Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Music lesson

The blur sotong me left our house without her music bag. And guess when I realised it? When I was leaving mom's place for TM. I think it shouldn't be a problem for her.

Went to Toys R Us and see what happened to the little one?

I was looking forward to today's lesson too, coz' Jachelle will be joining Athena's class permanently. Suzanna was saying that the Friday's class is too rush for her so she changed it to our class. They came quite late, so didn't get to talk much to Suzanna & Grace. Was too caught up talking to Jenny coz' we were discussing about bringing the children out together (teaching my child to pon-tang school again. Haha!) . We have plans too to make a visit to Helen and her baby boy.
Athena was so happy when she saw Jachelle, held her hand and went to where Elizabeth was. The three of them started running...

As we were going into the room, Grace said I did something to my hair & looked better. I coloured my hair at home so definitely looked better lah! I didn't mention to her probably because I took the time to blow my hair nicely today so I looked more groomed. Yah.. I'm always so lazy, just brush my hair.. and I have stubborn curls in / out - so I look horrible.

Lesson started. Athena kept waiting and hold onto Jachelle's hands when they need to go out. Is it a habit from school? But suddenly poor Elizabeth is being cast aside.
When Peggy asked the children to bring out their workbooks. My dear girl had to shout in the class to let everyone know that "my mummy forget to bring my music books." Peggy laughed and asked , I told her I only realised it when I've left the house. "How can forget bag..Then you carry what?" "My diaper bag lor.... that one must not forget one!"

Ai yoh.. my girl's note reading isn't that good. And I find her solfege isn't that good either. How to help her??
When we were doing the Thunder & Lightning song, everyone bursts out laughing when Jachelle mouthed "char kway teow" so many times. Suzanna, a piano teacher, finds ways to teach her child. Faith mummy commented "the char kway teow burnt already."

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