Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cre-ver girl! - (Health matters)

Brought Aricia for her flu vaccine at Dr Ng since he has the vaccine in the clinic, saves the hassle of me going to Punggol to Dr Tan.
Am surprised when Dr Ng told me that there's only one vaccine. So what is the 2 vaccinations that Dr Tan and Dr Lee ever mentioned? Not the same? To think that I planned to vaccine her one month early. Ehh..........I think it's better also, given her 'nature' tend to develop fever after vaccinations, this would give us enough time to cure her fully; get her to 'bu' from the chinese sinseh. Wah piang eh......I macam like going to army like that! But it always pays to play safe.
The vaccine Dr Ng gave her : -
Vaxigrip . In the box it's stated Southern Hemisphere - lucky! coz normally the strains in Northern and Southern Hemisphere are different. And they have strains for 2008?? Okay 2008 or 2007 as long as I poke everyone; I'll be happy. Come end of the month, we'll be our turn.

That girl, dunno is it really smart or she sensed it from my feelings or should I say telepathy (dunno if you'll agree with this). She didn't see the syringe or needle at all, she had her back to Dr Ng. And all he said was "okay.." haven't completed his sentence, that girl cried "pain ah............" Hahaha! Dr Ng was shocked with her response and asked "she knows? she knows?"

An update on her follow up with the sinseh last Tuesday. Sinseh gave her something additional to calm her down. When KZ heard about it, she thought I was sedating my child. Oh my! I wouldn't do it but I needed her to tone down, she's too much for me to handle. Moo Han mentioned the word "non stop" to describe her.
I desperately needed her to be more 'quieter' so that I can handle her when it comes to her caring for her daily. It's really tiring!
Apart from that, her weight went down coz' she was nursing flu about 2 weeks ago.
At this time too, my girl decides to go on a milk-strike. Argh!

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