Thursday, May 10, 2007

Passed them down

When I was younger, my mom would sew beautiful dresses for me and my sister. Well... my tomboy sister didn't appreciate them so my mom sewed more dresses for me.

I asked mom to keep those dresses and she did. Just a few days ago she took them out to wash them. Did some mending etc.. ironed and there you go - all my pweety dresses.

Athena saw one of the dress and wanted to wear it. Didn't expect that she can wear it at her age, I think I wore it at 8 yrs old? Though it's quite loose at the armhole. When she wore it..........let's just say it was fashion then, and out of fashion now. (strangers will say a sua-ku kid is out in the mall)

But what to do? I can't bear to throw away dresses that my mom had made and sewed through the nights with such great love. Thank goodness I have 2 girls to pass it down. Umm... maybe should ask them to pass it down again?? Like my family heirloom?? Haha!
Ai yah! Don't care suaku or not lah! I see so many children out there who dresses terribly so this is nothing!
PS. Her shoes is mismatched.


Karmeleon said...

Such a lovely dress!!!

Lily Ann said...

Thanks! But funny lor....That time looks nice, now look quite funny.

Karmeleon said...

Actually may not look so farnee until you see it closeup.

Lily Ann said...

Yah lor.. feel paiseh coz' like bring out a mountain tortoise girl out. Haha!