Thursday, November 30, 2006

Now you see you don't

After a visit to Dr Lee for a second opinion on Aricia's stomach (was still having a little diarrhoea), we went down to Ikea.

I needed to get the gingerbread house decorating Kit for Athena, but the crowd put us off. It didn't take us long to find a parking lot. But we were in for a shock when we got down - we had to queue to get into Ikea. As we moved one level down, we had to move one level up to where our car is. And we had problem finding out way. There were many staffs on hand; police etc... Anyway, to cut the story short, we even had to walk up the carpark ramp to our car level. Really stupid! And we had a stroller. They couldn't even exercise the flexibility.

We only had a glimpse of the carpark (wow! what a worthy tour!! )

Then , we (the 2 old ah pek & ah-soh) decided to return home after our lunch. But Athena remembered that I promised her "gai gai today" the day before when I was trying to make her walk out of ToysRus. was tired so brought her to Compass Point instead of TM. After our lunch at Sakae Sushi, asked hubby to drive us to Compass Point. He can bring the small one home so it'll be easier for me to handle one kid.

Brought her to Kiddy Palace to let her play with toys. Good thing that I brought camera along as Santa came to town.

You can read and see the photos from Athena's blog

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Aricia : Week 10

Aricia reaches an exciting milestone around week 10 as she begins to respond to her name. A sign of recognition may just be a widening of her eyes when she hears you say her name. This development can be exciting, but don't be surprised if it takes many more weeks before her response is consistent.

Aricia's eyesight is continuing to improve and she is now able to track an object with her eyes from one side to directly in front of her face. She may even continue following it all the way to the other side for a full 180 degrees. She is also able to pick your face out of a group by now. When she sees you, she will fixate on your face, her eyes will widen and shine, and she may wave her arms with excitement.

When your arms need a short break, or when Aricia needs a little down-time, try placing Aricia in an infant seat or swing. She is now strong enough to sit in this semi-reclined position, especially when propped with a small pillow or rolled receiving blanket. However, be sure these objects are not placed near her head where she could turn her face into them and suffocate. While her neck and back have grown significantly stronger in the past few weeks, her head is still wobbly, so continue to provide support.

A Tip from the Trenches

If you have an older child, he or she may be eager to help with the new baby sometimes and not others. Always ask if she would like to help, never insist, and be sensitive to times she is not in the mood. Never give a young child more responsibility than she can handle; this can make the child feel overwhelmed, pressured, and resentful of you and/or the new baby. However, giving an older child appropriate opportunities to help will make her feel more a part of the family and less abandoned when you have to focus on Aricia and not on her.

There are many opportunities for the older sibling to help you with your new baby. But keep it simple. If your older child is a toddler, she can fetch you a diaper, a box of wipes, or open the diaper pail for you. A three-year-old may enjoy making funny faces to entertain Aricia. A four or five-year-old can sing Aricia a song, pick out an outfit for Aricia to wear, or help bathe Aricia. An older child can read to Aricia, hold a bottle, or help feed Aricia. Remember to always supervise interaction between your children, especially if the older child is still young.

Old classmate

I had been looking forward to this day since we first mentioned on catching up over lunch a month or was it months back.

Thanks to Wendy Yong who arranged today's date - 1pm at Cafe Belgravia in Tanglin Mall. Thanks to her for being late, so that Ginny and myself can choose to eat at Spaggeddies instead (Cafe was packed)Hee!Hee!

Ginny and myself haven't met since we left school 14 years ago, and she had to 'suan' me. I self- proclaim to be an Ah-soh. And when I casually mentioned that I hardly bump into any of our ex-classmates even though Singapore is small. Her remark was "your place was only at XX and the market, how to meet?" To think that such words came out from our Prefect - she has such great sense of humour.

We were quite noisy in the restaurant, of course who wouldn't be - we were so excited (especially me!) We chatted on who is doing what. And it seems like those 'naughty girls' in school are doing well now. And me? Failure in both academic and career! Not much achievements as compared to others.

Wendy Yong, Me, Ginny Yap

I look forward to our old-girls gathering.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Not enough milk!

Mother nature is so treacerous! I did my usual pumping on the night before her party (24th), then on 25th, I pumped once in morning before party starts. Didn't have time in the afternoon, pumped later in the night at 10plus or was it 11plus. And the amount was immediately reduced by half!!

The next day - 26th and today - 27th, the amount was miserably little.

I had wanted to fully concentrate on latching Aricia back and try to do a total breastfeeding after Athena's party. It didn't seemed it was meant to be. And I'm feeling so miserable now. Hubby saw the amount and said "don't pump lor... give her formula." Seemed so easy for him to say it, but I'm feeling XXXXX.
Say want to give up if fails, but yet now I still refuse to accept reality to give up so fast.
I'm such a weirdo! I don't understand myself sometimes.

Oops! A slip of tongue

Athena wanted to squeeze with me in the front passenger seat. Hubby wanted to drive off quickly so naturally I was gan-cheong and said " Hurry up, sit down pui pui. "

Chatty Aricia

Aricia - 2 months 1 week old.
Still being mistaken for a boy!

Aricia been chatting with us more lately, and we're so happy seeing her growing day by day.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Love to organise parties

My sister-in-law, Jesline (hubby's elder sis) did mention to me that I organise parties well and should consider doing this.

Honestly speaking, I love to organise parties. And my friend, Ling Li did say I have a talent for this way before and I should do a business out of this.

However, because I'm a highly gan-cheong person. I think I would have died before a party starts. And when I organise a party, I would prefer to go into the little details of any parties. Most people would do a simple job of : finding venue; order cake; order catered food and that's it.
But I love to dwelve into the decorations and favors. Each time would think of personalising different stuffs for parties. But that would take alot of time. But I still enjoy it.

I don't it that obvious for people to notice it? Is it really that good?

As for business venture, I might consider that - since I had many people telling me to go into this.


I have hired the most irresponsible photographer for Athena's birthday party.

My dear readers if you do see her, do not waste your $$ to hire her.

First, she was L.A.T.E and when I told her off, she gave me her attitude. Her remarks was "Good photographers always have attitude problem."

