Thursday, April 24, 2008


Nope! Not my big "gold nugget" from Mr Postman. But my "diamond mine" from Mr Yamaha. Delivered this morning at 10+ when I was still in Zzzz-land. My lil' prodigy (the next Mozart - somemore she's so small size like he is) one is trying out the piano. Cute to see her little hands pressing all the keys and she loves it. Which kid wouldn't anyway? Now my house looks like a music school. Yay! Maybe once I finish my illegal business of printing flashcards, I can start my illegal business of teaching kids from home - and play trash music?? Hey!! That's music you know............

One hour later, Mr EDventure came with the books I bought the other day. Goash! No more spending $$$, with everything rising I better stay @ home & bento for myself (and do online shopping instead???).

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