Monday, July 31, 2006

The date is finalised!

Finally got the date for us to meet Aricia. But I'm not telling........

Wait for our good news

Oiishi Curry Puffs

Heard of the famous Oiishi Curry Puffs?

I never knew of their existence until today, as I walked past their shop in Upp Cross Street. Bought one to try and Old Chang Kee's curry puff is now seconded!Told hubby and he nodded his head that he knew about this famous curry puff. (chey! never share good news with me)

They have a variety of puffs :
Traditional puffs (too spicy for my standard but very shiok!)
Happy puffs (something like original but non-spicy)
Oiishi puffs (something like chicken pie - not bad!)
Sardine puffs
Black pepper chicken puffs
Curry prawns puffs
Vegetable puffs

Differences & similarities between 1st & 2nd pregnancy

1st : Loved fish. Must have my Cod at least 2-3 times a week
2nd : Hate fish like anything.

1st : Constant craving for crabs. Hubby almost had to look for 2nd job to support my "must have every week crab" meals
2nd : Not much craving. Loved soupy meals. But also dunno why loved Cheeseburger (when I hate beef)more than ever.

1st : Morning sickness was not that bad.
2nd : Practically fell in love with the sink daily; throughout the day.

1st : I think at this time 30 weeks, Dr Teoh said I had slight water retention but still managable
2nd : Everything looked normal so far

1st : Had the brown line from the navel down
2nd : Nothing leh...........

Loved durians for both pregnancies. But this second pregnancy asked for more.

No greeny looking things on my legs. Heng ah.........

Tummies are quite pointy-looking. As such many old folks thinks I was/am expecting a boy

Tummies are small. Maybe this second pregnancy tummy is even smaller? Coz' I don't have to use a clip to loosen the car seat-belt

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Observation : A foetus behaviour = That child's behaviour

A short chat with hubby in the afternoon.

M: Very strange, I don't wake up to pee in the middle of the night now.
H: Huh?(playing his game)
M: Last time when I'm preggie with Athena, I always get up to pee. This time round, it's the second trimester that I woke up. And logically as the baby gets bigger, supposed to be now that I'm going to toilet more often.
M: Maybe that time, Athena sat on my bladder. That's why!
H: (chuckled) She's always so mischievous, just like now.

Having said so, I told hubby that Aricia might be the total opposite of her elder sister. She will be a more obedient and gentle child. Mom said that too, but also lamented that in terms of looks - Athena will be prettier. I don't know, I hope not! I hope both of them are pretty princesses.

And why do I say that a foetus behaviour is the onset on the child's behaviour in the future?
When I was pregnant with Athena, I was tortured by her with her constant kicking and punching and moving. And her kicks and punches are mighty hard kind that will startle you. Many nights, she became so active in the night that I could not sleep. She'll start kicking on whichever side I'm lying.And I actually turned from left -right-left-right. So the kicks came from whichever side I'm on.
Once, I told her off "Athena, can you stop kicking and let mummy sleep?"
That naughty girl actually stopped kicking and the whole of next day - I had no movements from her. Any mummy would be worried right?
I had to baby talk her "Athena, okay mummy say sorry to you. Start moving please."
Amazing thing is she started responding to me.
Now, as she's growing up. I notice her mischievous behaviour. As naughty as ever!

As for Aricia, her kicks, punches and movements are very gentle. She moves alot in the day time and quietens down in the night. She's not as responsive as her sister when I talk to them both. Or perhaps I'm too busy with Athena that I hardly talk to Aricia. But she responds to music, especially her sister's music lessons' CD.
Well, we shall see a few years from now if it's true about her behaviour.

Rojak? Lojak?

Athena made me laugh before we took our afternoon nap. I turned on the CD player and slot in her Bible Song CD and she said this "mummy, mummy. I want to listen to lojak?" I didn't figure out what she meant until she repeated for the second time her mispronounced word - that she meant MOZART!

Ran away from home?

Hubby asked me this morning.

H: Zet never call home huh? You never tell her she can call or write huh?
M: Told her on the first day she stepped into our house. I keep asking her dunno who many time already leh..Macam I'm her mother like that keep asking her
H: Umm.......maybe she ran away from home
M: Hope not!

When I last asked her the week before, she said she will give it to me by this week to post. But today's the last day of the week.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

So touched!

Had a sudden craving or "quaving"-as my daughter pronounces it- for puff pastry soup. You know the once made famous by Country Manna?

Anyway, told hubby about it 2 hours before dinner, and asked to go Rivervale Mall. There's a stall there that sells it (not fantastic but enough to curb my quaving)

When dinner time came, he suggested going Pizza Hut. So we headed towards Hougang Mall, only to find it no longer there. I next suggested Han's but when I checked out their menu, they only served soup. He thought Jack's Place might have it, so we went there. Even before I could check out the menu he walked in. my dismay. No puff pastry too! Well, since I'm there I ordered my Lobster Bisque and a main course to share with Athena.

Nevertheless, I'm so touched that hubby made the effort to let me satisfy my quaving.
I should say lucky him! - for this pregnancy I didn't have much quaving for crabs.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Human Placentophagy anyone?

I know the word sounds bombarstic, but this simply means "eating your own placenta.

I know you will say yucks, I did say that. But having said so, human placenta has also been an ingredient in some TCMs. I mean, I actually bought Goat Placenta capsules to eat also what....
The benefits of eating placenta includes improving one's complexion, reducing hemorrhaging and decreasing the likelihood of postpartum depression.

Was talking about Cord Banking to my mom and casually joked to her about asking my gynae to put the placenta on my face while he is stitching me up. Mom suggested Placentophagy. Yucks! The sight puts me off....
(Imagine checking out of the hospital a few days later with your bag; baby and placenta ?!?!)
But then again, I think of all the nutrients that is inside. And Cassandra See actually bakes it; make into capsules and eat it.
I offered mom Aricia's placenta "hey!It's with the Korean Red Ginseng, birdnests and this time I was also prescribed Wild Ginseng - all the good stuff!" She laughed at my remark.
Anyone up for it?!? Heeheehee..

A long day

It was meant to be a short trip down town, but ended up spending 6 hours there.

I was supposed to collect my skirt from Dune Designs, and decided to pop by Athena's school to see her. Then I noticed her teacher is not around and asked the relief teacher what they're doing for the rest of the day "No formal lesson today. Play!" "In that case, I will pull her out from school and bring her out."
Good thing, I had her dress in my bag and tidied her up at the void deck. Cleaned her with baby wipes and put powder on her (thanks to the swimming bag I have inside the car). In less than 20 minutes, mom, Athena & me were ready to go.
In the car, she kept asking me "mummy where are we going? Going home?" I did not answer her as wanted to surprise her with her ELC. Instantly I forgot that just yesterday and this morning she made me so mad that I threatened not to bring her to ELC anymore.
Sigh............I love my girl too much!
Finally bought a dress for Aricia for her full month and Athena's Playdoh - forget about the stupid Lego toy lah!

We spent our time in Takashimaya and Paragon. Wanted to eat in Sushi Tei, but gniao gniao me feels it's quite pricey. And I kept flipping the menu to see if there's what girl wanted - nope! So I suggested going back to Sakae Sushi back in Tampines, since I also needed to send mom home.
We only got back home close to 10pm. We're really tired!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I'm a HOT HOT mama!

Just what were you thinking of??

I meant to say that I was feeling hot the whole night yesterday. Put on my spaggetti strapped camisole to sleep; had the aircon blast at 20 deg celcius high (worrying Athena & hubby might be frozen); had the fan on but then girl wanted me to sleep next to her (so went without the fan). So tempted to move the pillow to the floor and sleep directly under the aircon. But it means difficulty in getting up from the hard floor after that.
Darn! I just couldn't sleep all night. Tossed and turned. I'm so sleepy now. Going to nap later and yup! room is lovely cold for a penguin!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

United We Stand

We didn't have to wait until August 9th to show how united we are as Singaporeans. But we were really united as a family on Tuesday.

Hubby, myself and Athena apparently all fell sick at the same time.

