Saturday, April 19, 2008

Piano & rubbish yakkings

Went to Suntec for the Yamaha Piano Fair 08. It's the first time I went for one and umm.... okay it's just like I'm in any Yamaha showroom but with all the "ding ding dang dang" You hear music filling up the air, but with everyone trying it; it sounded horrible. Walking around the room, I saw the Disklavier Piano, the one that will scare everyone in the night to see the keys moving. I'd really love to have that one day. *dream dream continue dreaming*
I tried on the cheapest piano that I was eyeing and I can hear it doesn't sound nice. Not only I was playing trash Richard Clayderman by spoiling his song, the piano really didn't sound nice. It won't be a motivation for me to play if I hear such poor sound from a piano. In the end, hubby also said the second choice, JX113T, would be better. It can probably lasts us until Aricia starts on the piano and Athena up to a certain grade. By then, we'll definitely have to change to a better piano. I didn't know but the lady told me... apparently the higher the piano; the better sound it has. Read this.

We stayed for a performance by Ms Yumiko Yamashita in another room. Boy! Glad we stayed and it's like the first time I ever heard hubby clapped. Huh? And when I play - he walk away ??? So demoralising........ Let me tell you why >> that's because when people hear music, they like to hear all the accompaniments. She was playing on the CVP309 and Modus F01. You see what my cheapest EL electone can do lah! Compare what? That was why I was eyeing on the ELS-01C which costs a *coughing* $16K+, which I happened to talk about it 2 years ago. Which I'm sure will have a large audience clapping for me asking for encore instead of throwing stones and banana skins at me (so, I should be thankful hubby walks away huh?) - okay just kidding, I don't play that well.
Ms Yamashita played a few songs, ranging from classicals to Star Wars to Disney. Ooh......the effects are so good. Inspired me to work harder in improving my playing.

Only pictures to share :
Playing the CVP 309
Playing Modus F01
Ms Yamashita & Athena

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