That only spells the beginning of my displeasure with her service.

She then proceeded to take un-focused shots. She told me she likes to do au-naturel shots (which I liked) but it was not what I asked for. I now doubt her capability as a professional coz' she's COCK-EYED!

On the other hand....................................................

I think it runs in the family!
Pictures taken by me


Her Royal Highness, Athena

First to arrive was Angeline, Aaron and Alexandra as they had to leave early for another 2 more parties. Alexandra & Athena were very shy with one another, whatever had happened to the 'holding hands and playing together' months before? It didn't take them long to warm up, soon they were blowing bubbles. I like these pictures.

Nah! You take mine, I take yours
At the count of 3, we blow okay?
1........ 2 ........3

The guests slowly streamed in after awhile and I haven't even had a bite or drink yet! When we had that many guests, I realised that it was such a small chalet. So it was a bad idea to have a party here - and it was not a massive one coz' it was mainly a party for kids. I can't imagined how packed it would be if more were invited.
Managed to have short chats with a few but I guess some were left out. My apologies if I was not able to chat with you longer or never even chat with you. But I'm thankful for my family's help. Everyone helped me to entertain guests, so even if I was not able to chat with them they did help me out. This is the good thing about my mad family, whoever organises something' the others will help out all the way. Brother was the videographer; sister the photographer so I didn't have to be crazily running about.

** Since it was a children's party, I needed to keep the children occupied right? To keep to the Princess theme, initially I wanted to buy those plain paper crown or foam crown (quite costly) and let the children decorate their own crown. But I couldn't find it except for those really nice ones. So I left the crown as it is. Then second alternative was to decorate own wand for girls / sword for boys. Couldn't find any wand or sword. The last alternative was to do the tedious job of cutting various coloured papers into crown shapes, cut the magnet strips I have and paste it behind, buy some glitter pens; colour pens and all childrens' favourites - stickers. Then I'll leave it to their imagination on how and what they are going to do with it. I also cut shapes of rectangles and hearts of various colours to stick on the crown or to use it on its own.
The kids did their own crafts - with my helper KZ taking care of them.

(In the pipeline too was games. Some things were done; small little pressies were purchased but because of my "cannot sleep in day-time [take care of Aricia], cannot sleep in night-time [rush to do some things when children are sleeping]" for 5 consecutive days I was dead tired to complete the whole thing. In the end, no games. Sigh......) Heck lah! Nobody knows it except for those who are reading this now. But I'm excused right? Pity this second-time mummy lah!**

During the party, I noticed she played alot with her schoolfriends-Javier; Jachelle and Wei Teng ignoring the others. (Wei Zhe could not make for the party. Braxton and Melia couldn't make it in time. Pity! Otherwise it would have been more fun for her.)
Seen here running and playing with her friends
Dunno what she was doing here. But mom did say a few kids were in the room upstairs jumping on the bed. Actually I don't mind them doing that, as long as they don't injure themselves. Just let the kids enjoy themselves lor.......anyway how often do I close one eye to such things??

I almost forgot about her favors or goodies bag. She followed me to give out to her little friends during the party.
Princess Athena giving out favors 1
Princess Athena giving out favors 2

The party was to be from 1pm - 4pm, leaving the pinata and birthday cake to the last but many of the children had to leave, so I had to bring forward both. In the process, Jasmine and her 3 kids missed on it. I felt bad about it especially when she's a good friend of mine.
Pinata : In total 8 kids missed on it either by last minute not attending the party, left early. So the goodies were alot to the other 12 kids. And they could take their own sweet time to pick up the goodies. Athena picked up alot of sweets and stickers. Phew! Better this time round, she was utterly disappointed for picking up only 5 sweets at Alexandra's birthday party. But I found out later from Cynthia that I had put in too much sweets; it should have been lesser - no wonder the string broke! Haha! It's better to have more than lesser right? I did't want any kids to feel sad.
Click here for Pinata 1
Click here for Pinata 2
Click here for Pinata 3
Click here for Pinata 4

Cake cutting was next. After that some kids left the party for their other programs.
Birthday song
Javier helped to blow out the candles. It was so funny, but fortunately Athena didn't tear at all. The kids were excited waiting for their cakes.
Kids 1

Kids 2

The party somehow ended a little earlier with some of them still hanging around in the chalet. Showers of blessings came while some of them were leaving.
Thank goodness we gave Athena some food before the party start, coz' she was playing around having fun. But when she got so tired, she came looking for this. She missed her naptime and is overtly tired (but how often does she get to celebrate her birthday right?) I'm sure all the other kids would have slept immediately in the car. Or the huge amount of sweets could have made them hyperactive.

Wilma & Michael came late (well, they did inform they would be late). Michael chatted with dad, while Wilma played with Athena blowing bubbles and eating sweets from the favors bag. Lawyer Wilma had to pose a question to a small girl "why the bubble burst?"
Caught on video
Athena caught running away with some balloons.

After they left, we went to Wild Wild Wet as it would be closed to public the next day. We spent time in the Children's playarea, the relaxing round the park thingy, and Tsunami. Hubby wanted to go on the adults rides but I'm not keen.Gotta consider whether the impact will cause injury to my stitches.

Little Princess Aricia was not left out either, some kind friends gave her pressies too. Thanks alot for your generousity!
Little Princess Aricia - the true princess!!
Meaning of Aricia :Royal blood princess of Athens

And my apologies for some friends who were not invited at all, as this is mainly a kids party.

1) Should have timing all planned out and given to all guests. So that they will know what they will miss (if they leave early or come late) and I won't feel so guilty. Sorry Jasmine!
2) Print out map. I didn't think of this but almost everyone had problems finding the place.
3) Forgot about the colonies of mosquitoes breeding there. Should have bought those sticker patch for those little kids. The mosquitoes on that day were probably fed well. Sorry parents!

