, she'll kick; punch; move alot. I suffered alot of abuses from her and now from her sister too!
But having said so, I'm glad I felt the baby's movement, so at least I know baby is enjoying herself.

They were showing some things on pregnancy on Discovery channel two days ago. Narrator suggested to listen to music (as if we all don't know), then hubby asked me "you got listen to music for baby or not?"
M: Mainly it's Athena's music, when I play for Athena baby listen lor. Once in a while will pop baby's CD lor..
H: Then got talk to baby or not?
M: (looked at him)Huh? Last time with Athena - yes lah coz' nobody around to take care of mah.. Now U know I got my hands full with that girl, I dun talk much to this baby. And probably baby will listen to "Athena why are you so naughty" from me.
H: (laughed at the remark, turned to ask daughter) Athena next time mei-mei come out, first thing she'll ask you is "Athena why are you so naughty?"
A: (girl who is struggling and trying to concentrate on her new yoga pose) Huh......

When told him about gender yesterday.
H: U think our girl will be as pretty and cute as Athena? Will look like her
M: Hopefully.. (in my heart, hope she has nice eyelashes and tall like her sister)
H: Wonder how's the personality like? So coward like Athena?
M: Hopefully not. But I won't be surprised if this little dog is able to protect her elder sister like Joseph protects his elder brother Jeremy.
H: But baby won't feel upset about wearing old clothes meh??
M: Why should she feel so? Don't tell me Athena's clothes will only be worn by her and then thrown away? Some ppl like same gender so can pass down clothes. And this is a good timing to teach Athena about sharing.
H: Like so poor thing... And then Athena already went to so many countries, next time it'll be harder for us to travel with 2 kids. This baby will travel lesser countries than Athena
M: Maybe yes for now coz they're both generally still young but maybe in a year or so, Athena would be older and probably abit more sensible. She can take care of herself while we watch over her and take care of baby. She can help also..


Haven't been updating so will do a quick one.

The crazy girl today said she wanted to go to school, when I had the intention of bringing her to the library. Anyway, since she hardly portray such eagerness to attend school; I decided to pat her buttocks to school. She went in quite late though and just missed her favourite Chinese class.
Meanwhile, I had to return her library books and borrowed more books for her - which I thought she'll be happy but she was crying for a particular "Star" book that she likes.

Was getting a little anxious as the clock hands tick by, as I needed to bring her in to school and then drive down to Orchard for my gynae appointment, but girl was taking her own sweet time. I was telling her "hurry up, hurry up Athena" She didn't want to go to school, and said she wanted to follow me to see Dr Teoh "because I like Dr Teoh". Decided to bring her along and then bring her for a movie. But since I'm going to stay long in Orchard, I'll prefer to train down. So off we went to Mt E. She was happy to see him and all the aunties. I asked Wee Chee about the Shanghainese girl, if she had given birth, as I haven't seen her for a long time. But she told me a sad news. She gave birth in the clinic at 20 weeks, she came to see him about her severe abdominal pain and they checked - baby was at her vagina already. All she did was one push and the baby came out. But sadly, at 20 weeks there is no way doctors can save a baby coz'they are still dependent on the mummy. "Her mother cried; grandmother cried like crazy", I felt sad for her. Becoz' everytime the granny sees Athena, she loves to play with her. She was waiting for the day to carry her own grandson. But God had to play a trick on them; the world just collapsed on them in one second. And I heard too she's an IVF case. Why? Why is it some people who can have babies chose to abort their children. And why some wants to have children badly just can't have one?

Here's a shot of her and Dr Teoh
Today I found out the gender of baby2. She's going to be a sweet little girl. However I must admit it was quite hard to see the genital area and all they could say was "should be a girl" and not ''it's a girl".
Something that made me happy is that I didn't put on weight : My weight 60.2kg ( I lost 0.3kg) but baby gained weight. Haha! Can I put on less than 10kg for this pregnancy?? I hope so.

