Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I'm just not technie savvy, I am having problem with the iPhone.

First hubby had to ask his IT staff to help me him do something coz' apparently it's all dunno what US software or dunno what when he first bought it.
Then yesterday I had problem syncronizing the phone, it just doesn't acknowledge the presence of the phone. The efficient husband today helped to ask his IT staff and he brought back a software in a thumbdrive. Somehow I managed to see the 'Sync' and then dunno what Update software or Restore icon came up..... and now my SIM card is not recognised. What the heck did I hit? Damn! Shit!

Fed up, tomorrow ask hubby to bring my phone to the office and see what to do. This wife so problematic. Hubby surprised me by giving me this phone and I gave him more jobs to do.

If only they make life easy like my current Nokia 6300, where I'll just take out the card and slot in USB adaptor and bring files (pictures & music) over. Okay better don't complain otherwise next time hubby don't buy me anything.

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