Feedback from mom :
1)I should have given the glitter crowns to all the kids another time and wear it for them.
My reply : I wanted to, that's why got the crown for the theme. But on that day I think I have no time. Then if I try to put on for a fretty or shy child, he/she may end up crying.
2) The craft table is too high
My reply : The table I wanted is too small. Anyway the children are tall & at around the comfortable height
3) No chairs at craft table, the children had to stand
My reply : They are young, let the old ones (their parents) sit down. And it's going to take up space
4) Should pull out table to have children standing all 4 sides.
My reply : I did that. But then I saw the knob to the connecting door. And worry that children might, in their excitement, walk and unknowingly knock into it. The last thing I want to have, is a child getting injured at our party. Decided, better to be safe and pushed back table.

The photos can be viewed here

Stay in chalet - Costa Sands (Pasir Ris)

24th November (Friday)
Hubby took leave from work, and we all proceeded to the chalet in mid afternoon. It has been 10years since I last stayed in a chalet.
Ironically, it was to celebrate my 21st birthday party. And 10 years later (no prize for guessing my age) I celebrated my girl's turning 4. And both times too hubby (then boyfriend) was with me!

They didn't allow us to check-in early, even though I tried to ask them if they could help. The only thing they could help was to give me another unit - L01 instead of our R02. The suggested new unit faces the swimming pool and our guests would be able to see us while making their way to our unit. In the end, I thought it'll be difficult to inform our guests about the last minute changes. And if I could accept the changes so readily, I wouldn't have taken the trouble to email them in August to let me know my allocation 2-3 weeks before, instead of their 1 week before notification by sms (turned out they only let me know 2days before - what efficiency?!).
We went for to Central for lunch, and it then poured while we were walking back to the car.

Checked in (finally!) at 2.35pm. I recee the place to have an idea on how to decorate the place up. Then unpacked our personal belongings in the room upstairs. I was in for a shock. There were so many mosquitoes!!

In the process of bringing the pinata to chalet, some stuffs came off. Good thing I packed in super glue and silicone for emergencies.

We brought Athena out to cycle. I can't cycle for nuts so hubby cycled with Athena sitting behind while KZ and myself walked behind with Aricia in stroller. I was filming with one hand and using another to flick a towel chasing away mosquitoes. And then we asked KZ if she wanted to cycle, she was a little shy and declined - but insisted she cycle coz' she won't have much opportunity to do all these in the months to come.
She was such a professional in getting onto the bicycle and she cycled a few times. Athena was naturally happy being chauffered around.

Fooling around while waiting for daddy

Mom and bro came by to help put up the decorations. But we only got to start work after our dinner. Skinny dad came with his lungs filled, he and KZ helped to blow the balloons. But dad gave up halfway and was drinking his - Athena says "got alot of stars beer".. But Mr Engineer was of good use too! Don't say he has no credit. He managed to put the things back for me by dunno what drill holes here and there. Yup! Dad has this talent with his hand. He even thought of using the PVC pipe to put the balloons for children to help themselves. And you know his car has everything you can think of. Even at last minute I asked if he had double plug, he came with an extension plug. Haha!

Thanks to them, we were all tired but they stayed till midnight to help me out.
The 2 children were sent to bed, but Athena kept coming downstairs. She must be feeling excited. The dark rings were very obvious.

I couldn't get to sleep either. First, I had to pump then I started thinking about how things will run tomorrow. Second, the bloody mosquitoes kept coming at me (the coil and candle didn't help)

25th November (Saturday) - It's Athena's birthday
Turned over to give my little darling a kiss. It's her big day today.

The balloons are all up today, pasted Athena's Princess photographs on the door. Just nice, she wanted Princess theme so I could use the photos.
The 2 of them went for a dip in the water while I was busy.. Darn! I wanted to join them but I needed to get things done.

The tables were set up around 10 plus

Time is now 11plus close to 12pm. Getting Athena ready for the party, was doing some touch-ups. And then ................I gasp! THE BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!! How can we have a party without a cake. Hubby immediately left to pick up the cake from White Sands.

He came back just in time. Took my shower but kindda perspired again. Sprayed more perfume to hide the smell. Hee! Then we got ready....

For more details on the happenings on her birthday, read the next post entry.

We had wanted to go Wild Wild Wet (complimentary tickets) the next day. But call it lucky or not, it is closed to public due to Cisco Family Day. Instead we went at 5pm, have to make full use of the 2 hours there.

Hubby said "go back home to sleep.. can't sleep. Stupid place; toilet downstairs so inconvenient. And the stupid mosquitoes." We left at 9 plus bringing home some things first. Athena was crying when we left, she wanted to sleep in "the new house" and cried when she noticed me bringing down the pictures of her outside but not the other decorations. Then she cried to bring home her Princess balloon; cried again when I didn't bring down the other Disney Princess pictures screaming "afterwards no more. People take my pictures, how??" Then she cried again when we left the balloons outside. Ai yoh.........

When I got back home, I was showering Athena when I saw the birthday presents the mosquitoes gave her. Thank goodness the little one didn't have any pressie. Only Athena and myself were bitten loads.

Slept well.

26th November ( Sunday ) - Check out day
Went back to pack the rests of the stuffs. Athena helped a little by tearing down the wordings on the wall then she was tired. I was happily bursting all the balloons. Pop!Pop!Pop! Asked the birthday girl if she wanted to do it but she didn't.
Packed the stuffs into the car and we went for a swim.

On our way for lunch at McDonalds, seeing the cramp-ness yesterday, mom casually mentioned "Next time celebrate her 21st birthday in hotel." Hubby said "no need.. she wants to get married at 10 yrs-old what!" Athena knew we were teasing her, laughed along with us.

After lunch, I quickly unpacked the things at home. Saw some crafts left behind by some children, asked KZ who did it. She was in-charge of that section, and I must say she did well.So, friends I might be sending them back to your kids.

Feelings : Extremely tired!

Athena opened her pressies today. Look at her pressies! Hubby commented "so many toys. Have party end up we have lots of toys, how to have party next time?'s tiring organising things for a party.
I'm wondering if I should do it again next year for Athena. But it wouldn't be fair to her if I had Aricia's 1st birthday party and not hers right? By then I'll peng-sang coz' their birthdays fall quite close to one another.
And I'm still thinking if I should have a Christmas gathering...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Birthday in school

I decided to do a small scale celebration for Athena in school as there will be a main party on Saturday.