After the appointment, we had our lunch at My Mum's Cuisine. I remember that place - I went there just after my last appointment with my gynae years ago (when he told me he had to induce birth soon). I told myself I better eat all the good food before I start my confinement. I ordered lots of food.
She wanted to go into ELC (again)- she likes the train set there. Then I witnessed something funny.
Two kids were playing alone without adult supervision. A was holding a toy, B wanted to snatch toy away , A struggled but lost, B got the toy, A snatch back, fight ensued, B try to snatch back, A pushed B down and whacked B hard like gangster. I went over and spoke loudly "hey. No no fighting. "The sales assistant heard me and carried the victim. A stood up and started crying loud -acting like a victim- while B kept quiet. Mother rushed in.
And you know what A is a girl, B is a boy.
Wah... very stylo mailo. If only my girl can fight.
When I told the SA and hubby the incident, I giggle at the thoughts that a boy got bullied. They found it amusing too!

Girl dozed off so I train down to Dhoby Ghaut. Checked out the timing of Over The Hedge and bought the tickets.

At Spotlight: she put on this cute hairband. And I managed to get a shot before my camera went low on battery. Pity I couldn't take a picture of us together with me & her in the cute hairband.

Such perfect timing, the show ended and hubby was already reaching DGhaut. We had our dinner; walked around a little and then head for home.

Had to send car for servicing today. Hubby decided not to go to work today and decided to go out with me. Girl found it strange that daddy didn't work and asked "mummy, why today daddy and mummy bring me to school?" "Daddy is always working and never send you to school. So today he wants to send you to school." "Ohhh.........(pauses awhile and then started shouting to daddy) Daddy my school is in Tampines, you know the way?" We found it funny and laughed at her comment.
Met my ex-colleagues for lunch. Wau.... I realised now they really have to rush through lunch - coz' my ex company is very particular about punctuality. I didn't want to hold them back and told them to go off when they need to.
Wanted to bring girl home as we'll be collecting our car soon. Brother called to ask to borrow girl as Dr Lori wanted to see her. Dr Lori is a doctor in the hospital in Ohio, where brother was on training for a month or two last October. She's here in Singapore for a seminar which she's conducting. So brother played host to them. He and mom brought her home to us.

Mom, Dr Lori, her daughter-Heather (don't they look alike?)
Impish girl had to run about when they want to snap a photo together

Wonder what is girl up to? Sticking her head out.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Baby2's gender & all my rambling tots

I forgot that today's scan is going to be thorough one for defects etc..

Of course before the scan, I had to sign an undertaking that says scan result is not 100% accurate. I can't remember if I had to sign something years ago. (Anyway, I'm so forgetful. Can't even remember current things.. blame it on pregnancy.Keke!)

Athena was well-behaved and stood there like a goon-goon kid, staring at the screen. Dr Teoh came in and played with her; sat her on his lap while he told her "that's the head; the hand.....did you see it?" Athena just nodded her head.I wonder if she knew what she was looking at..all she knew is it's her di-di. Then they try to see the genital area. Baby2's very mischievous, I think baby2 is going to be like Athena. Baby2 kept crossing the leg; they decided to go back again some time later; went back baby2 legs was opening but then closed back again. So they merely caught a glimpse. Then Dr Teoh needed to do the scan himself; he did what he needed to do and then decided to scan the genital area again.
"Should be a ......Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

First thing I did was to turn to look at girl(who was holding my hand) and said "Athena you were wrong. It's not di-di, it's mei-mei." Then that girl became so defensive or is it forgetful said "I told you it's mei-mei.." Duh? They must have thought I was disappointed, coz' they said "girl is good.." And even gynae told me he share good relations with his daughter than with his son. Umm... they really think I'm disappointed.
Was I?
No, on the contrary although hubby and myself wanted a boy to complete a family and have a 好 word, I was more than happy to have a girl. Coz' I think girls are cute; can wear her sister's pretty dresses; and have more 爱心. Am I worried that they will stick to their daddy more since girls tend to stick to daddy? No, not the lest worried... if I look on the brighter side - can get them off me. Hehe!
Now gotta start thinking of girl's name. If it was a boy, we would have decided on 'Timothy' since we both like this name. But before I really start calling my baby, I'll get a confirmation from my gynae she's going to be a cute little girl. Er... maybe this baby's little willy is small??

