Tuesday, April 22, 2008


When I brought Athena for her Berries class last Monday, she cried when we were outside her classroom. Kept hugging me and saying "I want mummy... I want mummy..."

Yesterday, she was alright in the car talking and laughing. Suddenly she stopped and told me "mummy, you can stop my bai-li-guo class already. Then put me back for violin." Huh?? I explained that I'm not stopping her for this class coz' this is for academic purposes, which whatever logical and sensible reply I gave her was not comprehendable. Started crying in the car all the way to her class. Her reason was "because you so long never stop me for the class." I don't understand what she was saying.

Thinking back, this is what Master Tan did say about her, she likes to do things halfway. Probably the excitement for this class wears down within 3 months, just like anything will wear down after 3 months for her. Argh! It did please me when I heard her interest back in violin... but is it going to be for another 3 months?

What happened after that, teacher saw me trying to glance in but was so afraid to show my face just incase she wail out louder. A few times she actioned "ok". She came out twice with another teacher, I think trying to get the reassurance that I was there. Of course I'm always there waiting for her, I have things to do (maximise my time).
End of lesson, she was the first to walk out of the class and she was smiling. Apparently teacher said she stopped after some time when she was given a task to do. Distracting to the class? Of course! Dunno if she felt malu or not.

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