We ordered a small cake from Emicakes which is sufficient for her class. Favors were packed just after I was 'freed'- confinement so it was a hasty job done. But then again, the kids wouldn't even notice it. Last year I kept the school's and home's celebration to the same theme - Elmo but it was alot of work done. At least this year I have a better excuse for not doing much - I just gave birth.

Click here : Birthday song

Day 4 - Going berserk

Mom told me "now I finally understand why we read in the papers about employers abusing their maids. So gong...."
Apparently, she said the translation didn't help much. She was still as blur as before, and worst still -after clear instructions from mom ; she still fought over the bathroom with brother, Pauline & father this morning. And they were all getting ready for work. Mom said she spent 20 minutes standing still infront of the water boiler; doing nothing and when everyone comes out she also starts to fight with them.

I knew what mom meant - coz' I don't even understand what she say. By comparison, her standard of English is far worst from KZ's.

They've taught her how to use the pot a few times but still....
Dad taught her how to water the plants. Okay, first of all she's filled up the whole bucket when they told her half bucket. And then she had problem carrying the bucket (so skinny). When he taught her how to sprinkle water on the leaves after watering them. Guess what she did?? She cleaned the leaves one by one. ?!?!?!?!

There's more to come I'm sure in the 2 weeks to come.

There's a high probability of them changing her. And it's actually quite poor thing, she came here for a short time and get sent away, then she must pray hard that she gets employed by someone else.. if not she has a short fate of working here.

New Fairytale : The girl who cried milk

On Wednesday morning, I put Aricia to my breasts for awhile before asking Athena to ask KZ to help warm up the EBM in the fridge.

Athena happily went into the kitchen, and told her "Aunty Zep, mum wants prepare Aricia milk milk."
KZ : No, I don't believe you. I go and ask mum
A : Yes, mum say prepare milk milk
KZ : No..........
A : Yes, mum say. Mum say...............
KZ : No.........
A : Yes, mum (bursts out crying) say. Mum say she wants Aricia milk milk

When Athena later came back to the room; feeling happy that she's done something to help me but was looking sad. I then spoke to her, told her the reasons why Aunty Zep didn't believe her words. It was because for a couple of times, she heard Aricia cry and thought mei-mei wanted milk and started screaming to prepare milk. But then, I quickly told her not to prepare.
It happened a few times so I told Athena the story about The Boy Who Cried Wolf - only to shorten and add drama to it.

Little Mousey

Father and mom told me, for a couple of times Athena would hide in a corner to eat the snacks that they gave her. When they asked she said "my mummy said I cannot eat.."
They blame it on me... saying that I've been restricting her too much things "this cannot eat; that cannot eat" and it might create a very bad habit for having to hide somewhere to eat in years to come.

On a brighter note, I'm glad that she's afraid of me. But I spoke to her last morning that she needn't hide to avoid be scolded from me. If she wants to eat; do it openly by sitting down somewhere to eat.
I further clarified that I had my reasons for restricting her sometimes, when I hear her starting to cough. And somehow did remind her "if mummy stop you from eating, would mummy buy you cookies even when you didn't ask mummy for it?" She nod her head... and I really hope she understands what I'm talking about.


Conversation between Athena and myself when I was drying her after her shower.

A : Mummy! Mummy! You see what's that?
M : *smack* It's a spider
M : (threw it away in the toilet bowl)
A : Mummy, where did the spider go?
M : Mummy kill it
A : Yah..but go where?
M : Die die already. Went to heaven
A : Heaven where?
M : Up there
A : No, down not up
M : Heaven up there
A : No down
A : How go up?
M : Became an angel and fly up
A : No is down (showing me the toilet bowl)

*slap head*

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oi! U understand or not?!?!

Brother's helper arrive on Monday night. And since then, she's been driving mom up the wall. Mom said "I wouldn't be surprised if one day I get a stroke - all thanks to her."

I saw her on Tuesday evening when I went over to mom's place before picking Athena up from school. And true to what and how my mom and sis described - skinny, hunchback,very quiet. And they said "she only know how to nod nod her head and smile." Apparently she was wetting the floor; not mopping the floor. When I arrived, she was ironing clothes and.... she put her another hand so close to the iron while ironing that I kept telling her "careful! hot!hot!" - she smiled at me. Next minute I was walking back into the kitchen again to prepare milk for Aricia, I said the same thing - she smiled again. (Now I begin to wonder if Myanmar is the Land of Smiles or if it's Thailand?!?!) Third time I walked back to wash the bottles, I see the same thing. And I think to myself 'Heck lah! Let her burn her fingers.'

The most exciting part happened in the evening: I asked if she eats pork, she looked at me. I then put it simply by saying "Do you eat pig?" - smile and no response.
A bit frustrated from an impatient me : "Do you eat *snort snort*?" She heard me snorting like a pig and her face lightened up "Ahh.....No!"
Me : No?
Her : No
Me : Do you eat *moo moo* - beef
Her : No
Me : You don't eat pork and beef
Her : Yes. Here everyone in Singapore everything eat, I don't

So I went back and told mom about it so she'll be aware of it.Mom later came out and asked her
Mom : So.. you don't eat pork?
Me : Yes, I can

Do you hear Jane hitting her chest calling for Tarzan? That's me!

There's really a communication breakdown. So I suggested bringing KZ the next day (Wednesday) to help with the translation. Mom thought it'll be a good idea

This morning (Wed), mom called to ask me not to bring KZ along. My SIL has decided to try her out this week, if really cannot then she'll change helper. Then less than half hour, called back again to tell me.... "You better bring her here. Totally cannot converse, I cannot take it. I asked her if she had her breakfast, she nod her head. Pauline asked her later, she said no."

When KZ talked to her, and KZ explained "she can understand English mum, she only cannot talk back in English." Then both mom and me exclaimed at the same time "then use sign language or make an attempt somehow, nod head we dunno if understand or not."
I think what they decide to do, is to give her chance because altho' she claimed she understands it seems likewise. If she doesn't prove herself to them.......

I Forgive You

I was grumbling to mom about the present hubby left behind for me - Aricia's stomach flu. And like a grumpy old lady was still feeling sore about it.