This is a picture of my girl and my funny gynae - Dr Teoh

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Had always been a bear lover - yup! I've always loved Pooh, Friends Forever bear and Tatty bear. Just don't ask me why I love bears.

Anyway, did a 100-acre wood quiz test and was hoping to say that I have the character of Pooh. But no- it had to be Kanga. Umm... maybe it's suggesting that Athena is Little Roo

Take the 100 Acre Personality Quiz!

Amazing Race 9

I thought I had missed the final episode of Amazing Race 9, but was I glad that it was a 2hr telecast from 2200hrs-0000hrs. I watched the second half of the race.
At the end of it, I was happy that BJ & Tyler (known as the Hippies)won the race. Lucky for them, although they came last twice but they were the non-elimination round - so they survived. And many episodes we see them jumping around; enjoying themselves; having good relations with other team players.
The brainy ones (BJ & Tyler who graduated from Harvard & Stanford) despite their looks triumph over the masculine ones. So who say masculine are good??

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Catches tune very fast

All the while I knew that my girl catches tune to songs very fast, never did I expect just listening a few times she could remember it so well.
Just the other day, I heard her humming to herself when she was doing some colouring. I went up closer and after some time I realised it was : Onara 오나라 theme song from 大长今- the Korean drama that is showing on ChU now.

Hubby and myself were quite interested in this show, so we turned it on every night(Infact we missed alot of earlier episodes & only started watching in mid-April ). Girl who is still sleeping with us, either refuses to sleep or can't sleep with TV on, would watch it with us. Then come 10pm, when the trailer starts, she'll excitedly scream "It's hey ah hey ah..." 'Hey ah, hey ah' is her interpretation of this show. And why?? -->
End of the show, she'll sing to the song. Nobody can make up what's the lyrics coz' it's in Korean but she'll sing "hey ah, hey ah. Pai ya pai ya..." And some time during the song its " la". I think she heard some words sounding the same. Haha!
But I'm so proud of her, she catches tune fast and ahem.. is not tone deaf.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The most dreaded thing..

The most dreaded thing I want - is to pass my bug to my girl.
I haven't been feeling well since Saturday and true enough on Monday it got worse. Only yesterday I decided to bring my girl to her PD before I go back to the doctor myself. PD confirmed that I've passed it to her. Darn! I slept in different rooms from them for 2 nights, but somehow still .... I think it's the day time contact with her.
Nevertheless, it's really heartening to know that my girl showed so much concern for me when I told her I was not feeling well on Saturday. She chided me "you never wash your hands; you fall sick. Got bacteria. Quickly mummy go wash your hands." Then when I was feeling achy behind, I was trying to 'beat my back', that girl went behind me and said "mummy, I massage for you" and gave me a hard whack. *cough cough* She almost killed me.
Then on Monday night, she kept insisting on sleeping with me although I already told her "no". In the end, I thought, anyway she's already got the bug from doesn't matter.
A big re-shufflement between hubby and me. He slept in her room; while girl and me have the big bed to ourselves. I told her that "mummy can't sleep in aircon room. And you'll feel hot", she was very understanding and said "tomorrow you ok, you turn on aircon. Today you sick sick, you sleep with fan. Athena no hot." Poor girl.... she kept turning towards me in the night and she was perspiring..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Caught in action

Sometimes it is really difficult to capture natural shots of my girl, coz' she'll do silly things when she sees me holding the camera.

Today, was able to sneak a few shots of her until she realised I was there. Good thing she didn't make monkey faces or pout her lips.

My girl sang for me

This is the song Ms Chan taught the little children. And she sang for me today, even obliging to sing again for me to record it down.

Click here. Very sweet isn't it??

My girlfriend, Audrey, was nice to send me an sms in the late evening to wish me Happy Mother's Day, although I was giggling away. But it was nice of her.
Which comes to remind me of my ungrateful husband.
Earlier in the day, he asked what's the date today at NTUC Supermarket. I answered "14th, and it's Mother's Day. You never wish me."
His reply was "you are not my mother what??"
"Well, I'm your daughter's mother."
"Then ask Athena to wish you. A-the-na......"
At that moment, I wish I could make a run for the kitchen department and take a knife and re-enact the Psycho murder scene *ding ding ding ding*

Our Mother's Day card this year

I just love making cards since young. Mom has a collection of cards that I make for her every birthdays, Mother's Day and I think one or two Christmas cards.
Last year, I could not find the time to make her one. So this year decided to squeeze in a little time here and there

In the front of the card are some phrases printed on a hard paper and pasted a vellum over it.