On Monday night, after I showered her I asked hubby to dry her and dress her up. Coz' I felt like vomitting. And indeed I did even before he could dry her completely.
A: Ai yoh.....mummy you vomit out all the ice-cream
D: Mummy, eat ice cream?
A: Yes, a little bit. I also eat a little bit.

Later in the night, Athena was so sweet to tell me this before I turn in for the night.
A: Mummy you feel like vomitting?
M: Yes
A: Mummy, you must cook barley to drink then you will feel better. You always cook barley for me I feel better.

Thought I'd be better after the vomit, but I was wrong. I started having diarrhoea and through the night, I vommitted another time. Poor Aricia went on a diet, as all my food came out. I had to drink hot water to warm my stomach, after the repeat occurance of vomitting, I added glucose to my hot water. And like a good girl, kept drinking hot water for the whole of Monday night and Tuesday.
I have never slept so much in my entire life. But I am glad mom answered to my SOS call for help to help me babysit Athena and to bring her to Tampines yesterday as I did not want it to spread to her.

Apparently hubby suffered the same thing as me. (we had different food) But doctor said that my hubby's worse than me. Funny! He's worse than me but he got the appetite to eat. I didn't have the appetite to eat and I was quite 'lembek'. Maybe because with my 3rd trimester pregnancy I'm already beginning to feel exhausted also. I only wanted to lie down and that made me so comfortable, and he still could play his computer games while I have to wait until today to post my blog.Good thing, Zet had been a great help with all the housework. She saw me looking quite pale on Monday night and offered to give me a massage.

As for Athena, she has been coughing and I was too lazy to bring her all the way to her PD in Tampines. And start worrying about if Dr Lee is going to ask me to continue giving her her puffs and prescribe Athena antibiotics. But this doctor says her lungs are clear, no sounds of wheezing and if in the night she was wheezing. I said "no". "Then no need for what antibiotics or ventolin puffs. Her lungs are clear."

Missed my little darling

Missed my little darling as I didn't get to talk to her yesterday.

She came into my room (though) before leaving with grandma & grandpa to ask me where her medicine is.
A: Mummy, where is my medicine
M: It's in the kitchen, in the white plastic bag
A: Ma ma... mummy say it's in the white plastic bag in kitchen

After awhile, she ran back to me again
A: Mummy, mummy, mummy, ma ma cannot find my medicine

This morning, I called her the first thing as I wanted to hear her voice.
A: Hello?
M: Hello Athena
A: Mummy....
M: What are you doing now? Are you getting ready for school?
A: (evading the subject) mummy, are you feeling better?
M: Yes, mummy listened to you. Mummy cooked barley and I am better now.
A: Orrrr.... you got take your medicine
M: Not yet. Can you feed me?
A: I in Tampines now
M: How about coming back to Punggol to feed me
A: (kept quiet)

She opened up her 妹妹's present

On Monday, after we got back home, I left 妹妹's wrapped present on our bed. Apparently she went to open the present by tearing up the paper. Err...........
M: Ahh...Why did you open 妹妹's present. It's supposed to be wrapped up
A: I want to put in the plastic bag and put it in my room first. Then I give 妹妹

So now, you can see the toy that she bought for her sister.

$$ gone just like that!

Since Athena did not attend school on Monday, I decided it was time to bring her to Paragon - as I needed to look for matching clothes for our photography session.
Needless to say, our first stop was ELC (again) and while playing, I went through the shop looking for new toys. But it was only less than a week after I last went into the shop - there were no new toys. But somehow I still managed to get her this Learning Resources - Patterning for Pre-K and Crayola Color Wonder Outdoor Fun colouring book.

(oh boy! that girl knew all the answers to the Patterning. Wasted my $!)We left the shop with a pink coloured balloon.

She wanted to play in the little playground outside, so I sat down waiting for her. Then I asked her what she wanted to buy for 妹妹.
A: Buy 妹妹 baby things lah!
M: What baby things?
A: Baby use lor....
M: (was about to stop her from the lahs and lors....) What exactly are we looking for?
A: Baby toys??
When she said that, she opened her little Hello Kitty bag and took out her red pouch.
A: Mummy, you hold my Hello Kitty bag for me
A: We go in there to buy (pointing to The First Few Years)
We went in together and she picked up one stuff toy.
A: Mummy, we buy this.
She repeated the sentence a few times so in the end we had 4 different toys infront of us. I had to ask her to make a choice.
A: 妹妹 like this one because got nice nice pink ribbon. Ribbons are for girls.
With that we went to the cashier, and it's really amusing to see her clutching the bear under her armpit while she opened her coin pouch to take out her money.
But then, what she did was she had 2 $2 notes, she took out one, put the other in and took out a coin.
When it was her turn, all she did was to throw the bear on the table (she can't see the counter) and then put her money there. The SA didn't know what's going on, so I told the lady to take the money and put it in the plastic bag for me and take my card to swipe. Still confused....
"Take my card to swipe, she's buying this for her little sister."
We got the present wrapped, not before I asked her which wrapper should we choose.
A: Bear bear one.... match the bear bear.
We left the shop after the present was wrapped up. It's really sweet of her to come out with $3 for a $29.90 Baby Gund toy. But what do you expect from a child who don't understand the value of money. In the end, I gave her back her $2 and added another $2 for her.She happily put in her coin pouch.
The pressie
Our next stop was Dune Designs, bought close to $300 worth of clothings for myself and one set for her. Wanted to pop by the French shop next to Dune Designs as I need to look for a newborn dress, but I guess I was too carried away and forgot about it until I came back home. Never mind, I need to go back tomorrow to pick up one skirt, will check it out then.

No more shopping as alot of damages had been done. We went to Orange Julius for a hot dog for Athena. And then we headed back to Tampines.
Her plain hot dog

Athena was really tired. She was still full of life when we got into the car. As I drove out of Cairnhill, she looked outside in a blurry state. I talked to her; she didn't answer me. Next minute I knew when I was near cross junction of Paterson & Orchard Road, she fell fast asleep.

Monday, July 24, 2006

So tired my girl.........

Just an hour ago, girl vomitted for the second time in 2 hours while sleeping. First incident happened when she was awake.
She was coughing and before you know it... all her Oreos came out. No wonder she didn't have much appetite today.
I had to tilt her to one side to avoid her choking on her own vomitus. And that girl was still fast asleep. "Athena, wake up. Athena wake up. Mummy can't carry you." Hubby was roused from his sleep as I had to turn on the bedroom light. He simply carried her to the bathroom and then went to bed, leaving me all alone to do everything. :) change bedsheets; change her clothes, clean her hair. So fed up!
After I cleaned her, she stood behind me while I was looking for her new bedsheet in my cupboard. I went to her bedroom to find it and when I came back, girl actually climbed onto our bed and shared the same pillow as her daddy. And........not forgetting to grab her favourite smelly bear with her. So funny! Poor girl she must have been so tired, no wonder she couldn't wake up when I tried to wake her up.
So, no school for her today. Will keep her at home to let her have bland food.
Or maybe... I will bring her down to Paragon for a shopping spree.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Scrubbing the grouts in our living room

A talk with Chua Chu (staff in Dr Teoh's clinic) made me take a second look at the grouts in our living area. She had complaint that the grouts in her house in Fernvale is very dirty. And I remember telling her "I don't think mine's dirty.." I was wrong. Yesterday I looked on the floor and it's filled with 3 going to 4 years of dirt (altho' mopped the floor everyday). Brought out a toothbrush and started scrubbing one line and presto! it looked cleaner. Earlier on, told Zet that she will have to help me clean the grouts portion by portion. And I will help her too. Told her to clean the vertical lines while I clean the horizontal lines. And our aisle area looked so much cleaner. Told her "this is how our toilet walls will look like if I had not scrubbed all these years, every week." I really wonder why I had paid attention to our toilets but forgotten about the outside area. Actually the more I cleaned, the more 'guo ying' I felt. It's tiring but fun and rewarding.

See the difference?

