Saturday, March 1, 2008

LOL - The stupidest carpark

I'm always blogging about the most boring thing in my life, let me blog this stupidest thing on the stupidest carpark I've ever seen. Or perhaps the most stupidest and funniest situation we were caught this morning.

You don't have to travel to Werribee, Australia for their maze - this is good enough. Go in, never come out. Ha!

picture not to scale
(Duh! Make me draw now, the words are so small. Now I have to write all over again)
Key Legend on picture : (this is how it looks like on all levels. I'm just citing example on the carpark level)
A - Going up from Level 1 to 2
C- Coming down from Level 3 to 2
D - Going down from Level 2 to 1
B - Going up to Level 3 from 2

Area 1 : one lane, narrow space
Area 2 : equally narrow with one lane and vertical parking lots.

The ********* showed where the jam was. No vehicles could move at all coz' vehicles going up / down all over are stuck. Prior to going up to Level 2, we heard cars horning. When we got up, we were stuck again, and then we realise (after some time) when we observe the flow of the carpark. Explained to him that everyone's waiting for the vehicle infront to move.
Being the second rear mirror for hubby, (our car was at Area 1, just slightly to the right of my letter C in my picture) I asked hubby to reverse the car all the way to the back to near A (thank goodness the driver behind us stayed at the ramp area) so that the cars can come down and then cars can proceed up and we'll move. One driver coming down smiled at us and did a "circle" hand sign.

Know where is this stupidest carpark? okay lah not stupid just that the space was small and everyone was rushing to have breakfast / leaving for somewhere - all at the same time. Rivervale Plaza!!

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