Phrases which I found very meaningful.

~ 母爱 ~

没有更强债券究竟 ...

永不有所有时期之久改变 ...


上帝保佑他们每一个 ...



一个母亲的爱情生活上 ...



用于他们对一种更高的爱的爱 ...


Inside the card, I managed to find an illustration of a mother with 3 kids, and just nice - 1 boy, 2 girls. Printed on vellum paper (very difficult to print, jammed the printer twice).

It's a simple card but mom will like it whether it's handmade or purchased off the shelf.

Mother's Day

What is Mother's Day to me? Does it hold any meaning to me?

Nah... my girl is still too young to understand this. I wonder if she'll ever do the little things to make my day on the second Sunday of May every year when she's older?

Time being, I'll be happy if she don't drive me up the wall with her nonsense behaviour and tantrums.

Origins of Mother's Day

There are two theories as to the origins of Mother's day.

One is traced back to the Ancient Greeks where Dhea, the mother of all gods and goddesses was honoured once a year. In Rome, the mother godess was known as Cybele and she was celebrated for three days. The Church later adopted this practice to celebrate Mary, the mother of God.

Another origin can be traced back to Ancient Egypt where the goddess Iris was celebrated once a year. She was supposed to represent the ideal Engyptian wife and mother

Eventually, in UK, 'Mother's Day' was celebrating on the 7th Sunday of Lent. Families would reunite over a special dinner.

Today, mother's day is traditionally celebrated in May, but on different days depending on the country. Some people wear a red carnation on this day, or a white one if their mother has died.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mother's Day dinner with in-law and family

Today we met up with my in-law and family for Mother's Day dinner. We were headed for Singapura Restaurant @ Selegie Road - which serves Hockchew food. In-laws and hubby are Hockchews.
We left the home slightly earlier at 5pm.

Girl talking to Ah-yi on the phone. Very stylo mailo hor??
Athena on kiddy ride. She was so funny acting like a mummy to her bear bear, sneaking to open her bag to kiss her bear once-in-a-while.
We parked at Cathy Cineleisure and walked down to Plaza Singapura. Didn't walk much by the time that girl was hopping and junping around in the mall, we had to leave the place. Not without first stopping at LJS - I was quite tired from walking.
Was not my usual self as I think I'm coming down with the flu bug. I just don't feel the same.
Freaked out when we were walking towards the venue- which is near to Oasis Holistic where I used to go for my free- Pilates class (subscription gift for Shape magazine). Told hubby "no way I'm walking back later".
Surprisingly, we were the first to arrive followed by in-law;Aveliane & family, and then Jasline & family.
I didn't eat much coz' food not what I liked.(anyway I was feeling rather queasy and uncomfortable - not forgetting that I just vomitted at home before I came out)
SIL ordered :
1) Fuzhou Cold Crab
2) Fragrance crispy duck
3) Red wine chicken soup
4) Fried liver with kailan
5) Fuzhou fishball soup (which only had 4 fishballs so all the 4 kids got the fishballs)
6) Dunno what marinated fish
7) Red wine kong-bak with the pao

But who cares when the first cold dish - Cold Crab came. I ate without caring that I just killed how many crabs the night before.

[*Gasp* I think history is repeating itself. I was always craving for crabs when I was preggie with girl. And then regretted it, coz' girl turned out too active.]
-> Red wine chicken is meant to be good during confinement but I just don't like the wine taste so had a small bite from hubby's chicken and gave it back to him.
-> Fish is nice, considering how I hate fish now, I actually ate the fish.
-> Fried liver with kailan : the flour and marination is nice. I simply hate liver but was told "good, must eat replenish blood" . I tried and yes, it is nice. But the more I looked as I cut the liver, I see it's liver and it freaks me out! It's no wonder mom says I'm a fussy eater and difficult to feed me. Now my girl is doing the same to me - retribution. After eating two bites I gave it to hubby.
Ps. Vampires - don't suck my blood ok? I have no blood for you to suck.
Mom-in-law and Johnny
Aveliane & family and Jackie
Aunty Jasline & Uncle Johnny
We left the restaurant about an hour plus later and went separate ways.
Okay, it's time for me to take my panadol now.. think the caffaine from Coke would have worn off by now.
Goodnight everyone!