Lost track of time

Helper Zet looked at me this morning and first thing before she greeted me was "why mum you wake up so late? I worry, what happened to you."
I didn't think about why she asked that question but found Athena's schoolbag and water bottle put together (I found it strange) near our water feature.
Then I told her she have not much duties to do today. So she said, I change mum's bedsheets?
Me: No. No need. Remember I told you that we will not change bedsheets this Monday coz' you went to change everything last Monday?
Zet: Oh.. Okay, I scrub toilet
Me: No. That's tomorrow's duty.
Zet: Today!(pause) Today Monday?!
Me: Huh? No, today's Sunday. If today Monday Sir already go to work
Zet: Ah... I think today Monday. I scrub my toilet already.

Friday, July 21, 2006

It's so hard being an employer

I don't know what Zet is thinking of now. Here I am trying to teach her, I walk to whatever place around the house and I asked her to come to me and point it out to her what's not done etc.. She may feel I'm naggy, because sometimes I may come out of the room to spot-check and realise she's forgotten to do something.

Although I must admit she's done well yesterday and today by completing her assigned duties well. But sometimes I know she's forgetful. Not to worry, I still have the patience (at the moment), afterall she's still new here. Which is why I had to guide her. But I wonder how long I will have to guide her along.

Yesterday and today, I had to prompt her to remember to clean the toilet. And infact, I did run with her the duties the night before; the morning itself. And still my toilets were not cleaned. Today (again), I think she got confused with the usual toilet cleaning duties (I taught her the every Mondays scrubbing of toilets duties on Wednesday) and grabbed all the stuffs into the toilet. What she thinks her mum is? A torturer?! Everyday scrub toilet sure die one.... then our utilities also go up.

You know, it's really hard to be an employer. You treat the person good, and hopefully the person returns it to you. You stand firm and act strict, the helper might just turn around and bite you at your buttocks - by running to agency and accuse you of ill-treating. And then who's the one who's being protected?? The helper. Usually the employers gets questioned, and of course the extreme cases do go to court.
I just hope I've set the right foot right from the beginning. I hope she continues her good attitude for the next 2 years. If she turns bad, then I think I'm only suay lor............


"There are two ways in which epidural drugs may affect a baby's brain. They can enter the fetus's bloodstream and directly influence brain function; and they can affect some aspect of the mother's physiology, or the progress of labour, that indirectly influences the baby's well being."
- extracts from : What's Going on In There?

Sounds interesting. I had not known about this, all I wanted was to ease my "hyperventilating breathing" - and like the lessons learnt in antenatal class was of no use.

Epidurals : Real risk for mother and baby

Leg Cramps

Umm.... can't remember how many times leg cramps I had when I was preggie with Athena.

But since I've hit my 3rd trimester, I've had 2 counts of leg cramps (all in the night). Let's hope for the next 9 weeks until I deliver, I don't get so many cramps.
Perhaps, I feel, is the lack of exercise I am doing now as compared to before.

But you know what I'm happy about? When I was preggie with Athena, I noticed my feet were wide and it showed little signs of water retention. This time round, my feet still looks the same.


I mentioned yesterday that I'm going to give the verdict of her cooking.

20th Jul - Lunch
Dish 1 - Her vegetables
Wanted to show her my style of non-greasy cooking (so that she don't have to clean the kitchen twice a day on weekdays). But then I noticed there were so many vegetables - broccoli, wong bok and bean sprouts. So told her bean sprouts needs to be fried, so she did the cooking instead of me.
She took so little bean sprouts which I said can't see anything after you fry it. Vegetables usually look alot, but once you cook they shrink in size.
Beansprouts and broccoli cooked too long. Can't complain much about the gravy coz' I don't like aot of MSG in my food.

Dish 2- The chinese sausage and Teriyaki chicken
Yours truly can't cook so the only thing I can teach her is "How to use the microwave or toaster"
Like a cooking guru I told her "instead of deep frying and having to clean up the whole kitchen, certain things can be "fried" in the toaster.
So these were okay.

20th Jul - Dinner
Prompted her dunno how many times to take out the fish from the freezer since 1+pm . 2+pm until we went down to wash the car at 3+pm, I realised that the fish is still not taken out.
It took us an hour to wash the car, so by the time we got back home was 4+pm.
I dunno if she understood what I meant when I told her "fish as hard as rock. Throw also can kill people, how to eat? How to cut?" Then I showed her the Red Snapper I took out for Athena's dinner and asked her to touch it "soft right? This.. hard right? I don't think it can thaw in time."
Zet: Tall? Yes mum fish tall (actioning the length of fish)
Me: (want to faint) Thaw. T-H-A-W. Ice melt, ice not melt how to cook? Eat already tomorrow mum and Sir go toilet every minute.
Me: (running late to pick Athena up) Never mind, you wait until I come back then I show you fish cannot cook.
Reached home close to 6pm. My eyes opened so wide looking at the fish- all cooked!
Me: You cook the fish? So hard how to cook? How you cut? So hard, you must chop.
Zet: Yes mum I chop (actioned chop). Ah ma also chop fish.
I still think she don't understand what I'm trying to tell her.

Dish 1 - The *gasp* Fish
The dish tastes exactly how mum taught her.Only thing she didn't add the cut chilli because Athena also eats the fish.
Meat not that kind of tender... coz' it was cooked before properly thawed!
She saw my expression.

Dish 2- Vegetables
This time she remembered what I told her in the afternoon. She put so much until we cannot finish.
I still have no problem with the grazy but hubby said "gravy not thick enough". That man even asked me for Soya Sauce, so can you imagine his accustomed taste?!

Okay lah.... like what my girlfriend Moo Han said 'dun hiam lo'

I'm also wondering if she'll get confused when helping me to cook my confinement food.

All the ah-sohs and ah-peks

I never knew that those idiot people at the coffeeshop (near mom's place) are so kapo-chis.

On Monday, I brought helper there for lunch coz' I needed to bring her over (early) to mom's place to learn how to cook.
As I walking down the steps, I heard one stall helper asked "wah....你的工人已经来." I pretended not to hear anything and was talking to helper Zet to sit at a particular table.
Then like she so rude, kept interrupting me another time with that same sentence. I continued my conversation with Zet. When I walked to the stall to order food, she asked again. So I said "yes."

Then I got my food from the stall where she's helping out first. Came and asked "So where is she from?" Told her and next minute I knew was she turned and spoke loudly "she's from Myanmar."

Then the prawn noodle ah-pek came to serve her noodles, came and asked "oh.. from Myanmar. Can understand Mandrin.. blah blah blah..." Then another women came and asked.

Those times, I felt awkward just like how Zet felt. I dunno if she felt she was like an animal in the cage and I'm the Zookeeper. Zet just smiled at them politely when one by one came to our table.

So irritating! These people nothing else better to do; nothing else better to talk about.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

She's driving me crazy while I'm driving on the road

Athena has been driving me crazy with her rendition of "We are all Earthlings" and "Elmo Song." Maybe I should sign her up for Singapore Junior Idol.

This is the lyrics of the song. And the brackets are the words she sang/mispronounced , which always make me laugh.

Some of us have feathers(gathers)
Some of us have fins
Some of us are furry(curry)
And some of us have skins
We swim and hop and slither
And leap and soar and run
And we all live together
On a planet(fairy) of the sun

We are all earthlings(Ernie)
We are all earthlings (Ernie)
Spinning around together
On a planet(fairy) of the sun

We live in the desert
We live inside a tree
We live high in the mountains
Or deep beneath the sea
We live in tents and cabins
In houses just for one
And we all live together
On a planet(fairy) of the sun

We are all earthlings(Ernie)
We are all earthlings(Ernie)
Spinning around together
On a planet(fairy) of the sun

Floating down a river
Swinging through the trees
Climbing up a mountain
Going with the breeze
All of us can have a happy healthy place to be
If we can float and swim and climb in earthling harmony

We are all earthlings
We are all earthlings
Spinning around together
On a planet of the sun

Spinning around together
On a planet of the sun

Click here to listen

Now it's "The chronicles of an employer"

I have no complaints about my helper so far, only 4th day officially working for us. And I can't expect much from her. I only hope she don't feel I'm torturing her, after showing her how I want my toilets to be scrubbed once a week. And how to do a thorough washing of the car once a week.

