Monday, March 17, 2008

A hunch

Umm.... they say a mummy's hunch is always correct, and this statement is correct.

Brought Aricia to see a doctor for her (I thought it was) fake cough. Turned out it's real cough and she didn't have much appetite on Saturday night, refused her milk. So asked Dr Tan to check on her throat if she's having any sore throat or maybe bloated-ness.
True enough she's having a little sore throat, given a dose of antibiotics and .... have to watch out for fever. He asked if I needed any paractemol, laughed when I told him I have ample supply at home and I can sell to him. Of course lah! With my girl in the risk of having febrile fits I'll stock up suppositories as well.
Cancelled her vaccination for tomorrow. Okay, I better hit the gym tomorrow.

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