Friday, May 12, 2006

Celebrating Mother's Day

After alot of booha here and there, we had to settle for our celebration on Friday in Kublai Khan instead of a Hawaiian BBQ on Sunday at Swissotel Merchant Court . Umm.. we haven't cancelled our reservations yet. Haha!

The main star of the night - trying to look cheery despite her giddiness
Mongolian horse greeting you at main entrance - Mongolia is often described as the "land of the horse"
Buffet spread of International, local and Mongolian BBQ
Brother was told by the guy who brought us in that girl dines free. He used his belted waist as a guide - huh?
I didn't take any starch but filled my stomach silly with chilli crabs. I can't remember how many I had (all I know is I was feeling uncomfortable in the wee hours)
I told a boy off for being so "unhygienic" by licking the chocolate off his marshmallow and then using the stick to poke into another marshmallow and probably put the stick in the fondue fountain. He got a shock and turned to his father. Some child ! And the father also one kind!!

Cooking food on a griddle
I left the table to take some photos and then the GM offered to let me into the kitchen to take photos. True to what he said, it wasn't even hot or greasy in there. He then told me about how the filter system works and said "well, if you're ready to take over the restaurant also can". I looked at him and joked with him, I can't manage a business I only know how to eat. Haha! Should have asked him to look at my tummy - like I'm going to pop this year and you think I got time.
Anyway, it was really nice of him to ask another chef to do a 360deg turn for me to see. It was only when he passed me his namecard, I realised he was the Mr Jason Oei I was emailing to when I made some enquiries.

Food aside, we presented mom with her card (will be posted later on the 14th). And then I gave her her SPA voucher while brother and sister gave her the Jean Yip makeover voucher. More photos will be uploaded in the KodakGallery.
Girl today then sang the full song :
"Happy Mother's Day to you(smooch smooch)
{- ps she didn't mimich the smooch sound the night before}
Happy Mother's Day to you(smooch smooch)
I love you, dear mummy
Happy Mother's Day to you "

She enjoyed herself, looking at herself in the mirror and making funny faces. Mom said food was so-so.
Later on, another guy came to check with us how many had the meal we said 6 adults (coz the guy told us girl dines free) but the waiter still wrote 6 adults, 1 child. We then sought clarification from the guy who told brother that. Then this time, the guy said "yes girl pay". He then carried her out from her chair to do measurement, this time he said something different that girl reaches his belt when earlier was shorter. Sister made a remark "she suddenly grew taller." Mom said she's so small, only coz' she follow daddy who's tall. Then he asked us "do you have a student card to prove her age?" "what student card, she's only 3 years old." We laughed at the way he asked us the question.
Anyway he made some checks with probably the GM and then ok - girl dines free. They better put a height measurement instead of using his belted waist as a guide. Then don't promise us one thing and practice another.
We left the place about 2 hours later. Girl was so upfront in saying "ok. I want to sit in ah-yi's car. " We always have this problem of struggling to bring her home with us after any outing.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wah piang.. that gu- niang / Couldn't keep her excitement

I cannot take it, my girl is a wimp!