. I am guiding her along; running through her duties with her daily.At the rate I'm going -flipping and showing her the schedule that is fixed on our fridge- the paper will turn crumple end of this week. I have never talked so much in my entire life (including the nagging at Athena. I'm so exhausted).

I think everyone will always complain about "helper very slow", I couldn't agree more. Perhaps it's their slow lifestyle in their country, they don't do things fast like us. I did emphasise that next time she has to work faster because now she's only doing a fraction of the job and definitely without a baby around the house will be more smooth-sailing. "Well, you've got rest periods given to you. You work too slow, cannot rest. You work too slow, cannot sleep early."

Communication skills
One thing good about her is her command of English. She understands me most of the time, sometimes I don't know if I spoke too fast or what... I get no response from her. So I'll look at her until she look at me then she realise I was talking to her. She's learning Mandarin so that she can speak to our family members but so far mom has no problem getting her so-called 'broken English' (which I think it's not really that bad) across to her.And you know what? She can understand a little of dialect but just can't speak. Sometimes my mom makes a comment to me, and she responds.Know how we know? Mom was commenting that the guy didn't cut her hair properly. She turned around and said "yah.. no good." And to think that before that I was talking to mom about asking dad to install webcam for me and how I would bring her over in the morning to go marketing with her, while dad comes over etc...
Wau lau eh.............dangerous man! How to talk about her??

How about munching food away??
I have no worries about that. Infact now I notice she hardly touches anything except for the biscuit in the house. And if she wants something she asks me permission, although I did tell her that she can eat anything she wants except for the raw herbs and medicines. Okay, I don't know about next time if she'll eat up all my Haaagen Dazs ice-cream or all my chocolates lugged back from Europe. Whatever it is, I believe in 不能省在食物上.

She is also learning to cook from mom. We shall see how she fair tonight. Wait for my verdict. But one thing good, is (I think) she knows how to select products. (ahem.. better than me-who only opens my mouth to eat)

Her religion
She's a Christian. And I thought she's a laxed one like hubby and me. But she actually say grace and when I asked her about Bible reading. "Mum, I read 5 chapters every night." *gulp**guilty guilty*

Their culture
Wanted to find out more about their culture. It is considered rude to touch a person's head, because it is the "highest" point of the body. It is also considered taboo to touch another's feet, or to point with the foot, because the feet are considered the lowest. And when it comes to food, was happy to know that they like rice noodle. So can you imagine her excitement when on Monday I ordered the Prawn kuay teow for her?? She kept smiling "Myanmar.. like this."

Whatever it is, I don't know if she's in the world of her own or humming to tunes (when ironing clothes), as long as she gets the work done - I'm happy. Now as I'm typing this, she's humming to the "Elmo's Song" tune - all thanks to Athena who always insist on playing these songs everytime we are in the car. Apparently, now she's caught with the tune too!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The safety drills

Can't believe I'm doing this - bringing up all the safety aspects before the housework requirements.

On Sunday, when I first briefed her around the house.
We walked into the kitchen and first thing I told her is "Kitchen is the most dangerous place. Fire more often starts from the kitchen.
Had to show her how to use the First-Aid Kit and the Bao-fu-ling and today I even highlighted what to do if the fire starts from a small pan filled with oil. Turn it upside down in the sink and not to splash with water.
At the rate I'm going... I should let her sit an SEP test every 6 months.
Okay... I'm sorry to say that there is no emergency exit. Perhaps, I should have a strong rope near every windows. So that she can propel down safely.

I see someone turning green...

Just as I thought and told everyone, who asked, that Athena is coping well being an elder sister. She now detests her sister. She refuses to talk; touch or listen to her sister. Her eyes turn green when hubby and myself stare at my tummy, seeing the movement Aricia makes.

She even told grandpa that she will not carry her sister. Only when you tell her that you love her more than her sister, she will be happy.

These days she has been waking extra early, not because she wants to watch Blue's Clues, but because she sees me not in the bed and starts crying for me. Many mornings, she'd prefer to sit on the toilet seat looking at me while I shower.
This morning, I talked to her and she seemed so ... now what's that word? Sad? No, it's a word that expresses more than sad. I told her "you're mummy's little sweetheart and little darling, Aricia is only mummy's little sweetheart."
"No! Athena is mummy's little sweetheart, little darling. Aricia is daddy's little sweetheart."

Now she wants me all to herself. To think my hubby actually said "let Athena skip school for one month when Aricia's born." Wau.... I 'peng sung' you know. Next time he suggests that, I tell him "you go and hire a confinement nanny to take care of Aricia then!"

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day out with helper - 18th July

Had to bring the helper out as I won't be at home almost the whole day. So she was lucky that she got to relax... and didn't have to work much.

But I did tell her to have the whole house swept and mopped before we leave house in the morning.

After my gynae's visit, we went for lunch (Lucky thing I had my Spaggeddies last week, so I didn't have to bring her with me. Not that I'm mistreating her, but I don't want to give her the impression of her "good life" at her initial first few days. Subsequently, will definitely reward her once in a while.) at Lucky Plaza. I wanted to eat the River Valley Nasi Lemak and she had her kway teow.
We went to Paragon to do my shopping, bought some things from Aussino. Then I dropped by girl's favourite place (ELC) to see if there's anything I can get her. Popped by Swell and 9mois. Picked up a top from 9mois. Wandered into The First Few Years , actually I really have nothing to buy already. ( I think) but walking inside gives me the feeling that I'm a first-time mother and I marvel at every little thing, screaming "so cute..." Zzzzzip, back to reality, we don't need to buy again as she's getting her sister's stuffs.
At Growing Fun I managed to get her this :-
It's very interesting and worth it, as it uses logical thinking. I wouldn't want to waste the $$ on trash toys. Let's see how smart she is.... (actually she was able to get a few correct answers). Bought quite alot of stuffs from Paragon alone. Was glad the helper helped me carry everything while I walked infront. Ahem.... I feel like a tai-tai. Hahaha!! (Ps. only thing missing is I need a chauffeur. Currently I'm the chauffeur driving her around)
Went over to Plaza Singapura as I needed to get some ribbons from Spotlight. Ended up buying more things than what I was suppose to buy. Some stuffs are for Athena (again).
She wanted a haircut (I had no qualms about her hair being tied up), so I let her cut at EC House. At first I thought she wanted short as in chinadoll so told the guy. Walked around and came back and she's still not done. Then I asked her to tuck her hair behind her ears and bend forward. Her hair started flipping down, which I told the guy to cut it shorter, as I didn't want her hair to get into the food while she's cooking. Then she frowned and said "no!I want to cut like a man!! Short short!" The guy, me and other staffs and customers turned to look at her. I was stunned! Asked "are you sure?" I don't know how many times this security guard-me walked around patrolling B2.
She came out finally.. and kept apologizing like as if it's her fault like that. "Sorry mum. Sorry mum. I don't know so long.... In Myanmar they cut hair snip snip snip, very fast. I almost fall asleep also." Her comments was so funny that I bursts out laughing.
We did a quick shopping in Carrefour to pick out the things that she just learnt from mom on Monday. Told her we let her try cooking on Thursday to let her practise. And you know what?? Turned out she knows how to select food, I don't have to worry much. And because of the similarity food produce we see, she was so excited seeing them. Maybe she thought that Singapore only stock up on western food. Funny thing is when we went into the Seafood section, while waiting for them to clean the fish for us, she kept staring at the crabs. "they alive??"
M: "Yes! Have to be alive until you're going to cook them. Cannot kill today; eat tomorrow no good."
She seems to be a fast learner and smart also (so far), able to find the things that we need. I know she wanted the Oyster Sauce; sesame oil etc.. so deliberately brought her there. Actually we had them at home but wanted to test her. She knows, maybe it's good too that she can read English.
After grabbing what we need, we had to head back to pick Athena up. Wanted to cook simple at home for dinner (also take the opportunity to teach her how to use microwave & toaster - coz' yours truly can only do these simpld food. Haha!) but we were late all because of that slow man in EC House. So we had to make do with dinner at the coffeeshop downstairs.

The day ended with me giving Athena her lesson and falling asleep while watching TV after that.