However, I forgave him..............all for the sake of the Heng Xiang lao-po bin he bought for me. And he surprised me with my favourite curry 鱼蛋.
He presented his birthday gift for Athena; his gift to Aricia and me too!!!

Wow! Why did he treat me so good all of a sudden??

Babies these days

Babies these days are simply fortunate.

Click here

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

SOS Call


I just realised from my two princesses blogs today that their profile has my face on it.
I converted to Blogger Beta about a week or so back.. which made postings faster. However I goon-goon me has used the same email address for log-in.

Anyone can help to remedy this??

My hubby's so kind!

If leaving me to fend two kids is not bad enough... he had to pass stomach flu to Aricia!!

Argh! Brought her to Dr Tan and she confirmed that it is stomach flu and not "contamination of breastmilk" which I thought it was.
Her weight today : 3.9kg
Ai yoh..............where did all the milk go?

Some photos I forgot to upload

These are some photos taken off from camera.

November 10th - my favourite shot of Athena talking to her little sister
Athena loves to carry her little sister
November 18th - taken in train on way home from Vivo City. So hiao!
Athena's so mischievous - deliberately showed me this when I wanted to snap more photos of her

Oh boy! I spoke too soon

I was telling KZ that it is so easy just having to take care of one child in the house, the house seemed quieter & we were able to have our dinner fast and cleaned up.

Most importantly I didn't have to scream at the older one to finish her dinner quickly, or to nag at her to brush her teeth. But I was proved wrong..... a few hours ago, Aricia simply refused to sleep and I dunno she first wanted me to carry her; then later wanted me to play with her; then her diapers was dirty; then she wants milk; diapers dirty (again); wants to be carried. Vicious cycle! I coloured my hair and l have left it on for 2 hours plus. KZ heard her cries and helped to lull her to sleep while I quickly rinsed my hair. Naughty girl!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Let's pack mei-mei

Aricia kindda made me so pek-chek when we got back home.

When hubby was not looking..........
Me : Quick, quick Athena open daddy's luggage. Aricia so pai-si, so noisy.........
Ath :Yah hor....mei mei so pai-si
Me : We pack mei-mei in daddy's bag. You don't tell daddy okay. Then, when he reach Hong Kong, he open up his bag to find her inside. Let papa take care of her, then I bring you go gai-gai
Ari : (waa..........waa......)

** Forgot, photos in new camera which hubby took with him. Will upload it at later date

Viva Singaporeans at Vivo City

A family outing to Vivo City (finally!) was a tiring event for us. I don't know if it was because we were already tired before the trip or was it the throngs of people there that made us felt weary.

We took a train down - sounds more logical to travel from one end (Punggol) to the other - and Athena was nevertheless happy that she gets on the 'cannot see anything outside' train. (She's always asking me to bring her "take train, take bus or take taxi").It was Aricia's first train ride so I wanted to take photos of her. But the turnout was quite disappointed.

The station was quite crowded, like what you see in Orchard Station. In the rush trying to get ourselves out, we thought we had tapped Athena's card but we didn't. She almost couldn't come home with us *clap hands*. We thought the whole of Singapore was there - it was really so crowded! I wonder when the 'excitement' will cool down. Hubby lamented, "It's a good time to go Suntec now, sure got place to park."
But I must admit the shops there were a mixture of the common ones we see and some uppy ones. Though tempted but nope! - We couldn't shop at all, not with a small baby and a kingkong baby.
I was really happy when I saw Boost Juice Bar, I missed the Wheatgrass Shooter and have been wanting to drink again (no chance - never fly to Australia)
I first tried it in Melbourne and although it does taste like grass, I was not at all put off by the smell and Aunty Pat was telling me "quick eat the orange, quick quick." While I was drinking it slowly and tasting it. I told hubby he simply had to try it, he frowned just like the people I know did when I told them "that's the real thing! They add sugar for canned or bottled wheatgrass so it's not really beneficial to you, and it really doesn't taste like wheatgrass, more like chin chow."
Anyway, after telling hubby he should try a sip at least - he did but didn't like it. I savoured every drip and let it flow down my throat slowly. Yummy! At least I'll have something to look forward to next time I'm there. Or hope for more to be opened in Singapore, or perhaps to plant on my own??

I was glad I brought the camera along, for there were many things to take pictures of. As you can see from here :
Penguins in Singapore?
Big enough for a giant

Not forgetting my vain girl who posed these for me. Haha! Makes a good model??

Before we left the mall, we stopped by at Food Republic for dinner.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Mothers' talk

What do men talk amongst themselves ?
What do ladies talk amongst themselves?
Now..........what do mothers talk amongst themselves?

> How old is your baby
> Baby boy or baby girl
> Breastfeeding?
> what formula does she drink
> Wah.. your baby so big

I was feeding Aricia after nursing her in the Baby change Room, when this lady asked to come in. She wanted to close the door so I let her be. And when you have two women sitting next to each other.. you start to talk.
We talked about quite alot of things. She did tell me that her girl, was premature and had to be tube-fed and bottle fed. It took her time to latch back baby but she manage to do total breastfeeding now. (sound encouraging and she did cheer me on..)

Then funny when we came to asking for baby name. Her girl's name is Elericia, I told her it's a very unique name. Then she asked me, my reply was "Our daughters' names are quite similar. Her name is Aricia. " She opened her eyes bigger and chuckled.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Christmas is next month and........

I'm so excited. I'm mean it, I'm really excited when it's Christmas. I'm still a child when it's Christmas time.
I want a white Christmas, I want to see Santa and tell him I've been a good mother, I want to hang up stockings at the fireplace, I want.......... To stop my "I want", the best solution is to spend Christmas in another country.

Frasers Centrepoint is having this Santa's Village stuff and I can't wait to bring Athena there. I hope it's worth the trip, so I gotta go through their schedule again in their various malls.

Priority parking

Went to Tampines Mall to do some shopping today. I recalled seeing months ago that Century Square offers the cheapest parking rates so decided to park there.
I was surprised when I went in, I saw some empty lots with a barrier. A signage on the top says " Priority Parking : For women travelling with children under the age of 10" Can't really remember if it did state women travelling alone with children.