Today, I brought her to Tampines pool alone as she wanted to play on the "slide n mushroom". Since she was so keen on the slide, I gave her the instructions to walk up the stairs herself "be careful the steps are wet"- coz' I cannot rush down in time to 'catch her'.
I waited & waited and thought it must be a long queue. A man was up there with his son and I asked if there was a girl with a bikini there. He nodded yes, when the girl appeared, he mimicked the action "this girl?" I waved "no" and quickly went behind. Just then a maid was carrying her. She was crying "I want mummy.. I want mummy." 2 boys were excitedly narrating to me how she fell and she had a little blood on her knees. Wow! They make good story-teller.
Wah piang ah....ask her to do something simple also can fall down. ?? All the other kids never fall down, she fell! So careless!! Makes me worried that she cannot take care of her ownself - like that I must make sure I live to a ripe long age. I worry she gets bullied.
After that episode, I cuddled her by the pool. At first she didn't want to go back, but after some time she saw the kids playing - she said "yes". So, twice, I brought her up and asked the man (who so happened to be there again) to help me look after her while I went downstairs to 'catch her'. The man was quite helpful by putting her to sit down when he asked if I was ready. Anyway, girl came down the slide twice smiling and laughing. She had soon forgotten about the pain.
We went to the 1m pool after that to "make her swim and not just play with water". Time passes, before we know it we had spent 1hr+ there. Needed to leave as my parking coupon was expiring soon.


The card she sponge printed

Words written by Ms Chan but her lip print on it.

My priceless necklace

Usually whenever I pick her up from school, she'll run to me; open up her bag (if she has something to show me) - sometimes telling me "mummy, I got presents. Today is Elliot's birthday" or "mummy I got stickers".
Today she opened up her bag and said "mummy, mummy I make necklace for you", having said so she gave me the necklace and a card.
I only had the time to open up at home late in the night. When I was looking at the card she started singing to me (to the tune of Birthday Song) "Happy Mother's Day to you, Happy Mother's Day to you.." And then she refused to sing. Quite surprised, thought she was smart to make up the songs herself - coz she does make up lyrics and sing at home.
Umm... wonder if next time she'll make cards for me. Ps: I still keep the heart-shaped flower she made for me last year.

I think she sensed I was rather touched by her kind intention, later snuggled up to me and told me softly "mummy my leg pain pain, I want Dora plaster.." knowing that I will give in to her.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kids R just kids..

My girl never fails to amuse me.

Just today, she told me..
A : Mummy, I want Got (God) to come to my house
M : (feigning ignorance) Got who?
A : Got (God). Jesus. I want Jesus come to my house
M : God is always in our house
A : Mummy, Jesus love me leh.....
M : Aha. Why do you say that?
A : Because Jesus never scold me.
M : (bursts out laughing)

Then she started singing " Jesus Loves me". Everything went well until she sang this part : -
" Jesus loves me this I know for the barber (Bible) tells me so. "
Everytime she sings this part I start laughing. And then she shut me up "mummy keep quiet, I am singing." I can't bear to correct her singing at that time cause it really sounded so cute. I did correct her after some time but she still say it's 'barber'.

Then I tried asking her to say her prayers before she sleeps.
She went : "Hands together, close my eyes. Early in the morning I sing a happy song.. ay no no no."
"Hands together, close my eyes. Thank you Got (God) for asking mummy to buy me cookies; thank you Got (God) for mummy read me book book; thank you Got (God) for mummy give me do painting. Amen. " - this also can pray huh??

* laughs *

Apart from the holy conversations we had, I was giving her her daily lessons. And today I was teaching her on 运动员(athlete). When I was reading a few sentences ending with the two words 比赛 (match) behind. She looked at me and said "mummy, mummy I know this word 比赛, it means nose dirt (and she pretends to dig her nose while giving me that cheeky look )."

Mom's health & how much my mom has done for me/us

Mom's health hasn't been good lately.

Infact friends, who have known me for long, know that mom had kidney failure before; went through haemodialysis for a couple of years; then a kidney transplant in 2000 and although she is given a new lease of life - things hasn't looked good at all.

Through the years, mom has been in and out of hospital more than anyone of us. Should I just say that in a month, she'll only be feeling well for only 7-10 days, the rests of the month she either gets pain here and there; side effects from her medication or worse still she falls sicks easily. Her fever gets high and for a person who has gone through kidney transplant fever is dangerous as it may affect the new kidney or show signs of deteroriation etc..
Infact, after her kidney transplant we thought that her medical checks would only be on her kidneys. We were wrong, she had some eye problems; heart problems and recently she told us her head is very painful. After many checks and CT scans, we found out that there is a cyst in some part of her brain. And there's no way she can remove the cyst. Now as I am typing this, my mom has been feeling sick and feverish for the past week. Her last hospital stay was like a month or so back, and I really don't wish she'll go back again soon.

