Tuesday, May 29, 2007

29th May 2007

Time check : 9.16pm and both kiddos are sleeping. So I'm left with a long free period. Yippee! I really wish that my kiddos can sleep early every night. One of my girlfriend's 2 young children sleeps at 8pm. And she even has the time to read books; relax etc... and she's basically a lone parent coz' her hubby is not in Singapore at all. Still have time!!
The reason why they both konked out without any fuss is coz' they were overstimulated during the day. I was told that Aricia refuses to sleep the whole day. Whereas Athena hasn't had her nap today.

For the past 2 mornings, Athena leaves the school early for Bedok Lutheran Church where her camp is. This morning, I was still there when the children were gathering to go to school. I wanted to take photos but didn't want to look so suaku. They were waiting for a boy who suddenly went missing, got the teachers worried. Guess who is the boy? That pai-kia Jeremy. I happened to walk past and heard the teacher scolding him for being so irresponsible and she didn't allow him to go after that. Don't know if she really meted out the threat coz I went off after that. Needed to work on my laptop so went upstairs. Then the bus left, I wish I can see the excited look on her face.

Met my secondary school girlfriend for a while in Bedok before leaving to pick Athena up from the church. Time check :3.06pm. I was praying hard that we'll make it in time to PP for the session. I still need to get a receipt of $30, since I needed to get her a pair of black shoes for Saturday's concert, I thought might as well.
The time I had didn't seem enough, finally managed to get a pair in Isetan; went downstairs to get the ticket. Yay! In the queue, saw Baraj's mummy and Baraj.
More details in Athena's blog.

Let her do her colouring. Then it's time to head to her school for a rest before her lesson. Quite poor thing, I wanted to give her time to play toys but we didn't have enough time.

Asked Miss Low if she can include a violin playing part for her class. She said she did consider doing it, but it's really a last minute thing. Only Baraj and Athena is there, Noel might not be able to do this part of the performance on the day. Anyway they kept practising and practising, no time for lesson today. *cross fingers things turn out well on that day *

Back home, didn't want to do anything with Athena since she's already so tired. Had her dinner ; showered and slept.

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