Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I see someone turning green...

Just as I thought and told everyone, who asked, that Athena is coping well being an elder sister. She now detests her sister. She refuses to talk; touch or listen to her sister. Her eyes turn green when hubby and myself stare at my tummy, seeing the movement Aricia makes.

She even told grandpa that she will not carry her sister. Only when you tell her that you love her more than her sister, she will be happy.

These days she has been waking extra early, not because she wants to watch Blue's Clues, but because she sees me not in the bed and starts crying for me. Many mornings, she'd prefer to sit on the toilet seat looking at me while I shower.
This morning, I talked to her and she seemed so ... now what's that word? Sad? No, it's a word that expresses more than sad. I told her "you're mummy's little sweetheart and little darling, Aricia is only mummy's little sweetheart."
"No! Athena is mummy's little sweetheart, little darling. Aricia is daddy's little sweetheart."

Now she wants me all to herself. To think my hubby actually said "let Athena skip school for one month when Aricia's born." Wau.... I 'peng sung' you know. Next time he suggests that, I tell him "you go and hire a confinement nanny to take care of Aricia then!"

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