My pregnancy so far

I am now in my 29 weeks . Doesn't seem long before I will get to hear baby cries; go through the process of burping; diaper changing; bathing a baby; top & tailing etc....

I found myself not talking much to Aricia, well not as much I did with Athena. Probably I was too busy with Athena screaming after her "Athena why are you so naughty?" "Athena keep your toys." "Athena be careful, don't be so chor-lor."

Reading? Not much too. She only gets to listen when I read or teach Athena. At least Athena got to listen to the whole Beatrix Potter and Aesop's Fables (teaching her.. but apparently no use on her)

Music? Only when I play Athena's music for her. And the occasional babies CDs in the night. Aricia responds well to Mozart and Athena's two Yamaha music CD.

Today's appointment, Aricia didn't want to show me her face or body. All I could see was the back of her head and body.

She's quite a mischievous girl too. Sometimes I'll tell her "daddy's here. Move a little." She'll keep still, the moment I get impatient and walk away she starts moving.

But I must admit, so far her kicks hasn't been as vigorous as when Athena's in me. Probably she's a more lady-like and good natured girl.

My weight to date : 65.5kg (put on 1.9kg since my last visit about 2 weeks ago. And 9.5kg in total.) I doubt I'll be able to maintain the 10kg mark.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Our helper

Brought our helper back home with us today. I wonder how she feels right now. First thing she told me when she had the chance to stand next to me while waiting for hubby to drive the car down was "I am very lucky Sir and Mdm very good. I will work very hard." Okay... dunno if she's trying psychology on me but I took the opportunity to explain that as long as she takes our instructions and corrections in a positive attitude, it will help her in her work eventually.

Good to know that she's trying to learn some chinese as well. So far she can manage calling "ah ma, ah pa, lao shi etc..." and I must say her pronunciation is good. And her English is of satisfactory level. She understands me most of the time. Which is good.. coz' I don't have to find a translator to help me with an Indonesian helper. (my helper's from Myanmar)Most importantly too, is she was not afraid when dealing with Athena. When I asked her, she told me she's taken care of baby before. And her nieces and nephews are of her age. Which probably explains that she was able to go down to Athena's level.

Told her to unpack her bag while I take a shower. She asked to sweep and mop the floor after I got out. Then did a talk with her. And didn't want to scare her with so many things at one go, so I will have to guide her slowly. Too many things; using appliances in the house to explain. Anyway, she just helped with Athena's laundry and helped to iron hubby's shirts/pant. Told her to progressively take some shirts/pants to iron when she has the free time.

So far so good, Athena is playing with her now. Which give me time to blog away.And Athena must be really happy coz' she gets company to play with, instead of mummy asking her to do assesment books;study;or read. Haha!

It's off to mom's place tomorrow to learn cooking.

Ps: Can't believe Athena actually asked her this question upfront 2 minutes ago. When I was showering her, she asked "mummy why is Aunty Zet so black black?" Told her never to ask Aunty Zet as it's rude. But then she tried once when she was ironing clothes, which I dunno if she understood what was being said. And I changed subject. Then 2 mins ago, she asked the question again. Which I had to correct her and asked her to apologize.

Breastfeeding woes finally enlighted (I think!)

Book is overdue(I think) and I still haven't completed reading this book. So now, doing a quick skimming through on sections which I think is useful for me.

A sentence from the book struck me "As soon as your baby gets a bottle, the weaning process begins. Your milk supply will be reduced. Even glucose water spoils the baby's appetite for mother's milk. The fine balance of supply & demand is disturbed. If you have already given one or more bottles and want to reverse the trend, gradually replace the formula feedings, one at a time, with breast milk. If you have decided to continue to offer formula at certain meals and nurse at other feedings, there may be a consequence : Your baby may suck less and less well at the breast as a result."

*gasp* no wonder I could feed no further than 2 weeks and even fish & papaya soup didn't help me.

This time round, I told hubby that supposedly Aricia has jaundice again and the Dr Toh suggests to combine feeding, we do it with spoon and not bottle-feed. No wonder my girlfriend, Winnie, who delivered in TMC (very pro-breastfeeding) never even give babies by bottles.

What to do if you have a problem breastfeeding?

# BF is a matter of supply & demand. The more you nurse, the more milk you will have. If baby doesn't ask to nurse often enough, you may have to wake him up at certain intervals for a while to "condition" the baby and your body.

# If you can't stimulate enough milk by the baby's sucking, increase your milk supply by hand expressing or pumping.

# You may be afraid you don't have enough milk when you notice your breasts have gotten smaller and softer again. Don't worry! It means the milk ducts have stabilized. The right amount of milk is being produced.

# In many cases there is enough milk, but the let-down reflex isn't working. Try to find your inner balance through a massage, a warm shower, a footbath, a warm drink, music, a comfrtable atmosphere, hormonizing fragrances, breathing and relaxation exercises, or visualization exercises to "nurture" the breast and release the milk flow. Allow yourself times of quiet and contemplation to "turn off."

# Be sure to get enough fluid (more than 2 quarts or litres a day) and eat a balanced diet (rich in calcium, protein and Vitamin B-12). Many women can increase their miolk supply by drinking milk-enhancing teas or by taking a Vitamin-B rich, brewer's yeast supplement.

The list goes on, too long can't be typing everything down. If you're interested grab this book from the bookstore or library.

Excerpts from the book I am reading now : Breastfeeding Naturally by Hannah Lothrop

Herbs for Breastfeeding

Saturday, July 15, 2006

New lesson learnt from SIL (sister in law)

Yesterday I raved to mom about not giving Athena anymore sweets or chocolates until she starts eating fruits. And I would need their cooperation, in doing the same when she stays overnight(usually they spoil her rotten).
Then in the night, I somehow managed to convince girl to try other fruits besides banana. And she got scared when I told her "no fruits, no sweets forever!" So obediently, she was game to try mango. I didn't give her alot as it is heaty and as long as she tries a new fruit, I'll be happy.
Today, apparently mom shared my complaints to SIL and how I need to seek everyone's co-operation etc.. Then she told mom that the best way is to give her half of the sweet to "reward her" instead of depriving her totally. If not... anyone else may give her sweets and she'll happily pop into her mouth - and worse still lie to us that she didn't eat any sweets. (by then, we have to find ways to deal with a liar kid)
Well, I'm glad she brought that up. Because I didn't think of that at all, all I wanted to do was to 'stand firm and act the authority'.
So today, I told her "Athena would you like to try another new fruit? I will give you Ribena sweets." She said yes and will eat mango again. Told her tomorrow she had to try another fruit like apple or pear.
Let's cross your fingers that I will be able to convince her to eat fruits. Then, I hope to convert that cannibal to eat vegetables as well!

Holding back time

The agency called in the afternoon saying that we can bring our helper home, or if I want to let them bring her to their home to train her for the next 2 days.
We thought today is too fast, and tomorrow (Sunday) would be fine.
Then again, I think although we can't wait to have a helper with us; we are also holding back time. Because this is going to be the last night where we will live here without any strangers - for the next 2 years or more.
I think hubby is going to be "half naked" for the last night, and me?? Better start wearing my *** and cannot walk around the house with the bath towel wrapped around (when I usually do when I need to walk out to boil water every weekday mornings).
I dunno if we're the eyes watching her or the other way round?

Curious about her genitals.

I remember reading from somewhere that toddlers are naturally curious about their genitals. And it didn't struck me that she has been "touching" herself or should I say poking herself until she screams pain in her 'kokopok' - her way of saying vagina - when I shower her these 2 days.
So, how do we stop our toddlers from poking or masturbating themselves?