What you had to do is to let a Customer Service staff at a nearby booth know and she'll unlock the barrier for you.

While I was preparing the stroller and putting Aricia in etc, another car came in.
Boy went down to ask lady to unlock barrier, went into the car, someone parked the car. Guess who walked out?! That boy; old lady and a man -supposedly the grandma and father. They either don't understand it or simply wanted to abuse the system.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Children's Department

A trip to the Babies section of the Children's Department in Metro today proves to be an eye-opener for me. I hadn't made any trips to that side of the department for a long long time, apart from bringing Athena to the Toys section.

I needed to get an extra bottle for Aricia to put in mom's place (so that I don't have to bring bottle around); Pigeon liquid cleanser and other miscellaneous stuffs.

I am a Avent user but decided to try NUK bottles but saw Bfree
Now just what is Bfree? I have seen Dr Brown's years ago (but will not come out that kind of amount to pay for it) but would still think Avent is a very good and reliable brand.
You might be wondering why I chose to buy NUK this time instead of Avent. Well, I wanted to try out NUK becoz' Karen (hubby's colleague) was telling me that NUK's teats are similar to the nipples so it doesn't confuse a baby.
But then again, think again baby are not nipple sucking, they have to open their mouth big enough (covering the nipple and some areola) to drink - so in this case Avent makes them open their mouth big. No harm trying it out.
However when I unopened the plastic, I tried to see where I could identify the different size teats - but just couldn't. (oh well, just read about it on their website) Avent has very clear markings on their teats which also gives you a guideline on when you should change the teats. And why do I like Avent so much is that I can change the teats to the trainer spout so child can use it for a long time. Yes! So long that I did keep Athena's bottles for Aricia's use (re-sterilized a few times before use and bought new teats for the already empty bottle)

The next important thing I needed to get was the liquid cleanser to wash my bottles. I was running low on it, and I just had to grab the last packet. So, no choice I took Tollyjoy's liquid cleanser to try out. Yucks! I hate the smell and the feel of it when I was washing her bottle in mom's place. That's the first and last time I'm buying it!

Heading to Children's Department still excites me, however I had to restraint myself from buying new clothes as she has alot of pass-me-downs from her sister.

Locked and tucked away from someone's sight

Sounds stupid that I'm locking up chocolates in my wardrobe drawer.

I went to Candy Empire yesterday, which I bought yummy stuffs and how can I forget my chocolates right? It is ridiculous to lock it and fear that ants might make their way there and make a new home there but....

I did it becoz' I was really frustrated with KZ. Although I did tell her since Day 1 that she can help herself to the foods in the fridge but never did I expect her not to leave it for me. And hey! I'm her employer you know?!
How did incident happen? I was not the one who witnessed it but mom. Mom was helping to tidy up my fridge when I was doing my confinement so for obvious reasons I was in my room. When she saw the chocolates and candies, she helped to put them in the box. And guess what KZ did infront of mom's sight? (a little stupid, she could have done it behind her back and nobody knows) She saw the chocolates ; eyes opened bigger and said "I want I want." And then mom said she took what she wanted and leave those that she didn't want; took a plastic bag and put her chocolates inside. Mom did say "she took all the nice chocolates."
I didn't believe mom until a week plus ago, I opened the box to look for Athena's candies and saw what she left behind. Cheap chocolates with Halloween designs which we bought from US last year, and what was missing were the chocolates which we bought from Switzerland and Germany. ( I kept them and ate them slowly so that I could savour them slowly) I did not expect her to take everything away, didn't she realise that I would eat it one day? Now, who wouldn't be mad?! Anyone! and especially if you are a chocolate addict makes me even madder! @#*% and I can go on.... Know what I mean? Not that I'm gniao (stingy) but you must also take initiative mah!
During my confinement period too, hubby bought these tubs of ice-cream and a box of dunno what Melon ice-cream from Korea. There were 10 inside, I didn't eat anything and she had 4 to herself in 2-3 days. Siao! I wonder if she ever lao-sai. And the tub of Rocky Road.. she had quite an amount of it. I saw it when I was scooping it up for brother to try and said very loudly "ay, don't finish the ice-creams I want to eat!" for everyone to hear.

Anyway, this time round I decided to lock my good chocolates up. And I'm not going to be so chin-chye with her anymore. I bought some damn shiok cakes from The Atrium Deli in Pan Pacific Hotel yesterday and I didn't give her any instructions "you can eat." For sure I know what she's eyeing........the Hazelnut chocolate cake. And kept all the good stuffs to myself and hubby.
I remember indirectly sniding her when she said she don't like too sweet stuffs but realised she loves chocolates, she smiled at me.

My two darlings

Big darling
Small darling

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Funny lah!

Been teaching gal what to say to policeman if she got lost.

Me(pretending to be policeman) : Little girl where do you stay?
A : Panggol Central
M : Which block do you stay?
A : Blk XXX
M : (feeling so proud of her)
M : Which floor do you stay?
A : 12th floor
M : What is your unit or door number?
A : Errr.........I dunno (shrugs her shoulders)
M : It's XYZ
A : Ohh... XYZ

(waited a few minutes later and re-tested her)
When I came to the part which block do you stay?
A : Blk XYZ

I panicked and stopped there. I think I shant confuse her further, at least even if she got the unit wrong, she had the block number correct - the policeman can go knocking at 8 doors.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Goo goo ga ga

Aricia seems to be staring at things around her, she seems fixated on 'lights' and her favourite thing in our bathroom?? A reflection of the hairdryer.

She seems to smile more too! I was singing to Aricia and she kept smiling while studying my mouth. I ran out of songs to sing and started "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" and she gave me her most charming smile. Oh my! My heart simply melted at that time. I think she likes the soft melodic tune of this song or she was secretly wishing for something. (I think I will have to look for the musical scores so that I can play on my Electone)

Then, Athena kept asking me to sing the Chinese and Korean version of 大长今 . When I sang the first sentence of the Korean version 오나라 오나라 아주 오나 , Aricia followed me and went "oo oo oo". Was she imitating me? Or is she developing her language skills?

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Did you ever wonder why..?

Why Do Boys Wear Blue?

