Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too much to talk

I'm not surprised that I put on weight. After the once-a-week gym (and not really working hard) for the past few weeks and snacking while trying to keep myself awake in the night. And all the late breakfasts (rushing to bring Athena to school) makes me even more hungry to eat noodles or macaroni in the mornings. Oh my! That's too heavy. Then .... okay shan't say anymore, that's not my purpose in blogging this entry. I decided to go gym today, but then...I got lazy as the time passes by while I was clicking and typing on brother's computer. I dismissed the whole idea and decided to go for a jog around Street 21 instead. Bad idea! It was so bloody hot and I only jogged one round and went back to mom's place.
Back at home, I tried to do what I need to do, I can't do much coz' brother's computer is on Word 2007 and I can't open the file in my lappie. So in other words I can't edit or type information anywhere else except... >> in my blog. Copied everything over and kept in my blog drafts. Dunno to say smart or stupid, I can't bring my lappie coz' I dunno how to do the wireless connection with his server.
Then, mom came into the room and chatted. Ehh......I was distracted coz' I needed full concentration. And the occasional 'ee ee' by Iggy as he sleeps or kicking his leg (and I was so worried if he'll fall out from the sarong). Bad idea! I can't do much, how to tell mom??How to tell her that I needed quiet without any distractions (and don't suddenly tell me 'take care of Iggy' coz' the purpose of me coming here is the fast server + no distraction from kids.) I surfed & blogged awhile and then went back to work.
I was really tired - dead tired. While mom helped to feed that slowcoach Athena her dinner, I sat there about to comatose. All I remembered was mumbling "I need to nap, wake me up" and I have no idea how long I napped before I was woken up by my mother's harsh alarm clock. My heart palpitated and I started mumbling "huh huh huh what time is it now? I fell asleep?" I don't think I slept long, maybe only about 15-20mins?? But it felt really long, goes to show how tired I really am. While waiting for her in Berries, I managed to nap for a good 10 mins.
Night time instead of doing my work, I ended up preparing a whole set of writing sheet for Aricia. Managed to finish the Numbers. Alphabets done half. I lugged the whole lappie and printer into Athena's room otherwise it'll wake them up. Half the time wondering why my life so suay... I have to stay up late while they sleep.

Brought Ari for her pokey pokey. Came back, bathe her and then left her to KZ. Heard the 'gnee gnee gnao gnao' outside but couldn't be bothered. Finished it in the afternoon.

(use a whiteboard marker to write and clean it off with a whiteboard duster)

I was surprised to hear her mumbling 3 numbers as she flipped the pages. Most were 'can't make out' sounds. Can only hear 8, 6, 3.

Aricia enjoyed it, infact she likes to write. Everytime I tell her "Aricia, let's do some writing." She plonk her buttocks on the floor. Will upload photos of her in her blog, do check back.

Anyway, just to share. I had this Toddler Write since I had Athena. And I find its a good practice for a preschooler. Somehow I decided to bring this out early and Aricia had been touching the "arrows" in the card. And then I guide her to 'write'. I don't know if this brought out her interest in writing or maybe she's just a guai kia when it comes to studying (only too playful)
When I went for the follow-up with the sinseh last week. Sinseh told me "bring her to a shopping centre to see what toys she likes, one that she will sit down and concentrate & play. Buy that for her, it will train her to sit down quietly." Its quite difficult coz' her interest wears out quite fast. Anyway, I thought she loved writing more than toys.


Unknown said...

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Roslyn said...

You're another very 'on' mother, unlike me. Well done!

Lily Ann said...

Sometimes I wonder if I over-do it.

Roslyn said...

Overdoing is better than not doing, right?