Teacher-Parent meeting

This is our first Teacher-Parent meeting for this year. Infact, mom joked that her teachers have nothing else to say to me because I'm checking on her progression almost daily; and poking my face into her class more often than any other mothers. (you can't blame me.. mom stays just above her school. Sometimes we would need to walk past her school on our way to the coffee-shop etc..)
We first met up with her English/Maths and Science teacher Ms Chan. And she did say that Athena is opening up herself and talking to her classmates now. She does better than her classmates in terms of recognising the alphabets. However she notice that she don't like to go into the Art & Craft corner at all. Asked if I've done any Art & Craft with her at home, I said "not as often, I don't do as a weekly thing coz' I'm afraid of cleaning up the place. But I do let her do painting; stamping; colouring and sometimes simple crafts." With that she did say that I should let her do things that will make her fingers more agile, like cutting papers or doddling. (when she said that, what went through my mind was "oh shucks! I'm a useless mother. I've only been concerned about her academic performance & not being an all-rounder. And when she does doddle, I scream at her.") *guilty guilty*
I think I should slot in a time in the weekends to do that with her. Having said so, I think I will pop by ELC on Tuesday to find some things for her (darn! waste money again!!)
We then met up with Mdm Qiu, her chinese teacher. She told us Athena has recently been paying more attention in class, and striving to show her capability. And she knows some chinese words even before she teaches the class. Of course Mdm Qiu have spoken with me since the beginning of this year, and I've lent her a couple of Athena's chinese books for her use in their class. She will not talk in class or asks any question, but if they're doing a small group activity she'll sit next to Mdm Qiu and talk to her. Asked about her proficiency in terms of phrasing sentences, she let out "mixture of English and Chinese. But good thing is that she doesn't have the English accent like some other kids."
Somehow I've brought up to her that I was initially more concerned about her Chinese as we speak English at home, which was why I started on the Chinese program as well. In the end, turned out that her Chinese is better than English.
I was concerned about the way she pronounces her chinese words. Because usually we will get a list from the teacher every fortnight on what had been done in class. But for 2 weeks, I've been squinting my eyebrows when she says something which I don't understand (and not like my chinese is that fantastic to be able to join the sentence fully for her especially those poems). It's only when I get the list then I'm able to correct her. But then.. she has been mispronouncing the words wrongly. I have also questioned on the way she teaches - memorizing instead of recognising the word. She said that once after they reach K1/K2, she will point to the word which they had memorized the text or poem. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that she's wrong but I did raise my point to her on the Chinese VCD we have at home which shows you how a word derives, and shouldn't that be the way to make a child recognise a word?

Overall the meeting was alright as we're able to understand her progression in class. And going through her report book later, I made this comment to hubby :" wow! at least she made alot of good progression from N1 , where she scored a C for Moral Development:knows what is right & wrong. Now she scored a B." She did well academically too.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Got a surprise from my ex-team LSS

My ex-team LSS (leading stewardess) sms-ed me and surprised me with this

She's so lucky to be selected as one of the 6 amongst the hundreds. Must be her good communication skills that helped her.
She was my sightseeing kaki. And we've kept in contact since I left. Our daughters are 5 months apart (Athena's older)

Her show would be telecast on 3rd August

Good luck, Angie!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Why is she not eating fruits??

I am wondering if I am the one who spoilt her since young. Athena simply refuses to eat fruits and vegetables.

The only fruit she likes is Banana (which has high potassium) . And vegetables - she used to take it until she knows how to pull it out from her mouth. Even small pieces can't be missed!!

I really wonder if her love for rice and dunno how to eat other things also was done by me.

You see, when she was young. I would cook porridge for her. One day putting in threadfin fish; the next day pork; following day chicken etc... So much so that now she has a problem eating other food when we're out either in Singapore or overseas. (we always have to look for chinese). And I thought all children will like fast food. Oh boy, was I wrong. I brought her to McDonald's and the only thing that could go into her mouth was french fries.
And when we pre-order Children's Meal on our flights. She don't even touch a thing! She eats from our adult food.
As for fruits, she did apples; pears that were cooked and smashed into pieces-becoz' chinese believe that our stomach are warm. When she grew older, I introduced her to the fruit itself. She didn't like it, I cooked the same way and still she doesn't eat it.
I'm really so envious of my friends' children who eats everything and anything from the table.
Maybe I will do a test this time round with Aricia. Have to be adventurous to try to cook western baby food for her and umm.... give her celery & carrot sticks with cheese for snacks. (yup! Athena don't like cheese).
I have no choice but to resort to this becoz' I'm having a war with Athena practically everyday, asking her to eat fruits/vegetables. So bad to the extent that I had to bring out the cane and threaten her. Still - it doesn't work.

Last night's incident left me drinking her Pigeon fruit juice infront of her to spike her. And I've told her clearly, no more sweets, chocolates or cookies for you until you learn how to eat fruits and vegetables.

Am I a very bad mother?


Went for my facial yesterday (after a long long break) and my beautician said that my skin is very dry. And if I've been hardworking to put on moisturiser everyday. " I'm so lazy, just wash my face that's it. Sometimes I don't even have time to put on facial mask."
She did explain that the condition of my face got worse due to my neglience in taking care of my skin, and not hormonal changes (as I had thought).
So, suggested that once I've delivered to go for either Skin Rejuvenation LED or LHE treatment . The latter is more expensive at $300 per session and depending on individual's skin, it can be either 6 sessions or more/less. While the former comes in a package. Needless to say the effect of LHE is better and faster.
Well, I might consider that. Probably take some time off to beautify myself up and go Spa-ing. And who knows, mesotherapy as well??

Drawing lessons for girl?

In the morning, girl was excited when Blue Clue's came on (she normally wakes up at close to 8am but these 2 days she woke up at 7.30am). Yesterday, she learnt to draw paper. So today, she asked for a paper and pencil to learn to draw.
When I got out from the bathroom, all I saw was a blank piece of paper. She said that they drew a bed but it's very difficult to draw.
Just then she saw a pail and said she wanted to draw that.

This is how her pail looked. Asked her where is the handle,
she showed it to me (as shown in my maroon coloured arrows)
Ps. It looked like a toilet bowl to me.

Then I drew my pail to show her how it should be done.
And guess what?
She went on to add eyes; nose and mouth.
Finally she asked me how to draw noodle, I did this.
Coincidently the noodles were cooked at that time,
and I brought it out from kitchen. Showed her
the steam. She ran back to the living room,
and drew this (as shown in maroon coloured arrow).
Asked her what it is, she said it's "the brown brown thing"-corkboard.
So smart hor?? Somemore drawing below the cookpot.

I'm wondering if I should send her for drawing classes.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Helper is in SIN now

Called the agency today to check on my helper.

Was told that she has arrived, and is doing her thumbprint in MOM. I should be able to bring her home with me either tomorrow or the day after.

Perfect timing! As I've just finished typing out the schedule and prepare the stuffs for her. All filed up and will bring it out when I'm doing a talk with her.
I hope I won't be driven up the wall... be patient Lily, be patient Lily............

Sister advises to lock Athena up

I heard a song on the radio "don't you want your girlfriend hot like me.." (I don't even know the title of the song) and sms-ed sister about it.
She then advises me to lock Athena up because the night before she told ah-yi "tomorrow I get married my stomach big big".
Oh yes, she told me that too on the phone. That girl................. consolation part is she don't understand the meaning of marriage. Ask her who is she getting married to, she'll say "dua-kim".
I think I had better send her to a real convent instead. Buy her a chastity belt; monitor her movements every minute.

Selection of date

I know some people don't believe in this geomancy thing and would rather let things go naturally.

Well, as for me, I beg to differ. If I am going for natural birth of course I'll wait for my baby to be ready. However this time round, I'm opting for Cesaerean. Reason being I had an Emer C-section when delivering Athena so there's a higher chance of me going back to C-section again. Rather than opting for natural and then end up with Emer C-section. I'd rather choose a good date for baby to be born, afterall a person's 8-character is important.

We wanted to consult our own Master but his fees are really high at 4 digits. *gasp* However it also includes the selection of chinese name. We had no choice but to look to others for consulation. But when it comes to selection of names we will go back to him.

