Saturday, April 19, 2008

Funny girl

Aricia is so funny.

Whenever we're in a lift and someone comes in after that, she'll always look at that person (they are not aware of her looking at them) and say "naughty". She probably thinks the lift only belongs to us and nobody else.
But if we're in an occupied lift, she'll go in without scolding anyone. But sometimes she'll look at that person and yak. Finds it amusing but most of the time (sadly) nobody pays attention to her.

Today, a teenager came into the lift after us. She walked from the back of the lift towards him and talked to him "ah psh ... (dunno how to type the words)... go where? Go where?" Kapo girl, asking him where he's going. Did he answer? No! He didn't even know she was talking to him. Perhaps she's too small to be seen. Hee!

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