The tradition that boys wear blue and girls wear pink is a very recent trend, dating only back to the 1950s. Prior to the Baby Boom generation, the opposite color scheme had held sway for thousands of years! It was believed that blue, a more sedate color, should represent placid and obedient women, while the more vivid pink should represent masculine activity. In some religious beliefs, too, blue represented the robes of the Virgin Mary, while pink, a shade of red, represented the garments of Christ.

In the 50s, however, a basic shift in popular perception began as pink came to be seen as a more feminine color. Purple and coral have also made the jump to the feminine palette in fashion, as well. Male colors remain darker hues of gray, black, brown and tan.

Some colors that are neutral to a baby's gender are green, orange, and yellow. Moreover, fashion experts advise that a girl can wear some lighter shades of blue - shades such as aqua or cornflower - while small boys can wear pinks that are slightly washed out, or faded looking. As children grow older and more confident, the color perceptions relax

War zone

This is how our messy bed is when we have two kids taking their naps on it.

Athena loves to put the pillows around her, thus we call it the Great Wall of Singapore.

PS. Why is Aricia sleeping in wrong way?

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Hubby's older today!

Athena & myself woke up feeling rather excited today coz' it's "daddy's birthday." Athena presented the card that we made together a few days ago. Quite a hastily job done on the card but heck! it's the thoughts that count - although I'm still figuring how she wrote her name all over the card (no sense of spacial awareness) I had intended to celebrate his birthday with him today but the night before he told me about a dinner (6pm) at his colleague's place. Then I said "how about lunch?" But with a dinner, it does sound rediculous to have a hearty lunch. Also, we didn't have much time coz' the kids needed their nap. On our way to Karen's home, we stopped by Samsung to get the warranty card stamped. Okay, I finally get to meet Titus's new colleagues since he changed job a few months ago. Nice people, we talked alot (yah... maybe it's coz' I'm too chatty). Yes! Titus didn't have to worry about me dying in one corner whenever he brings me for any gathering with his colleagues.. I always go up to introduce myself to them and chat to them like friends. Mainly this gathering is for their boss, Mary, who's going back to Princeton, New Jersey this Friday [*Richard, if you're reading this...Titus's HQ is in Princeton. Pray hard he brings me there when he's due for next trip*] and for his birthday. Really sweet of them..............
Eyes was on the youngest in the party - Aricia - too! The ladies took turns to carry Aricia, giving me time to rest. Nothing happened until Karen carried her, apparently Aricia started to stick out her tongue. I told her it's the nan-nan smell. She felt apologetic for making Aricia cry after that. And I believe it's going to be the joke in the office on Monday.
His birthday cake from Prima Deli
Family photo
See lah! Titus suddenly fathered so many children!!
See his wide smile - overwhelmed by the number of children he had. They were standing around the table, but strangely none of them fought to blew out the candle.
Athena helping to blow out candle. And she took the chocolate too!(chao kuan)
Enjoying her cake
I dunno why........... but I do enjoy watching Athena's eye sparkle whenever she sees a cake. And she'll take her piece and sit down somewhere to enjoy it.
She'll be getting her own birthday cakes soon too!

Back to the room to play
It took her a while to warm up. Initially when she stepped into Karen's house, she clinged onto Titus.
We left at 9plus, after Aricia cried (again & again) and there's no way to calm her down.

Thanks to the invitation, we sure look forward to the next gathering. And congratulations to Charlene who's getting married on Tuesday!

Looking around & bath time

Aricia don't like to be carried horizontal or diagonally most of the times now. She loves to be carried vertically and to look at the world around her.

Today, seeing her eagerness to see more things I walked around our house and pointed out things to her. She stared at herself in the mirror... And then I prep her up on my thighs and she studied me.
Isn't it amazing? Weeks ago she was just a blur block and now she's looking at things.

Realised Aricia, like Athena, hates to be bathed (wonder where that trait came from since hubby and me needs to have at least 2-3 showers in a day)
But for the day before and yesterday (9th & 10th), she actually kept quiet while I bathed her. Yesterday, she CRIED the moment I lifted her out of the water. Put her back and she kept quiet; lifted her again - she cried. No choice, I didn't want her to get cold so I ignore her cries and cuddled her in her towel. She kept quiet after some time.

* chuckle chuckle *

Remember I did have an entry on my girl nagging at her little sister a few days ago? 2 days ago, I had to shop for Aricia's milk formula with Athena in tow. She said this to me :

" buy Aricia milk milk?"
"Yes, I'm buying one to put in ma-ma's house."
"Mummy, you buy a cheaper milk for mei-mei lah! She always never drink finish her milk."

As I related this incident to my mom, brother and Titus today, they all bursts out laughing. Athena was oblivious to the fact that I was talking about her; simply sat there and gave me a sheepish smile. And then she started nagging at her sister again for not finishing her milk.

"Aricia, you finish your milk! Che-che finish my food (*scoop scoop*) Che-che eat so many things (* scoop scoop*)"
She was even more repeatitive than hubby or myself, mom and brother laughed at her for nagging at her little sister for so long. And when we thought she had ended it, she started again.
Hubby and myself were so used to her yakking away all the time. We never had any peace in the home when she's around; when she's staying overnight at mom's place...oh boy! the house is too quiet that we're not used to it.

Lost & Found

Found this picture of my little sweetheart, Athena taken on my little sticker polaroid.

Can't recall how old she is, but definitely a year old already!

I see her big eyes so cute............... I yearn to have her big eyes and her long & thick eyelashes.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Shucks! milk!!!!!

Just spilled the milk I have been pumping for the last 15mins.

Milk came in fast and was so bloody happy. Went back room to get scotch-tape to write date & time. Stupid elbow hit the pump, whole thing fell, milk all spilled... none left in bottle.

Feel so shity now!

Baby so lucky


Click these 2

And she slept so well. Letting her to be massaged for the next 6 days .

Video of Aricia

Video I promised is here

Monday, November 6, 2006

The best thing about being an elder sister is................