The task was left to me (who else!)to do the calling and enquiries. My experience in calling those never heard before people made me think if I should really consider going back to our Master. Because the fees are 1/10th of what Master charged. My friend said "it's merely a flipping calendar thing. So why the vast difference." But on second thoughts I think our Master really goes into details of the 5-elements etc... which also explains why his selection of date will only come back to us about 2 weeks later.
Anyway, must think about $$$$.
When I made the call, I got snapped by one "why you want to select date?... Shouldn't interfere in a baby's development..I don't do this kind of thing." Another old man told me "I can give you the date on the same day." I went "huh?" (Coz' I have been getting responses like "one week later.") Then he rudely asked me "then how long you want me to tell you the results?" Wah... so rude. Needless to say I striked him off my list.
Then some names sounded more familiar, they also charged the 1/10th fees. But sad to say one lady didn't come back to me after I made so many calls thereafter wanting to give her the business. So I thought to myself "well she didn't want my business so forget it lor.."
Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. I found out another famous geomancer and although he charges the 4/10th of the price, I decided to let him do the selection for me.
So, one task is down. Once I get the date sorted out. Other things, like booking my Urut lady and planning our Confinement schedule can be laid out.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Happy & satisfied mother

Had the sudden desire to exercise yesterday, so today headed down to gym for an exercise.

When I changed into my gear and walked out at 1038hrs, I heard thumping music blaring from the Studio. Drats! I forgot today's Tuesday and it's BodyCombat. Itching to go in to really punch out but then it's a high impact exercise. I'm so afraid I'll get too carried away coz' BodyCombat does get my adrenaline moving. Even if I slow down, I'm also afraid I might get kicked by the person next to me.

Went to the machines instead. And this time I brought a book along to read. I remember telling Wilma "I wonder how those people can read and exercise at the same time. U are moving up & down, how to read the sentences."
Anyway, I'm wrong! It's easy to read and I had no problem doing that. And you know what? When I'm reading, I don't even realise how long I've been exercising. And i actually managed to exercise longer - and strange although I don't go to gym that often now, I find myself still able to exercise long without feeling tired. (Err.... I can't say about how I'll feel in a few weeks from now. Maybe I'll be too tired to move out of the bed.)And even though I walked around Orchard after gym, I still don't seem tired.Which also explains why I'm doing the night-shift security guard duty now.... In the gym, some ladies looked at me. One of them said "wah. Pregnant also can exercise huh?" I answered "why not? Just slow down lor.."

Thought of Italian so headed to Paragon. They have this free Cheese Fondue for UOB credit card holders, if you order 2 ala-carte meals. It has some alcohol inside, which at first I thought alcohol would have evaporated.. and cause no harm to Aricia. So took the freebie. Turned out the alcohol taste was so strong, I couldn't take it after 2 mouthfuls. But I enjoyed the garlic bread though.
Needed to find some things in the Art & Craft supplies section in Ngee Ann City, so went there and bought some things for myself and Athena.
Walked around a little more until close to 4pm and went for desserts in Delifrance.
Yummy! Had more intake than my output. But then again, I'm not dieting during my pregnancy, so it's okay.
I'm such a happy & satisfied mother today.

Monday, July 10, 2006

How to relieve heartburn

A few days ago, I had an entry on heartburns. And again, I'm not relieved even with drinking lots of water.

Until, I remembered a Mother & Baby Book I have and flipped to the page.

Presto! God has answered my prayers. Remedies were written down.

1) avoid oily & spicy food (how to? S'poreans like chilli in their food)
2) drink a glass of warm milk before sleep
3) sleep with lots of pillows and elevate the top body higher (like as if I'm not sleeping with lots of pillows already)
4) a cup of camomile or peppermint tea will help

I tried 3) and 4) and infact hubby didn't hear me breathing in deep breathes and I sounded more calm. Most importantly, he didn't see me thumping my chest like Tarzan. I felt so good after that. Hubby gave me one more pillow (it should be the last pillow for me otherwise he'll end up sleeping on the floor) to prep me up.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

Wow! I wish I married in such extravagence


Please note that I have changed the URL address of my two darlings' blogs :

Athena's blog can be read at

Aricia's blog can be read at

Please make the necessary changes to your bookmark. Thanks!

Saturday, July 8, 2006


Mom asked me this question yesterday "how many months pregnant are you? Always 5 months meh?" - coz she always hear me saying 5 months when people asked me this question.

Then I realised it can't be 5 months, coz in 2 months plus I'll be hearing baby cries in my home. A child can tell you 5 + 2 or 3 = 7 or 8. And I dunno how this smart alec me can miscalculate my 27 weeks to a 5 months pregnancy. Haha! Pregnancy not only makes me forgetful but also dumb!

Getting more heartburns now than before

Seem to have more heartburns now than before. Never felt so uncomfortable before, so now drinking water like drinking my favourite Ribena.
*deep breathes in, deep breathes out... deep breathes in..* I feel like I'm preparing for labour.

Heartburn during pregnancy is a very unpleasant experience. It can become so bad for some pregnant mothers that not eating at all seems like the best option. But there are some ways to cope with it to make pregnancy difficulties more tolerable.

One possible cause of heartburn in pregnancy; is the extra pressure on the stomach (during the third trimester) exerted by the growing baby. Also, during pregnancy, the placenta produces the hormone progesterone, which relaxes the smooth muscles of the uterus. This hormone also relaxes the valve that separates the esophagus from the stomach, allowing gastric acids to seep back up the pipe, which causes that uncomfortable burning sensation. Progesterone also slows down the wavelike contractions of the stomach, making digestion sluggish. In later pregnancy, the growing baby crowds the abdominal cavity, slowing elimination and pushing up the stomach acids to cause heartburn.

First of all, after meals you should stay upright for at least 20 minutes. This is particularly true before bedtime. And if you must go to bed right after eating, lie with your head propped up a bit so acids from your stomach don't come back up your esophagus and create pain for you.

Papaya enzymes, sold in health food stores primarily, offer some relief as well, though it may be very brief. These little tablets can be taken after meals to help reduce the incidence of heartburn. They also help ease the burning sensation associated with heartburn, providing some much-needed relief.

The usual Tums and other antacids can also be effective. Check with your health care provider first to see which ones you can take during pregnancy.

Taking a drink of skim milk from the refrigerator, provided you are not lactose-intolerant, is also a good avenue to try. It must be skim milk, though. The other types, like whole milk or 2 percent milk, will not work right. This is also a temporary fix, but it can provide relief for up to 20 minutes.

Watch the foods you eat as well. It can vary with each individual, but the obvious things like Mexican food and spicy Italian foods can create big difficulties.

For some women, drinking lots of water can help the problem too, attempting to keep the stomach acids down.

Heartburn is most evident toward the end of the pregnancy and the only real effective solution for it is having a baby. That may give little comfort but it proves there is relief in sight.


I know many mothers out there have either quarrelled with their moms/dads or in-laws over the issue of "spoiling the child".

I am no exception, I don't deny that my parents or my MIL - mother-in-law- do hear things from me like "don't give it to her etc..." I know it's easy for me to tell my parents straight without any hard feelings from them but when I tell my MIL straight (though not so often, coz of little contact), I just hope that she don't mind me for doing that. I look at things in both point of view and can understand that grandparents tend to dote on their grandchildren. But ultimately when she falls sick, who takes care of my girl? Me alone! And I think it's not fair!! You all spoil the kid and the hardest part in taking care of a child- sick child- falls on me.

Reason being, I have always wanted to restrict my child from all the sugary stuffs since young. And no doubt, it's the grandparents who started the 'snacks, sweets' thing. And so many times, mom has been using sweets to make my girl eat her lunch or dinner or to bribe her when she cries for her. Now, my girl knows that her grandmother has sweets in her bag all the time and will dig her bag. And grandma will give in to her.. Then trips to supermarkets with me and with the grandma is very different. With me, she'll follow me wherever I go, even though sometimes I may stop at the snacks section she'll look at me; take something and when I say no, she'll put it back. With the grandma is different, she'll bring her to the section without me and asked grandma to buy; walk to cashier to quickly pay and hopefully to quickly eat it before the mom sees it.

You may think what's wrong with this snack issue since we've all snacked more than our children. (and I'm a snack queen) And why am I depriving my child on this since they're only young once.
True! I admit sometimes I do pity her and will allow her to buy what I've approved and restrict her on the intake.

