Thursday, May 10, 2007

'Chan' no more

Did I ever mention that Ms Chan is no longer in the school? And her class is definitely not 惨 (read like her surname) anymore. Athena's form teacher is now Clanna, a soft spoken teacher and is definitely well received by the children.

Why not 惨 anymore? Well, Ms Chan likes to shout at children, some say she shouts like gila woman and she don't understand how to handle kids well coz' she's single. I think there's good and bad, I don't mind her being her teacher coz' Athena is afraid of her. She knows I don't mind her disciplining when my child is naughty or wrong, but somehow she has been trying to get into my good books after the incident so she will tell me if Athena is naughty. Though she has been rather slow in the curriculum, she will gladly tell me what she's doing in school or tell me how to teach Athena. As for the new teacher, Clanna, she seems quite aloof when I ask her questions.

Finally, they're doing digraphs now and number bonds. Heng ah...................

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