Saturday, July 8, 2006


I know many mothers out there have either quarrelled with their moms/dads or in-laws over the issue of "spoiling the child".

I am no exception, I don't deny that my parents or my MIL - mother-in-law- do hear things from me like "don't give it to her etc..." I know it's easy for me to tell my parents straight without any hard feelings from them but when I tell my MIL straight (though not so often, coz of little contact), I just hope that she don't mind me for doing that. I look at things in both point of view and can understand that grandparents tend to dote on their grandchildren. But ultimately when she falls sick, who takes care of my girl? Me alone! And I think it's not fair!! You all spoil the kid and the hardest part in taking care of a child- sick child- falls on me.

Reason being, I have always wanted to restrict my child from all the sugary stuffs since young. And no doubt, it's the grandparents who started the 'snacks, sweets' thing. And so many times, mom has been using sweets to make my girl eat her lunch or dinner or to bribe her when she cries for her. Now, my girl knows that her grandmother has sweets in her bag all the time and will dig her bag. And grandma will give in to her.. Then trips to supermarkets with me and with the grandma is very different. With me, she'll follow me wherever I go, even though sometimes I may stop at the snacks section she'll look at me; take something and when I say no, she'll put it back. With the grandma is different, she'll bring her to the section without me and asked grandma to buy; walk to cashier to quickly pay and hopefully to quickly eat it before the mom sees it.

You may think what's wrong with this snack issue since we've all snacked more than our children. (and I'm a snack queen) And why am I depriving my child on this since they're only young once.
True! I admit sometimes I do pity her and will allow her to buy what I've approved and restrict her on the intake.

But since speaking to the medical lady on ways to stop my girl's bronchitis from coming up very often. One remedy is to stop giving her sweets or snacks for the next 2years. Even things like bread has to be slightly toasted, try not to give too much formula milk. But then she did mention too that we can't possibly stop giving a small child milk so the next best thing is to give lots of water after drinking milk and -if no choice- sweets/snacks. It would be better if I cook her rice or porridge with beef, mutton or crocodile meat. Then I will still have to continue giving her her daily 泡参冬虫草,a few spoonfuls of the brewed 高鹿参 when hunny & myself take ours. If I take care of her well now, in 2 years time she'll outgrow the bronchitis. If not, it'll develop into asthma - which is what I'm afraid of.

It's really nerve-wrecking and physical strain whenever I hear her cough or start getting a little runny nose. I'm so afraid that it'll warrant a trip down to Dr Lee. She's very good but I just don't like it when my girl is always given antibiotics - so much so that my girl is relying on it.

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