Sunday, July 30, 2006

Observation : A foetus behaviour = That child's behaviour

A short chat with hubby in the afternoon.

M: Very strange, I don't wake up to pee in the middle of the night now.
H: Huh?(playing his game)
M: Last time when I'm preggie with Athena, I always get up to pee. This time round, it's the second trimester that I woke up. And logically as the baby gets bigger, supposed to be now that I'm going to toilet more often.
M: Maybe that time, Athena sat on my bladder. That's why!
H: (chuckled) She's always so mischievous, just like now.

Having said so, I told hubby that Aricia might be the total opposite of her elder sister. She will be a more obedient and gentle child. Mom said that too, but also lamented that in terms of looks - Athena will be prettier. I don't know, I hope not! I hope both of them are pretty princesses.

And why do I say that a foetus behaviour is the onset on the child's behaviour in the future?
When I was pregnant with Athena, I was tortured by her with her constant kicking and punching and moving. And her kicks and punches are mighty hard kind that will startle you. Many nights, she became so active in the night that I could not sleep. She'll start kicking on whichever side I'm lying.And I actually turned from left -right-left-right. So the kicks came from whichever side I'm on.
Once, I told her off "Athena, can you stop kicking and let mummy sleep?"
That naughty girl actually stopped kicking and the whole of next day - I had no movements from her. Any mummy would be worried right?
I had to baby talk her "Athena, okay mummy say sorry to you. Start moving please."
Amazing thing is she started responding to me.
Now, as she's growing up. I notice her mischievous behaviour. As naughty as ever!

As for Aricia, her kicks, punches and movements are very gentle. She moves alot in the day time and quietens down in the night. She's not as responsive as her sister when I talk to them both. Or perhaps I'm too busy with Athena that I hardly talk to Aricia. But she responds to music, especially her sister's music lessons' CD.
Well, we shall see a few years from now if it's true about her behaviour.

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