Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Good News!!

How often do you hear people telling you on the phone - GOOD NEWS!! ????

It's one of the usual phone calls one can get from banks offering credit cards, loans and whatever rubbish except for hard cash and a big house to stay. People know my answers to shut them up
"I'm not working" and immediately they'll hang up the phone.

Today, I receive another phone call from a very cheerful lady, she sound very Filipina to me but it's okay she's using a different tactic on me. Not so, coz' we know what she wants to do right?
She : Do you hold any HSBC credit card?
Me : No
She : Oh good news! HSBC is offering you a Gold or Platinum card and you can redeem etc....
(being courteous and I was surfing on the other side, so let her continue yak lor.. she just needed a listening ear)
Me : Oh! Good news! That is if you can give me this card to an unemployed person.
She : (bursts out laughing) Thank you sooo much for your time.

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