Monday, April 23, 2012

Flying into UAE / Saudi Arabia

I forgot to post this draft out which was left inside for 2 months. *gasp*

During the LJ trip, at the mosque, I asked the guide to highlight to the class about the Mecca direction in hotel rooms' ceiling.
In the car, I started recollecting the flights I did during Ramadan period. Most times they were insignificant as it was a small group of passengers fasting. Then again, when came to them (esp ladies) we couldn't assume they were not eating right (get complaints from pax otherwise)so had to politely ask them. Thankfully, they were polite in their replies.

One significant flight where I flew into Saudi Arabia. Only a small number ate, and when I realized that I'll have problem sticking DND(Do Not Disturb) stickers (I'll run short of stickers in no time) So I sticker stickers on those who ate. Smart right? And helped in packing up some biscuits and dates for those who didn't eat. And gave out to them. Well....problem was landing time was dusk time. Didn't want them to go hungry .... But hey! That's what made SQ girls different from other airlines right?
And there was another flight when all passengers came to ask us the direction. Oh my! The flight route do change leh! Nonetheless we helped them, but too bad lor .. If they prayer and suddenly changed direction. We had passengers standing at all doors praying. Thank goodness, we had tolerant non-muslims pax sitting at the emergency exits pardon them for laying down their mats and praying. It was quite .. messy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Forever in my heart

It's been 2 months since my SIL left us and I can't help but keep thinking about her.
Though it was a time bomb illness, I wasn't prepared for that - - *ding* sudden emptiness in me when I heard the news 2 months ago. And all I can say is "I will definitely remember it coz' it's my wedding anniversary day."
My SIL, whom I've grown closer through the years, was like a sister to me. She was only 5 years older than me and we do exchange SMSes now and then and chat easily when we meet.

Back to the first time I bump into her when I was paktor-ing with my then boyfriend. We bump into her family while walking around Bugis. It was quite funny since she was the first person of his family I met, haven't even met his mom yet. And she was so friendly, I remember the two young boys with her, who's now all grown and (ahem.. taller than me). Then over the next 4 years while we were dating, we drop by her home quite often as she stayed relatively close to me.

When she knew of the horrible C that has struck her breast years back, I tried to be there for her via SMS. I must admit I wasn't there most of the time until last year when her illness got worst. And she confided in me her greatest fear. It pains me to hear that as I'm also a mother myself. The children put up a brave front.

This year's CNY was low-key for us. We didn't do any visitation and we even spent our CNY visiting my SIL in the hospital. We had no idea how many more days she can live as she was getting weaker with each passing day. I was really glad too that I mustered my courage in telling her 'I love her' at the hospital bed, she looked at me and I stroked her head. It's strange isn't it? The three words which I can easily say out to my hubby and kids; I had to find the courage to do it with her.
At her funeral, I was so emotional, I can sit down and suddenly tear when I think of her. It's so weird to see her lying there. She's so beautiful. She is peaceful and no longer suffering. It's good for her but it's not good for the many other hearts she had to break mourning for her. I remember on the morning of the final wake, her hubby, stood by her side and playback a love song on his phone. I cried. A few times I had to walk out of the room, my heart ached and tearducts couldn't stop flowing. I never even cried so much for my FIL.

Che-che would sit down quietly and then suddenly talk about her aunty. She fondly remembers her favourite aunty feeding her and 'making cupcake rice' for her during our family holiday. My dear SIL even helped us take care of her during mealtimes, so that hubby and me can take care of that naughty mei-mei.

And though I felt the pain, I had to make sure that my girl, a 9 yr-old, can handle what is death. Afterall, our family had been dealt with 2 deaths in the family within a span of 8 months. I didn't let the children see her when we went to the parlour, I'm not sure if they would be frightened. Afterall, they didn't see their grandfather whose coffin was all covered up and I think they can't remember their great-grandma's face also. (I remember my mother flipped when I brought my kids to my grandma's funeral and let them see her. I thought it would be fine to see our loved one and mom nagged at me. And when mei-mei had febrile fits after that she thought it was something to do with the nether world and even sought the advice of a medium. Only to be chided by him halfway through her explanation that great grandma wouldn't harm her own great-grandchild.) My che-che was rather timid after FIL's funeral, will blog about that later, scared of ghosts etc.. so she didn't object.
But somehow on the second day, she asked me if she could see her aunty for one last time. She asked me if she's scary like in those movies, I told her her aunty is beautiful (Ps. The embalmer did a really good job.) and I will follow her. But there's no need to hide coz' she looks just like before. She was really brave and looked at her aunty. Somehow I was pleased that she did what she wanted to do coz' there'll be no chance after that and thought what the heck if I get scolding from mom about showing children my SIL face. Then my girl was so curious to ask me what they did to make her look so beautiful and why is there a pearl in her mouth. It was like a biology class explaining to her the process of embalming. Suddenly it dawned upon me that my girl is growing up.

Now I occasionally look at her mobile number, I didn't want to delete it. Next to her name I wrote "Forever in my heart"

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Disney On Ice

Went for our Disney On Ice show again. It was ... spectacular! I'm a child once again.

The girls had so much fun!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Exams! It's that time again!

Arhh!! I hate this time of the year. As I always tell my girls, every year's exams is crucial. Even small little tests - nope the daily work is crucial too.
I'm not sure whether it was the reverse method I used last year that made her perform better or she "grew up". I'm going to try the reverse method on her again this time round. At the same time, introduce some essential oils in their study room. (time to stock up on chicken essence too!)

