Monday, July 31, 2006

Oiishi Curry Puffs

Heard of the famous Oiishi Curry Puffs?

I never knew of their existence until today, as I walked past their shop in Upp Cross Street. Bought one to try and Old Chang Kee's curry puff is now seconded!Told hubby and he nodded his head that he knew about this famous curry puff. (chey! never share good news with me)

They have a variety of puffs :
Traditional puffs (too spicy for my standard but very shiok!)
Happy puffs (something like original but non-spicy)
Oiishi puffs (something like chicken pie - not bad!)
Sardine puffs
Black pepper chicken puffs
Curry prawns puffs
Vegetable puffs

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