(overheard last night)

Athena : Why? Why you never finish your milk?
Aricia :(waa.........waa.........)
Athena : Just now give you drink milk milk you never finish
Athena : Later you hungry you don't complain
Athena : Why you cry now? Hungry?
Aricia : (waa........waa.........)
Athena : Just now give you drink milk milk you never finish..
Athena : You every time waste milk, next time don't let you drink milk milk

PS: She's very lor-sor hor? Keep repeating the same thing.

## It's really funny to hear Athena chiding her little sister. Haha! I have many more fun and hilarious years to come.

Reviving Part 2

The key to reviving milk supply is to (logically) put baby to breast diligently for every feed.

Although I have mentioned some time last week that I intend to revive. I realized some problems faced :-
1. She latches on correctly but after some time she got tired (I guess) for opening her mouth so big that she’s only sucking the nipple.
2. Haven’t really diligently put her to my breast for every feed. Last week I was busy running around doing own errands; preparing for Athena’s 2 birthday parties.

Perhaps it was wrong and selfish of me to stop feeding her direct, and chose to pump earlier on. I’m not the only person in this world to have C-section, and maybe I’m not the only suay person to have my baby drink every 2 hours. If I had persisted, I wouldn’t even be writing this now (would have been happy like a cow)
Since I was so determined right from the start (even screaming “feed baby with spoon” when I overheard nurses comment on PD’s instructions to give Aricia formula as she’s small when I was still in-out of consciousness) why did I stupidly give up when everything was fine?

It’s only a few weeks I stopped feeding her direct, so ………cross my fingers, I hope this will succeed. If not I may have to give up (sigh). On bright side, at least she drank (Athena didn’t, was on formula on Day 1 onwards) for more than a month.

*cross fingers*

Feeding & bloated-ness

Sleepyhead Aricia tends to fall asleep (if not why I call her sleepyhead) during her feed that we hardly hear her burp. The thing with night feed makes it worst, when I burp her she thinks I’m tapping her to sleep and she goes to sleep.
Then during the day when we see her awake, we carry her and “beat her back” – as what Athena said – hoping to burp her but instead we sent her back to dreamland again (sigh)
Usually for the whole day we’ll smell her flatulence. Ritually at 8+ to 9pm, she’ll start crying for no reason.

I believe that’s what caused her bloated-ness, for the past few days she hasn’t been drinking her usual feed.
And I tried what my girlfriend taught me, to increase feed and feed in breaks. Not that didn’t try Moo Han, my girl keep going into dreamland. Wake her up; she push out teats; go back to sleep; wake her up etc…..

Sunday, November 5, 2006

Child development stages

At 1 months :
Most babies will
- Respond to a sound, like a bell
- Focus on faces
- Lift their head
Some babies can
- Follow an object held several inches in front of their face
- Make sounds other than crying, like cooing
- Smile when you smile
A few babies may
- Laugh
- Smile on their own
- Follow an object from side to side (180°)

At 2 months :
Most babies will
- Hold their head up for a few seconds
- Follow an object
- Coo and gurgle
Some babies can
- Hold their head up at a 45° degree angle
- Concentrate on a small object, like a pea
- Roll over in one direction
A few babies may
- Lift their head and chest off of the floor
- Bring their hands together
- Lift their head 90°

At 3 months :
Most babies will
- Laugh
- Hold their head steady
- Squeal in pleasure
Some babies can
- Recognize your voice
- Hold a rattle when it is placed in their hand
- Support their lifted chest with their arms
A few babies may
- Bear some weight on their legs
- Reach for toys
- Turn towards loud sounds

At 4 months :
Most babies will
- Support their lifted chest with their arms
- Hold upright head steady
- Respond when you talk with coos and gurgles
Some babies can
- Roll over in one direction
- Keep head up when pulled to a sitting position
A few babies may
- Sit unsupported
- Imitate sounds
- Protest if you take a toy away

At 5 months :
Most babies will
- Roll over in one direction
- Play with their hands and feet
- Reach for an object
- Bear some weight on their legs
Some babies can
- Turn toward a voice or new sound
- Know their own name
- Sit unsupported
A few babies may
- Pull-up to standing from sitting
- Babble
- Be afraid of strangers

At 6 months :
Most babies will
- Sit unsupported
- Turn toward a voice
- Roll over in both directions
Some babies can
- Protest when a toy is taken away
- Pass an item from hand to hand
- Be ready for solids
A few babies may
- Pick up very small objects with their thumb and finger
- Start crawling
- Say "mama" or "dada" although not to the correct parent

At 7 months :
Most babies will
- Imitate speech sounds
- Try to get toys that are out of reach
- Look for a dropped object
Some babies can
- Stand while holding onto something
- Crawl
A few babies may
- Wave bye-bye
- Play patty-cake
- Bang things together

At 8 Months :
Most babies will
- Eat a cookie unassisted
- Crawl
- Pass an item from hand to hand
Some babies can
- Crawl well
- Point to an object
- Say "mama" or "dada" although not to the correct parent
A few babies may
- Walk while holding onto furniture (cruise)
- Understand "no"
- Gesture to what they want

At 9 Months :
Most babies will
- Stand while holding onto something
- Play Peek-A-Boo
- Say "mama" or "dada" although not to the correct parent
Some babies can
- Play Patty Cake
- Cruise
- Understand "no"
A few babies may
- Say "mama" or "dada" to correct parent
- Drink from cup alone
- Stand on their own

At 10 Months :
Most babies will
- Pick up items with thumb and finger
- Wave bye-bye
- Understand "no"
Some babies can
- Gesture to what they want
- Stand on their own
- Say "mama" or dada" to correct parent
A few babies may
- Stand freely for a few seconds
- Stand alone well
- Walk

At 11 Months :
Most babies will
- Say "mama" or dada" to correct parent
- Stand alone momentarily
- Play Patty Cake
Some babies can
- Say one word aside from "mama/dada"
- Put an item in a container
- Understand basic directions
A few babies may
- Stoop down from a standing position
- Walk well
- Say three or more words aside from "mama/dada"

At 12 Months :
Most babies will
- Gesture to what they want
- Say one word aside from "mama/dada"
- Imitate others
Some babies can
- Walk
- Roll a ball back to you
A few babies may
- Scribble
- Pick up an object while standing