It's really sad for me because everyone knows that I am very close with my mother. And only when I am a mother myself I finally understood how great my mom is. And how much she has done for us and the love for us is greater than taking care of her health.
Over the years mom painstakingly took care of us; gave us what we need; fed us well. And when we were working , her job didn't end there. She needed to go for haemodialysis 3 times a week. And sadly, we normally have no time to accompany her there. When she feels faint after her dialysis, she still has to struggle to make her way back home . And when we got home, the food is ready.. So much so, everything is done for us we didn't know she wasn't feeling well throughout the day. (and she won't tell us until we keep probing further. Most time she'll put a strong front but when she's really weak.. you can see it)
If you're talking about someone who can really tolerate pain, I must say it's my mother. Even now, my mom even thinks of those who are on dialysis. And she keeps telling us "do you know that when they poke that needle into your arm, it's very painful. The pain is beyond description." We wouldn't really know and I guess we don't want to know. But if she can say it's painful, it must be 20X painful for anyone of us to take.

Now then I understood how much she loved me. Despite her tiredness, she'll still wait for me early in the morning or late in the night when I return and follow me to the taxi whenever I had to fly- be it day, afternoon or night. She'll drag herself out of bed and pray to Goddess of Mercy for me. Making sure that the big joss stick continues to burn, and when it finishes she burns another one (if it's a 13 hours flight). She'll burn until the time I touch down. I guess it must be the grace of God and her Goddess of Mercy who were protecting me all those years ( I was lucky I never encountered earthquake in Japan or SFO before; on the day we left we saw some people running in the streets in Jakarta - which we found out later it was the riot way back in 1999??; after I came back from Karachi, there was a bomb set off somewhere, Sep 11- I almost changed to a States flight but decided to hold onto my London flight. Those are just on flights alone. I'm a sightseeing freak, I'll train to different parts of the country and so far no danger. Although I frightened my hubby - then boyfriend and mom for taking a plane on my own to another part in Turkey.Haha!)

Now that I have a girl, she'll want to help me out by helping to take care of my girl. She quoted "not that I want to snatch your daughter away from you but I want you to rest and enjoy couple moments with your husband." Who would do that? Nobody has offered to help me in such great lengths as my mom. Girl also sometimes keeps insisting to stay with mom, but I had to drag her home coz' it'll tire mom out. Then mom goes soft but in the end, I still bring her home with me.

How can I ever repay what my mom has done for me? Is God going to reward my mom for all the good things she has done for us. I only pray for her good health, I would want her to enjoy as much as she can now that she's old, and not to use the time to nurse her health.

Tuesday, May 9, 2006

Decent baby2

Baby2 is so decent, Wee Chee until now still can't scan the gender of Baby2. Today she tried and tried for a longer time turning and twisting the transducer probe - at some time kept tickling the navel. I was giggling away.
" Stubborn baby, kept covering the genital part," she said
At some time we were laughing at Baby2, he/she was moving the hands behind the head, go to the ears and the front, Baby2 did the same motion twice. What's amazing is the fingers (bones) I can see.
When I got back home, hubby asked. Said can't see, never co-operate. Then he commented "so stubborn like Athena, must be a girl." Secretly I'm wishing it's going to be a girl, though I want a boy. Nah.. I think I'll be much happier with a girl.

Weight now : 60.5kg (and I was 64.5kg when I was 38 weeks preggie with girl). 4 more kg to my targetted and I'm not even half way through my pregnancy. Argh!!
Click here to see on baby's development

Having waited 1 1/2hrs in the clinic, I had to quickly hit the gym before going for my lunch. Actually I was already famished but I don't care since I'm so keen in going to gym today, I had better do so.
What can I say, I haven't been to gym since I found out I was preggie.(Yah... not with the overtly conscious gynae I have and the conservative & overtly protective mother I have. Today secretly went to gym without mom's knowledge).
Although I haven't been gyming, I have been swimming. But it really feels good when I get to perspire during my workout. And mind you, I was doing very slow on the elliptical trainer & threadmill - spending 40 minutes exercising.