I extracted this article from :

Memory & Focus:Herbs

Using Herbs For: Concentration/Memory/Focus

Herbal Remedies for Concentration/Memory/Focus
Concentration/Memory/Focus remedies

Herbs Used for Concentration/Memory/Focus

Basil Essential oil For: Mental Clarity, Focus
Basil Essential oilOil of Basil is an excellent, indeed perhaps the best, aromatic nerve tonic. It clears the head, relieves intellectual fatigue, and gives the mind strength and clarity.


Black Pepper For: Mental Focus, Headache
Black PepperIn homeopathic practice black pepper is used for difficulty in concentrating, heavy headache, and a sad, apprehensive state of mind.


Brahmi For: Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit disorder (ADD), memory problems, and Parkinson's disease
BrahmiBrahmi is useful in treating a variety of conditions that involve impaired mental capacity, Alzheimer's disease, attention deficit disorder (ADD), memory problems, and Parkinson's disease. Laboratory studies indicate that brahmi improves intellectual function primarily by balancing the chemicals gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate in the brain.


Club Moss For: Alzheimer's
Club MossAlthough it is used primarily to treat the early symptoms of Alzheimer's, many people are taking it to improve memory and enhance mental alertness.


Dandelion leaves For: Alzheimer's disease
Dandelion leavesThe leaves provide vitamins A and C, the flowers are one of the best sources of lecthin, a nutrient that elevates the brains acetylcholine and may play a role in stemming Alzheimer's disease.


Eleuthero For: Concentration and focus
EleutheroEleuthero boosts concentration and focus without the letdown than comes from stimulants like caffeine.
Ginko Biloba For: Brain Function
Ginko BilobaThe phytochemicals unique to the ginkgo tree restore better blood flow to the brain, allowing improved use of oxygen, and protect the cells from free radicals


Ginseng For: Boost mood, improve memory
GinsengGinseng may boost mood, improve memory and attention, lengthen physical and mental endurance, improve test scores, and ease anxiety. Although the exact mechanisms of activity are not known, it is likely that ginseng protects a portion of the brain known as the hippocampus from the effects of stress hormones. This prevents memory problems, a common complaint among people under stress. This mechanism would also explain the usefulness of ginseng in preventing loss of memory and cognitive ability in people who suffer from bipolar disorder, depression, and a disorder of the adrenal glands known as Cushing's disease.


Gotu Kola For: Memory, concentration
Gotu KolaResearch has also demonstrated the beneficial effect of Gotu Kola, Centella asiatica, on memory, concentration and mental performance levels
Horsebalm (Mondara) For: Memory
Horsebalm (Mondara)

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved tacrine hydrochloride (Cognex), a medication that reportedly slows progression of the Alzheimer's disease by preserving acetylcholine in the brain. Horsebalm (Monarda, various species), contains the beneficial compound carvacrol, which helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine. Horsebalm also contains thymol, which also prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine.


Peppermint essential oil For: Mental clarity
Peppermint essential oilCooling and refreshing peppermint energizes the mind and mood, helping to improve mental clarity and memory
Periwinkle For: Mental Aging, Dementia
PeriwinkleThe health benefits of vincamine and related compounds, which are sold as drugs in Europe, relate to the treatment of primary degenerative and vascular dementia. As a dietary supplement, vincamine is promoted as a nootropic. The effects of aging are generally chronic, raising concerns about the safety of long-term use of vincamine in its targeted population..

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Yerba mate For: Increasing concentration
Yerba mateMate has the effect of stimulating the mind, increasing concentration and easing depressive moods, while not interfering with sleep like coffee may.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's here!

Can't believe this! Che-Che brought home the form for me. It's the application form for Primary 1 registration.
Lil' one was so happy to know she's one step closer to being in the same school as Che-Che. However I'm not sure how Che-Che would feel if her sister is the trouble maker in school and she gets labelled as "So you're Aricia's elder sister?" I was the shadow of my naughty sister, of course in my case - teachers were puzzled that I was so guai after they were terrorized by the elder one.

Late in updates

Pardon me for this lacking update. In the first place, i think nobody follows my blog now.
Been really busy (with the kids) and it'll only get more busier in 3 months time when I'm helper-less.
Though relief that I'll have one person less to take care of, the responsibility has been lifted off from me - but I'm laden with extras other domestic responsibilities. I know I will survive, I know we all have to adapt to changes. But I'm not sure whether I'll survive through the next 5 months. Yah, my main worry now is for this year. It will be better once the lil' one starts P1.
I asked KZ quite some time back, she said she would want to go back home. I never asked her anymore, so a month back I bought her her tickets. And her response was "so fast?" What did she mean by that? Fast as in my efficiency or fast as in - she was hoping I'd ask again and she gets to stay longer? In my point of view I found it pointless to keep her if her 'heart wasn't here anymore' it'll only give her the impression that she's indispensable and her attitude would only get worse. Don't get me wrong, on the whole she's still isn't as bad as other helpers. But I noticed some slack jobs here and there.

The girls will have to learn to be independent. I'm not sure if I'll order tingkat. Sometimes I want to be the 贤妻良母 and the goody wife and cook. But .... time wasted and only if my girl can be left to do work unsupervised, I'll gladly do so.

I think so far, the lil' one is more enthusiastic about the whole thing. She volunteers to wash the dishes, sweep the floor, mop the floor, wash clothes. She has helped 1 or 2 of her plastic plates before. And .... I have to dry the cabinet exterior and floor after her. More jobs for me!! And I can't fault her or discourage her.