Thursday, March 6, 2008

She's only small but she's >>

She was heard speaking in her baby language to a few strangers, according to KZ she sounded like quarrelling and she was play-fighting with the strangers. Hee!

This morning, she was heard speaking in miao miao language - I didn't know she has such talent to speak to animals??
Really funny, she squats down to see the stray cat and starts babbling " XXXX miao XXXXX miao miao XXXXX miao." Suddenly she says "woof woof."

She's really cute! But it's not cute when it comes to feeding time. Very tiring, very noisy, very... stressful! Then again I must say ' she's only small but she's so troublesome'

We noticed she did try to put on her sleeper pants last night. My lil' girl is older now, she's trying to learn everything. I can't remember when Athena attempted that on her own.

Verbally, she says "NO!" very clear. Now, 'naughty' is in her daily vocabulary. And she learns to say umbrella "ah buay ah.." Finally, she's got it. She can call KZ - Aunty Zet "ah (pause) at" or "aunty - which does sound clear to me
That girl has this funny way of saying 'open' - ah peh. She also likes to copy her sister, once she walks out of the lift "ah (pause) at (Aunty Zet)............ah peh.........." Helper will know and opens the door while Athena screams and runs to door "Aunty Zet! Open the door."

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