Friday, July 21, 2006

All the ah-sohs and ah-peks

I never knew that those idiot people at the coffeeshop (near mom's place) are so kapo-chis.

On Monday, I brought helper there for lunch coz' I needed to bring her over (early) to mom's place to learn how to cook.
As I walking down the steps, I heard one stall helper asked "wah....你的工人已经来." I pretended not to hear anything and was talking to helper Zet to sit at a particular table.
Then like she so rude, kept interrupting me another time with that same sentence. I continued my conversation with Zet. When I walked to the stall to order food, she asked again. So I said "yes."

Then I got my food from the stall where she's helping out first. Came and asked "So where is she from?" Told her and next minute I knew was she turned and spoke loudly "she's from Myanmar."

Then the prawn noodle ah-pek came to serve her noodles, came and asked "oh.. from Myanmar. Can understand Mandrin.. blah blah blah..." Then another women came and asked.

Those times, I felt awkward just like how Zet felt. I dunno if she felt she was like an animal in the cage and I'm the Zookeeper. Zet just smiled at them politely when one by one came to our table.

So irritating! These people nothing else better to do; nothing else better to talk about.

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