But since speaking to the medical lady on ways to stop my girl's bronchitis from coming up very often. One remedy is to stop giving her sweets or snacks for the next 2years. Even things like bread has to be slightly toasted, try not to give too much formula milk. But then she did mention too that we can't possibly stop giving a small child milk so the next best thing is to give lots of water after drinking milk and -if no choice- sweets/snacks. It would be better if I cook her rice or porridge with beef, mutton or crocodile meat. Then I will still have to continue giving her her daily 泡参冬虫草,a few spoonfuls of the brewed 高鹿参 when hunny & myself take ours. If I take care of her well now, in 2 years time she'll outgrow the bronchitis. If not, it'll develop into asthma - which is what I'm afraid of.

It's really nerve-wrecking and physical strain whenever I hear her cough or start getting a little runny nose. I'm so afraid that it'll warrant a trip down to Dr Lee. She's very good but I just don't like it when my girl is always given antibiotics - so much so that my girl is relying on it.

Look! Who's sleeping instead?!

I know it's pretty early now, at close to 10pm. Usually at this time, I'll be pushing Athena's buttocks and rush her to brush teeth; wear PJs and sleep. But today I'm exceptionally tired. Reason being I was updating my blog till close to 3am and got up at 9am. Didn't take my afternoon nap at all so you can imagine how tired I was by 6pm.

At 8pm I flopped to bed and wanted to sleep. Athena was making so much noise in the room while I was literally cushioned by pillows all over me, and somehow grabbed one more of her small pillow to cover my ears - to block out the noise she's making.

* tick tock, tick tock* I didn't know what time it was but I heard hubby trying to ask her to sleep. Then she complaint "hungry", I wouldn't be the least surprised coz' she usually has her milk or snacks before she sleeps at 10plus 11. Hubby ignored her, but being a mother and despite how tired I was, I couldn't bear to let my child sleep on an empty stomach. Somehow, he gave in before I pulled myself up, and gave her some cereals.

All these commotions are well heard within my earshot. Then I heard snores from him!! I'm bewildered coz he took two naps today and yet he fell asleep so fast!

Athena was trying to sleep but can't - coz' she's coughing and mucuos-y. All thanks to the snacks she's been taking. Having said that, I'm so furious! Read on the entry on "Snacks" to understand why.
Anyhow, a mother can't totally ignore a child and lull herself to sleep right? Got up to give her a little more food, her Zrytec and her usual 泡参冬虫草, and put Ecualyptus into the swirling thing, wet a towel and prop it over her bed head (have to do that since sleeping in aircon room)

Now the two of them are sound asleep, except for me - the supposedly tired one!

Tidying up of wardrobe

Was tidying up the wardrobe, and managed to sieve out what I need now for Aricia.

I was happy to see 4 more new dresses which were not used by Athena at all. And they were beautiful frocks.
Then I can't seem to recall where I have packed the baby carriers.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

燕巢- Bird's Nest

The medical hall lady told me now it's time to drink Bird's Nest. Yippee! I'm jumping up for joy. And the best part is I can get to drink it once a week. Hey! I only get this kind of nice treat during my pregnancy hor?? Non-pregnant years, I can only ration the bird's nest and drink once a month. Of course with the help from mom, who will help me boil it with 泡参. This time round (second pregnancy), she says I can just boil with honey sugar and 枸杞. Whatever it is, I always take my time to savour every mouthful and lick the bowl. Haha!

She's actually recommended a better Bird's Nest 白官燕 for me. Claiming that the normal Bird's Nest will not be suitable for my consumption during my confinement. Mom saw the box and says 白官燕 is really good. Yah, like I know anything else except to open my mouth and eat!That box of approx 14 small pieces costs $560. Argh!
Just in case, you're reading this and hoping to get tips from me on what herbs to take during pregnancy. Please do not follow my prescriptions, as it's based on individual's health and the sequence of pregnancy (I had different herbs given with my earlier pregnancy). Some pregnant women takes 十三胎宝 which is entirely different from what I'm taking. So please do not self-medicate.
Bird's nest is a highly-prized delicacy discovered during the Tang Dynasty in China. At that time, it was only consumed by the Emperors and their families.

Bird's nest is a white substance extracted from swallows' nests. It is normally found in places such as steep deep caves and crags.

This unique Asian delicacy undergoes an intensive and complex cleansing process before it can be consumed. The raw bird's nest is first soaked for up to 48 hours before it can be thoroughly cleaned of impurities such as feathers and twigs.

Woman: It is known for its unique ability to prevent internal dryness due to ageing and is consumed to maintain youthfulness and a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion.

Elderly and children: It helps to stimulate appetite and aid digestion.

Patients: It speeds up recovery from illness and surgery as it provides a unique pre-digested form of protein and nutrients.

Expectant mothers: Pregnant woman and their foetus can benefit greatly from eating bird's nest. The regular consumption can increase nutrition and improve the health of the pregnant woman and foetus. The body and the immunity of the foetus can be strengthened and its mind activated. This thereby provides a firm foundation for future development. Woman consuming edible bird's nests after giving birth can also recover quicker and slim rapidly, helping to regain their youthful appearance.

* Shape and volume : the best bird’s nests is in the shape of a boat or spoon. Bird’s nest can be triangular in shape if they have been built in the corner of two adjacent walls. However for nutritional value the shape does not matter. Bird’s nests that are broader in width rank higher. The real bird’s nest should be in a natural shape.

* Color and Purity : The best bird’s nest should be of natural colour, containing no mud and other impurities like moss. The colour of the white nest is an actual ivory. The yellow nest and the bloodyred nest are coloured straw and red, respectively. The variations and intensity in the colour are due to the difference in the mineral constituents of the food the swallow ate. The bird’s nests, regardless of their colour, swell when soaked in clear water. The colouration in the bird’s nest will fade and the nest threads look transparent after swelling. However, the water used for soaking should still remain transparent and colourless.

* Density and Swelling Capacity : Bird’s nests that have finer and denser nest threads appear almost gapless. They are bigger and thicker in volume and should have a higher swelling capacity. The swelling capacity refers to the water holding ability of a bird’s nest. The higher the swelling capacity, the greater the bird’s nest distends after immersion in water. Bird’s nests of different categories show different magnitudes of swelling capacity, i. e. the ratio between the weight of the bird’s nest before and after swelling can be different. The swelling capacity should be measured by weight instead of by volume.

* Flavor and Dryness : Bird’s nest should be selected by smell. A real bird’s nest retains a little bit of a fishy smell of the swallow’s saliva. When cooked, it releases a light aroma resembling the aroma of an egg white. It is essential to select a dry bird’s nest. A bird’s nest that is sticky and soft is certainly not dry enough. A wet bird’s nest weighs heavier thus the price will be overcharged from the extra weight. A wet bird’s nest would not be convenient for storage as it would attract mould easily and has a low swelling capacity.

* Price and Creditability : Bird’s nests should be purchased in person and selected by “looking”, “smelling” and “touching”. The price of the bird’s nest should be weighed against the flavor, size, thickness of the nest, fineness of the threads, dryness, and a good swelling capacity. It is not possible to buy a good quality bird’s nest at fair price if the goods have not been examined and the quality and category evaluated. The most trustful way to purchase a high quality bird’s nest is to buy from shops having a good reputation and guaranteed quality.

The quality of processed bird's nest is determined by the amount of long and thick unbroken nest cement strands in the dried cleaned nests. The quality is higher if it contains more longer and thicker strands. When you choose bird's nest, feel the nest by your hand. It should be clean, dry, light and hard. Bird's nest with feather and dirt is time consuming to clean while sticky and soft nests weigh heavier and turn mouldy easily. After soaking, 37.9 gms of good quality bird's nest will weigh about 263 to 300 gms.

A natural bird's nest is the real bird's nest. Illegal merchants may coat a layer of egg white or jelly on poor quality imitations. This increases the weight. The fake bird's nest will reflect light and look opaque.

In contrast, light will penetrate through a real bird's nest. Some fraudulent bird's nests are made of "Malaysia rubber" or "pig skin". The former smells and tastes acidic and does not contain nest threads while the latter releases oil after soaking in water.
As for the quality, generally speaking, the price is a fair guideline in reflecting the quality of the bird's nest. The higher the quality and category of a bird's nests, the greater the nutritional value, swelling capacity and beauty and vice versa.