Monday, May 8, 2006

Baby moved !

I actually felt baby move last night.

Perhaps baby was all the while moving coz' I thought I felt some fluttering movements a month or two back. But last night I felt the baby move. Hubby who was almost in dreamland was woken up by me when I told him that. Immediately he turned over to feel the baby and he told our little girl (who's - unfortunately- still sleeping with us in the same room). Our girl didn't care much at that time coz' she wanted me to give her my full attention.

" I Surrender! "

I commented to hubby a few nights before that our little girl sleeps just like me - with both hands up.

Yesterday afternoon while the daddy and girl were taking their afternoon nap, I chanced upon the two of them with their hands up - saying "I Surrender!" Haha! We are all criminals.

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Clingy girl / Met my girlfriend

Girl had been sulking to me early this morning when I asked her to wake up. On the way to school, she kept telling me she "don't like school, don't want to go school."

When I brought her in, she didn't want to co-operate with Teacher Mumta for routine body checks. And then she started clinging onto me.

Infact, this morning I was also a little sulking coz' I had to wake up early- which I haven't done so for a long long time (about close to 3 weeks). And I was so used to having her around the house, I have to try to get used to it myself. Consolation : she wants to stay over at Tampines tonight, so I can wake up later tomorrow.

I didn't stay long as it will only make her cry. So I made a hasty exit into the lift after seeing that she wasn't crying. At mom's place, which I didn't stay long, I passed her girl's medication.

I had made arrangements to meet Alyse (who lives just the opposite block) , my ex-team girl, as she needed to pass me girl's plasters. It's very kind of her to get me *gasp* 14 boxes of a variety of plasters - Dora, Sesame Street, Spongebob and Barbie from LA. I've run low on the plasters which I bought last October. And cruel Aunty Alyse said "I make sure the next time I see your girl, I push her down so she can get to use the plasters". But thank you very much Alyse!! Thanks to Alyse for the cute Strawberry Shortcake bag too! I'm sure my girl will like it.

We chat for about an hour on our ex-team mates and then she needed to go for her appointment.

Oh yes! Before I forget, my girlfriend showed me some branded children clothes she bought from US. She also sells branded bags. She is able to help you get branded bags at a fraction of the price, when she helps you shop for your specific brand model. Well, you can check her here.

The long weekend is finally over!

We didn't do much except to vegetate at home during the long weekend, going to nearby Punggol Plaza for meals. Boring place but if we need that break, it's a good place to just "walk the time away".
Before we left PPlaza for home, girl insisted on buying the "egg-egg" (non spicy otak) from the "uncle outside". Needless to say she couldn't wait and was already eating one on her way to the car. And the moment we got back home, she sat herself down at the dining table and made herself comfortable.

Monday (1st May) we finally brought out her out to the pool, after we missed the chance the day before. Hubby was still hoping that she'll change her mind about the "swim" and kept telling her "look, it's going to rain. Can daddy bring you elsewhere?" "Ok, I want to go Wild Wild Wet!" (Ps. Wild Wild Wet is a waterpark in Singapore) I burst out laughing.
We finally made a dash out of the house. Actually the moment we stepped out of the car at Hougang, it did start to drizzle. But it cleared awhile later. Daddy & girl went into the pool while I was filming them. I was quite surprised when a lifeguard told me that filming is not allowed. And there's a signage outside. Huh? Well, anyway I didn't intend to take long and wanted to jump into the pool myself, so I shut the camera; apologized and left the bag in the locker. And joined them in the water.Scardy cat (girl) was so afraid of being alone. Perhaps she had too long break away from the pool.

Click here for pool

We left the pool for dinner outside. Girl was complaining she's tired, hubby said "yes! She must be tired after the swim." I answered him "what swim? She didn't swim, we swam and pushed her. We should be the ones feeling tired." We then left for home close to 8pm.

To think that she complained she was tired. At home she was so energetic and was watching VCDs and then she turned on the Yoga CD by Wai Lana. And started doing it. Quite hilarious, and to think that she thought she was really exercising.
Click here for Yoga Video 1
Click here for Yoga Video 2

My eyes couldn't open and it's time for dreamland.