Sunday, April 6, 2008

Drool factor #2

Reading jemej's drool, makes me drool over my iphone case. And my one and only grab would be this : -

Yup! I'm an LV fan so must support this French brand. Ehh.....but isn't it too much of an INDULGENCE? All my handphones' pouch is my hand-sewn kebaya pouch and do I need this?
Talk so much hor... I haven't even syncronised or do anything with the phone. Blame it (again) on the damn server. Stupid Starhub slow server, I can't go into the I-tunes or to check the manual from the Apple website. Argh!
*hint hint* anyone can buy me this? I can't ask hubby coz'... I promised him "this is my last LV " for dunno how many times and I still buy.

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